Disclaimer: Xiaolin Showdown is a product of Kids WB and Cartoon Network so I don't own it. I'm simply going to use its characters to entertain myself and others through the power of fan fiction that is all.

Summary: This is what I think Xiaolin Showdown would be like if it were mixed with Code Lyoko. Jack Spicer was browsing the internet one day when he stumbled upon a mysterious e-mail that told him to upload a virtual world onto his laptop, which he decided to do because he had nothing better to do. After booting up the program he finds a mysterious fish boy. Deciding to find out more about him, Jack attempts to bring him to reality. When everything starts to get out of hand Jack must find help from three of the most unlikely sources. Jack, Raimundo, Kimiko, Clay, and Omi must now band together to destroy the corrupt virus program named W.U.Y.A.

Chpt. 15: Pseudo Endings

"Hurry, to the scanner room!!" Jack shouted, being followed by the confused Jermaine into the back room.

"Hey. Genius, we won't have to do that again, will we?" the Brazilian asked in regard do the draining of his remaining life points.

His question was ignored as all of Jack's attention was focused on the scanners, waiting and hoping that Omi would emerge from one of them.

'Please, please, please!!!' he thought to himself. As if responding to his call, the doors to one of the scanners opened, revealing a cloud of smoke followed by a small, yellow boy dressed only in red traditional robes with black sleeves and black shoes. The small youth leaned forward, gasping for the breath he had been deprived of for so long.

Raimundo, Kimiko, Clay, and Jermaine all gathered around Jack, wanting to see this person for themselves.

"Omi!!!" Jack cried happily, welcoming him into his world with open arms.

"Jack Spicer..." Omi began after a moment of hesitance, "It is good to finally see you, and in the flesh this time!"


"This is... wow! I can't believe this is happening!" Raimundo said excitedly.

"This has gotta be the most amazing thing ever!" Kimiko added, equally excited.

"Well I'll be hogtied and strapped to an angry sow!" Clay gasped right along with them.

"It worked! It worked!! It worked!! It worked!!!" Jack cried, more excited than the other three combined. "I, Jack Spicer, boy genius, have succeeded in creating a living, breathing human being from just bits of data! Omi, I'm so happy that I was able to do this! Now you can live with us and experience what it's really like to be human! Isn't that right guys?" he turned around, taking Omi by his small shoulders and shoving him forward so the others could get a better view of him.

"Ahem!" the forgotten Jermaine coughed, reminding them that he was still present.

"Who might this person be Jack?" Omi asked, pointing at the coughing boy. "Is he another warrior? I doubt that we will need anymore."

"Oh, this is Jermaine. I sorta passed out from exhaustion when I got back to the academy and I asked him to carry me here on his back," the red-head explained.

"Yeah, Jack told me everything about this lab and the virtual world. I didn't believe him at first, but now I guess I don't have any choice but to!" he answered, eyeing all the technological equipment.

"Well, we thank you for your hard work and all, but you're really not needed here anymore," Raimundo stated, making his sentence as rude-sounding as possible.

"Don't be so mean to him Rai!" Kimiko said, "If it weren't for Jermaine, Omi probably wouldn't be here right now!"

"Yeah, what she said!" Clay cut in, "Thanks for the effort there partner!" The cowboy extended his hand towards the other boy, who gracefully accepted the kind gesture.

"You're welcome, anytime," Jermaine smiled.

"Whatever," Raimundo scoffed, turning his head away. "Jack, I say you launch a Reverse Rebirth so we can get rid of this guy!"

"There's really no reason for us to do that. We're about to shut down W.U.Y.A., and chances are no one will believe him if he decides to tell anybody about this," the genius dismissed.

"Really? We are finally about to shut down W.U.Y.A. so we can be rid of her for good?!" Omi shouted excitedly.

"Of course!" Jack said triumphantly. "We shouldn't wait for her to send us an invitation!"

