Disclaimer: Xiaolin Showdown is a product of Kids WB and Cartoon Network so I don't own it. I'm simply going to use its characters to entertain myself and others through the power of fan fiction that is all.

Summary: This is what I think Xiaolin Showdown would be like if it were mixed with Code Lyoko. Jack Spicer was browsing the internet one day when he stumbled upon a mysterious e-mail that told him to upload a virtual world onto his laptop, which he decided to do because he had nothing better to do. After booting up the program he finds a mysterious fish boy. Deciding to find out more about him, Jack attempts to bring him to reality. When everything starts to get out of hand Jack must find help from three of the most unlikely sources. Jack, Raimundo, Kimiko, Clay, and Omi must now band together to destroy the corrupt virus program named W.U.Y.A.


Before I officially began I thought it would be a good idea to tell the readers what Xiaolin Showdown characters are gonna be most like the Code Lyoko characters in this fic. Without further ado, let's begin:

Jack Spicer will be the equivalent of Jeremie Belpois since they're both geniuses.

Raimundo Pedrosa will be the equivalent of Ulrich Stern since thy both like to swords as weapons.

Kimiko Tohomiko will be like Yumi Ishiyama because they're both girls and are of Japanese origin.

Clay Bailey will be like William Dunbar because there was no one who could capture the role of Odd and I figured that he was closer to William's character (sorta).

Omi will be equal to Aelita Hopper 'cause there are no other main characters he can be and he wakes up in Jack's virtual world like Aelita did.

The Places:

Master Fung's Academy for Future Achievers is similar to Kadic Academy. Jack is just a day student now, but enrolls as full time student in the next few chapters and Rai, Clay, and Kimiko attend full time. Omi enrolls eventually and, you guessed it, Master Fung is now Headmaster Fung.

Xanadu, which was the name of Lyoko in the original Garage Kids pilot movie, is what the creator named this world. It means idyllic paradise, which is what it was meant to be.

The way to get to Xanadu would be to use the scanners that Jack built located in his basement. Since his parents travel the world and he has virtually no friends, he had a lot of free time since he was all alone.


Well now that that's out of the way I can get started on the actual story of how all of this began. Please tell what you think and what correction you think need to be made. Thank you ladies and gentlemen and goodnight. bows to audience