"You wanna stay and watch Jermaine?" Kimiko asked.

"Um, sure!" he finally replied.

"Great! The more the more the merrier!" Clay stated.

"Yeah, the more the merrier..." Raimundo mumbled to himself in a rather irritated voice.


The six teenagers had now arrived in the control room of Jack's lab. Like the scanner room, it was in a room adjacent to the supercomputer room itself down a long blue hallway. Jack was naturally the only one who had even been in that room. Said genius opened the large door and the other five gasped. Dead in the center of the room was a huge control panel with all sorts of buttons and dials decorated over it. More noticeably, however, was a small door on the front of the control panel.

What made this door noticeable was the design of Jack's face on it. The gang walked over to the contraption, Jack in front with Omi following close behind. The red-head placed his hand on the tiny door, causing it to open and reveal an on/off switch.

"This is the thing that powers my supercomputer," he told them, "It's also where the core of W.U.Y.A.'s form is located. Once we shut this thing off, we'll be rid of her for good. Of course, I won't be able to use the supercomputer anymore, but it's a small price to pay. Besides, I could always build a new one if I wanted."

"Why'd ya never tell us about this room before?" Clay asked.

"It slipped my mind," Jack replied, shrugging his shoulders.

"So, you guys are gonna shut this thing off now?" Jermaine asked.

"That's the plan," Raimundo responded, "Omi, you should do the honors."

"Me?" the gnome-sized boy asked, pointing to himself.

"Why not? You're the best person for the job!" Kimiko declared.

"Well, if Kim thinks so, I think so too," Jermaine smiled, earning in a scowl from Raimundo.

"Then it's settled!" Jack declared. "Omi, you may pull the lever at any time."

"Thank you Jack," the tiny boy bowed reaching his hand out toward the switch. "Before I do this, I would just like to say that with any one of you present today, I would have never escaped from my virtual prison. I greatly enjoyed all the time we spent together in Xanadu fighting as a team. Even the few times Jack showed up were a pleasure. Without any further delay, I will now put an end to that cursed virus W.U.Y.A. for good!"

With a swift motion of his wrist, Omi slammed the switch to the off position. A silence feel upon the room as the hum of the machine was shut down and looks of happiness spread across the faces of the Xiaolin Warriors plus Jermaine.

Their looks of excitement soon became ones of horror as the watched Omi fall limply to the ground a few seconds later, completely motionless.

"What the hell?!" shouted Raimundo.

"Quick! The power!" Jack shrieked.

Clay quickly comprehended what the genius was referring to and pushed up the switch while Kimiko ran to the young boy's side.

"Is he gonna be okay?" asked Jermaine.

"I dunno..." the red head mumbled. "But right now we can't waist anytime! Get him up to the lab fast!"

The others nodded and complied as hurriedly as they could, hoping that their little friend would awaken and be alright soon.


"Ugh... my upper cranial region," Omi groaned, rubbing his eyes as he awoke to find himself in the lab laid out on a table.

"Omi!" shouted Clay.

"You're awake!" Kimiko added.

"Yes, could someone please explain to me what happened?" the short boy asked.

"As soon as you flipped the switch to shut down W.U.Y.A. you were out cold," Raimundo explained.

"That's not all," Jack said while at the supercomputer, "It seems that when I materialized you onto Earth, W.U.Y.A. infected you with a virus that links you to her. If we cut off the supercomputer while you're still infected, then you'll die along with W.U.Y.A."

"I see," Omi sighed sadly, "In that case I should return to Xanadu. Perhaps it was not meant for me to come into this world."

"Wait, you don't gotta leave li'l buddy!" the Texan told him.

"Yeah, Jack's workin' on a program right now that should get rid of the virus and set you free!" added Raimundo.

"Please stay Omi; we've waited so long to have you here!" Kimiko begged.

"Oh," he muttered. "Well, I guess it wouldn't hurt to stay a little while longer!" Omi stated with one of his famous big grins.

"Awesome!" Jack smirked. "But in any case, the rest of you should get back to the academy. If all of us are missing then the staff might get suspicious."

"Okay then," Jermaine remarked for the first time since Omi had awoken. "We'll get back to school and cover for you guys then."

"Thanks, I'll try and get done here as soon as I can," the genius stated.

Kimiko, Clay, and Jermaine gave reassuring smiles before departing in the lab's elevator.

"Raimundo, why did you stay behind?" Omi asked, snapping the Brazilian out of his thoughts.

"Uh, well, y'know! I told Headmaster Fung that you were my cousin, so it'd be strange if I showed up without you," he stammered, coming up with the phony excuse at the last second.

"Yeah, right!" Jack scoffed.

"What's that supposed to mean?!" Raimundo asked, suddenly angry.

"Jermaine's the reason you're upset. You're always upset when he's around," the genius stated.

"So what?" he remarked.

"Could it be that you are jealous of this Jermaine? He seems like a pretty cold dud to me," Omi noted.

"You mean cool dude, right?" the Brazilian corrected. "Anyway that's not the point! I just... I..."

"Alright, alright you can stay," Jack laughed. "No need for all this mushy stuff right now."

"Uh, yeah. I guess you're right," Raimundo blushed.

"Raimundo why is your face red? Are you not feeling well?" Omi inquired.

"Oh he's sick alright," Jack continued to chuckle, "He's lovesick and it's all Kimiko's fault!"

"What is 'lovesick'? Is it a disease you can only get from girls?" the curious lad yet again asked.

"You could say that, but I'll tell you about it later. Right now I need you to get to the scanners," the genius smirked, waving his little friend to the scanner room.

Omi gave another excited laugh and off to the scanner room he went.

"I am so gonna get you guys back later!" Raimundo growled.

The genius did nothing but quietly laugh to himself as the chestnut haired boy blushed even deeper.


"Thanks for walking with me back to the dorms Jermaine," Kimiko said gratefully. "It's really sweet of you."

She and Jermaine were walking through the park that was on the path from the lab to the academy. Clay was walking with them for a little bit, but had to rush ahead because he had forgotten that one of his teachers had needed to see him that afternoon. It was probably too late to go to her class now, but he thought he should at least try and see if the teacher was still around.

They hadn't realized it until they set foot outside, but Kimiko and the others had to have been at the lab for a few hours. All that excitement must've made them forget what time it was. The moon was now in full view from their current position. Kimiko gazed up at the wonderful sight and Jermaine shyly draped his arm around her.

"Y'know, it's really beautiful out tonight," he said finally.

"I know it's wonderful!" the raven haired girl sighed happily. "I just hope Jack finds the right solution before W.U.Y.A. attacks again."

"It's funny," Jermaine chuckled.

"What is?" Kimiko asked.

"I never would've pictured you involved in something as dangerous as all this virtual world business. How do you keep people from finding out about it?" the tall teen wondered curiously.

"We go back in time a lot," Kimiko explained. "Once Omi deactivates the towers, Jack launches a program called Reverse Rebirth. It makes everyone besides us forget about all the trouble W.U.Y.A.'s caused."

"Sounds like a pretty awesome program," Jermaine remarked, noticing how the moon reflected perfectly off of Kimiko's smooth skin. "You're really beautiful tonight Kim," he said blushing.

"T-thanks..." she mumbled, a noticeable blush also creeping along her face.

"I really like you Kimiko!" he said, stopping in his tracks and turning to face her. "How do you... feel about me?"

"Uh..." she stammered, at a loss for words, "I think you're a really great guy Jermaine. You're nice, kind, brave, and... handsome..." The size of the blush on her face increased severely at that statement and even more at what occurred next.

She felt the pressure of Jermaine's lips placing themselves onto hers. Kimiko had to admit she was shocked at first, but gave in to the delightful feeling moments later. Their lips moved nervously against one another's as they continued their kiss, Jermaine moving his hand onto her cheek. But then Kimiko felt something wet brush against her lips. The Japanese girl quickly pulled away from the dark haired teen, blushing furiously at the thought of Jermaine's tongue against her lips.

"Look, there's the school!" she shouted nervously, trying desperately to change the subject.

"Y-yeah, so it is," Jermaine smiled; slightly disappointed that she had broken the kiss.

"I just remembered, I have to get back to my dorm now! I'll, uh, see ya tomorrow, 'kay?" she asked hurriedly, already taking off towards the dorms.

"Yeah, tomorrow," Jermaine sighed, walking slowly as he bid his farewell to the girl he cared so much for.


"Um, Jack, can I ask you something?" Raimundo phrased nervously while back at the lab. For the past fifteen minutes he had sat in silence, trying to get his ideas to form into a coherent sentence.

"Sure go ahead," the genius boy replied. He had still found no way to separate the virus from Omi and was ready to call it quits until the next day.

"Do you think that..." the brunet finished this sentence by mumbling softly to seemingly no one but himself.

"What was that?" Jack replied.

Once again, the brunet mumbled his thoughts out to his red head friend.

"Come on Rai, if you don't speak up, I won't be able to help you!"

"Alright alright," the Brazilian responded. "I wanted to know if... if you thought that Kimiko might... if she might like me..."

There was a moment of hesitance in the genius' voice that made Raimundo tense up. Could it be that Kimiko had no romantic feelings for him at all? What would he do if it turned out that were true?

"No duh!"

"Huh?" Raimundo gasped, being snapped out of his thoughts.

"Of course Kimiko likes you! It's obvious to just about everyone at the academy!" Jack stated. "You're probably both just too confused over your own feelings to see it, but it's pretty clear that you two are mad about each other!"

"Ya think so?!" the Brazilian said happily. "Do you think I have a chance with her?"

"If you don't have a chance with her, then I'm the biggest idiot on the face of this entire planet!" Jack shouted.

"I don't know... you have done some pretty dumb things in the past," Raimundo smirked.

"You know what I mean," the genius argued. "You two are perfect for each other!"

"Thanks buddy," Raimundo muttered softly. "But don't tell anyone about this, 'kay?"

"Deal! Omi, you can out from the scanners now!" Jack called.

The newly created human walked sleepily from the scanners, blissfully unaware of the conversation that had just recently taken place.

"What is this feeling Jack?" he asked yawning, "My body feels like it is about to tumble over from exhaustion. Have I lost too many Earth life points?"

"Nu-uh, you're just sleepy dude," Raimundo answered in his place. "And come to think of it," he paused to let out a loud yawn, "so am I."

"I see. That is most fascinating!" Omi smiled. "Moving along, were you able to isolate the virus?"

"Sorry, it was a no go. The virus' internal makeup is far too complex for me to understand right now. It'll take a long time in order me to crack it." he explained sadly.

"It is quite alright," Omi stated. "Would you like for me to return to Xanadu?"

"No!" Jack answered quickly. "We all want you to stay! Even if it's just for a night, spend it here with us, as a human!"

Omi was deeply touched by these words, for one night he would be able to sleep as a human. For one night, he wouldn't have to be wary of random monster attacks. For one night, he could be... he could be... normal.

"Jack Spicer, I accept your offer!" the boy more than readily replied.

"Glad to hear it!" the genius and Brazilian responded. "We've got so much to teach you and you'll be amazed by what the real world has to offer!"

Without further delay, the three exited the lab. Omi was especially excited to see what the world was like outside of the lab he had been stuck in for the past few hours.

As they exited, however, a cloud of W.U.Y.A.'s purple fog emerged from the supercomputer. The sinister gas made its way to the scanner room, merging with one of the large transport devices.


That next morning, the gang of five met up in the vending concourse to suggest what they would do that day. Omi was discussing the pleasure he felt from sleeping from the first time as well as what it was like to eat food. The night before, he had been the only one brave enough to scarf down the oddly colored hash that was known as dinner.

"It was all so amazing!" he cried in astonishment. "I never knew you could feel so refreshed just by closing your eyes for an eight hour period!"

"That's great Omi," Kimiko said with a slight laugh. "But don't go to sleep in class, you don't wanna wind up like Rai, do you?"

"What's that supposed to mean? I can stay awake in class if I want to!" he argued.

"Whatever!" she mocked playfully.

"Sorry partners, but I'd best be gettin' on to class now," Clay said, noting his departure, "I'll see you guys at lunch!"

"Should we not be getting to class as well?" Omi asked.

"We really should," Kimiko stated.

"I agree!" Jack chimed.

"Ready for your first day of Earth learning dude?" Raimundo asked.

"Oh yes, most definitely!" the small boy replied, eager as always.


"Did you hear?" Ashley whispered to her orange haired follower.

"What is it this time?" Kitt asked with slight annoyance in his voice.

"I heard that Raimundo's cousin's transferred here last night!" the blonde squealed excitedly.

"Why is that news?" Ten asked.

"Because, Ian" Ashley began, stressing the boy's hated first name, "If Raimundo looks that good, just imagine what his cousin must look like!"

"Not this again," Kitt groaned.

A couple of seconds later, the aforementioned brunet and his friends showed up to class, just missing the tardy bell.

"Ah, Pedrosa," Mrs. Hertz said, "I see that you and your cousin have made it to class on time... barely." she finished, stressing the last part.

"Heh heh, sorry ma'am," Raimundo chuckled. "Omi here got sidetracked by some flowers," he said, which really wasn't a lie.

"What?! That's his cousin?!" Ashley shrieked.

"Is there a problem, Ms. Spicer?" the teacher asked.

"Uh, no ma'am!" the girl nervously replied.

"Good, if you'd be so kind, please tell us about yourself Mr. uh… Mr... I'm sorry, what was your last name again?" Mrs. Hertz asked Omi.

"It is, uh, my last name is... aw, crud," the student sighed, smacking his forehead.

"Crud? That's an unusual last name. Well Mr. Omi Crud, please introduce yourself to the class."

Jack and the others took their seats as Omi began to explain himself to the class. They hoped he remembered the stories they had gone over the night before.

Omi slowly opened his mouth to being his life story when a sudden scream was heard coming from the hallway.

"What on Earth?!" the teacher gasped.

Just then the student who was screaming opened the classroom door and started yelling like a crazed lunatic.

"Young man, what has gotten into you?!" Mrs. Hertz screamed.

"Bugs!" the boy yelled. "Lots and lots of bugs! They shot lasers at me!"

"Ridiculous!" Mrs. Hertz stated, opening the door to see for herself, sure enough she was fired at by both Kankrelats and Hornets.

The class saw the lasers enter the class and the teacher managed to dodge. Raimundo was first to stand up and kick one of the Kankrelats that entered the class, followed by Kimiko after.

"Sending monsters to the real world now? W.U.Y.A.'s powers are getting more and more dangerous everyday!" Jack took out his cell phone and quickly dialed Clay's number. He explained the situation and was told that the older teen's class was also being attacked by the monsters.

"Should we depart for the lab?" Omi asked, hitting one of the Hornets with a notebook.

"Someone has to stay and protect the school," Jack pointed out.

"I'll stay!"

The others turned around to see Jermaine also kicking Kankrelats and swatting at Hornets.

"I'm staying too!" Kimiko volunteered.

"Me too!" declared Raimundo.

"Okay," Jack said, "Everyone, out of the classroom!"

The students didn't think twice about fleeing from the room in fear of the oncoming laser fire and sudden attack. Somehow, with Jermaine, Kimiko, and Raimundo to protect them, everyone was able to exit unharmed.


With only a few monsters in the way Jack and Omi were able to meet up with Clay at the gym.

"How did W.U.Y.A. manage to send the monsters to our world?!" the Texan exclaimed.

"When we virtualized Omi, the virus she infected him with must have spread to the scanner!" Jack explained.

"Ooh, I fear that this predicament is all my fault! I knew I should have gone back to Xanadu," Omi groaned.

"It's not your fault, it's that got dang virus'!" Clay declared.

"Yeah," the genius nodded, "All we have to do is get to the lab, shut down the infected scanner, and deactivate the tower as always."

As he explained the plan to the other two one of the stray Kankrelats snuck up behind him. Jack heard the sound of a laser charging, but reacted too slow and was shot in the right shoulder.

"Ngh!" the red head moaned in pain.

"Are you okay?" the short boy asked.

"I'm fine," he grumbled out.

"Take this you measly varmint!" Clay cried, crushing the monster under his boot. "Uh, do you guys hear buzzing?"

Sure enough there were two Hornets heading straight for them. They sprayed acid at the tree the three boys were stationed under. It began tumble over, threatening to crush them in its path.

"Look out!"

The three then found themselves on the ground, pushed from out of harm's way by Coach Guan.

"Wow, thanks coach!" Jack said.

"Don't mention it! I refuse to let strange creatures injure a single one of my students," the muscular man stated. "It is dangerous here, you should all leave."

"Right! We're on our way!" Clay cried, running in the lab's direction followed by Omi and Jack.


"You have to fight these things all the time?!" Jermaine cried, kicking another Kankrelat into the air then punching it to a wall.

"What's the matter? Tired already?" Raimundo mocked, bending back to dodge another laser.

"No way!" the other male replied, "These things are just really annoying!"

"Guys, focus! We gotta give the others time to deactivate the tower!" Kimiko said. She did a back flip in midair and slammed her foot into the face of a Hornet. The Japanese girl failed to nice the Hornet that came behind her. It jetted out a green stream of acid at her back.

"Kimiko!" Jermaine and Raimundo cried.


"Alright guys, the infected scanner's been shut down. I need the two of you to head to the Ice Sector on the double!" Jack commanded.

"Right!" the two nodded.

Upon entering the scanner room, Clay and Omi found it crawling with monsters. Clay took the liberty to stomp out a few of them while Omi used his martial arts skills on the rest.

"Its all clear in here!" called Clay.

"You may proceed!" Omi added.

"Okay, to Xanadu you go!" Jack exclaimed, typing in the usual key sequence. "Transfer, Clay; transfer, Omi!" Jack said as the doors around the two boys shut tight and a small gust of air filled the chamber. "Scanner, Clay; scanner, Omi!" Clay and Omi began to float in midair as a metal ring around the scanner began to scan their bodies up and down. "Virtualization!"

As the transfer to the virtual world was complete, Clay landed on his feet while Omi landed flat on his face.

"That was a most undesirable experience!" the original virtual warrior whined, rubbing his face.

"After a while you get used to it," the mountain fighter told him.

"The tower should be around there somewhere. I think there's a tunnel that leads up to it," the genius explained.

"And since W.U.Y.A. has concentrated her forces on the real world, getting to this tower should be a slice of delicious confection!" Omi said smiling.

"You mean piece of cake?" Clay corrected.

"That too!" Omi stated, "Now, without anymore chat-chit, let us move forward!"


"Ahh!!" Kimiko screamed in fear.

"Kim... are you okay?" Jermaine asked, clutching his stomach in pain.

"Why?!" the black haired girl cried, "Why'd you do that?!" She rushed over to his side and kneeled beside him.

"I wanted to... protect you..." he groaned.

There was a visible burn wound where the acid had hit his flesh. It wasn't that bad, but it still hurt for him to move.

"Kim, you gotta go," Raimundo finally spoke up.

"What?" she gasped.

"Go to the lab and help the others," he told her. "I'll stay here and make sure Jermaine is alright. If you hurry and deactivate the tower, then we can do a Reverse Rebirth before Jermaine gets any worse."

"Rai..." she trailed off, touched at his concern for the safety of the other teen, "I won't let you down! Neither of you!" And with that, she took off.


"Meteorang!" Clay cried as his boomerang slashed clean through a few Bloks that opposed them.

"So much for no monsters! There are Krabes headed your way now!" Jack detected from the holomap.

"Jack!" Kimiko cried, arriving in the doorway.

"Kim?" he gasped.

"Hurry, Jermaine's in trouble! Send me to Xanadu now!" she cried.

"Okay, okay!" Jack said, raising his arms in defense. "Change in plans guys; Omi, you and Clay leave the Krabes behind. I'm sending Kimiko as backup."

"If you say so Jack!" Omi complied, leaping back to the ground after slamming his staff into the top of the Krabe. He and Clay then took off.

"Alright, here we go! Transfer, Kimiko!" he began the virtualization procedure for the second time that day. "Scanner, Kimiko!" her id. card appeared on Jack's monitor as she was downloaded to Xanadu. "Virtualization!"

"I'm here Jack! I'm on my way to the other's location right now!" she confirmed. 'I just hope I'm not too late!'


"You like Kimiko a lot, eh?" Raimundo asked. He and Jermaine were currently in a classroom blocked off from the monsters. The Brazilian had tossed his sweatshirt over to his companion to cover up his wound.

"More than anyone I've never met. She's really special to me," he replied. "But you don't like that, do you? You probably like her just as much as I do, you're just too afraid to ask."

"Shut up! You don't know anything!" he yelled angrily.

"Tell me Rai, how long have you been doing this fighting?"

"Don't try changin' the subject!"

"I'll take that as a long time. You've all been fine so far right?"

"Yeah, what about it?"

"I'm glad to hear that. If they don't make it in time, I trust you to continue to keep her safe."

"What are you...?" Raimundo trailed. All of a sudden everything around him stopped.


By this time though, Omi had made his way into the tower and walked onto the first platform. After lighting them all up he rose to the aerial platform and placed his hand on the white screen. It read "Omi" then "Code: X-A-N-A-D-U".

"Another tower deactivated," Omi sighed sadly to himself.

"Thanks Omi. Reverse Rebirth Activation!" A bright beam of light glowed brightly from the tower Omi was in. It came out of the supercomputer and engulfed everything causing everything in the world began to reset itself...


"I'm sorry, but it looks like I sent us so far back in time, I erased us enrolling you in the academy." Jack sighed.

"Jermaine forgot about everything we told him as well," Kimiko added.

"It is quite all right. I know that one day I will be able to properly join you on Earth," Omi said regrettably. "I will admit that I most enjoyed my one day with you all, even if I still had to fight monsters."

"We enjoyed havin' ya here with us. Maybe you could drop by some time for a visit?" Clay urged.

"I would really enjoy that!" the fish boy smiled.

"Don't worry dude, we'll find the anti-virus one day. Until then, we'll continue to fight! All of us!" Raimundo concluded, looking at each one of his friends pausing at Kimiko.

"Rai? What is it?" she asked, noticing his stare.

"I'll tell ya one day," he smiled at her.

"Regardless," Jack concluded, "I'll at least find a way to have you stay here until we find a permanent solution to the virus! I promise!"

"We all promise," said Clay, "Remember Jack, you got us here too."

"Right, right. I haven't forgotten," the genius chuckled.

The others chuckled along with him. On the inside, they were a little happy that they still got to fight W.U.Y.A. It put excitement in their lives. And one day, when the anti-virus is finally found, they'll be able to live in peace. They'll be able to live in a world without danger...

The End

You read that right, that's the end of Code Xiaolin! I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed typing it. But don't worry, for those who still want more, I'm going to be putting out a sequel real soon! So look out for Code Heylin!