1st Episode-'Strange Encounter'

(Rikku is on the bus……)

-Rikku: Damn, couldn't sleep .Might as well take a little bus ride. Wonder how everyone is doing…We haven't seen each other since that time….

(Rikku Starts to Flashback…..)

-Rikku: School is so boring.

-Paine: Yeah, tell me about it. Homework is such a drag.


Yuna: Can't believe you guys dragged me into this! I don't ditching school when Tidus is around….

-Rikku: Stop complaining. Don't worry, you'll see Tidus tomorrow.

-Paine: So, you guys are going out, huh?

-Yuna: Yup. I love Tidus so much.

-Rikku: 'Bout time you guys are going out. You and Tidus are so damn shy to explain your feelings. Then Tidus finally asked you out.


Paine: So, where we going this time?


Yuna: Dunno……

-Rikku :How 'bout pizza!?

-Paine: Damn Rikku! Do you always have to be hungry and eating all the time!

-Rikku: I can't help it! I love to eat!

-Yuna :( Laughs)

(While they were walking through the alley….)

-Paine: Oh, no!

-Rikku: Fiends!

-Yuna: Time to kick some ass!

(The fiends show up and Yuna, Rikku, and Paine are surrounded….)

-Paine: Damn it!

-Rikku: You guys ready?!

Yuna and Paine: Oh yeah….

(Paine takes out her sword, Yuna her guns, and Rikku her knives…..)

-Yuna: Take that!

-Rikku: Hey I wanna fight too!

-Paine: These fiends are weak!

-Yuna: Yup seriously….

-Rikku: Ha!

-Paine: Hyah…

-Yuna: That was all?

-Rikku: Huh! What a let down. Looks like we're done.

-Paine: Not really, look who's coming….

-Yuna: Shit, its Vitika!

-Rikku: What do you want!?

-Yuna: No one wants you here!

Vitika levitates towards them….)


Vitika: W ho asked you!? Get the hell out of my way, pathetic fools!

(Rikku got offended…….)

-Rikku: Who are you to critize! I mean, look at you!


Vitika: Shut-up, you!

-Paine: Let's just get to business.

-Yuna: Yeah.

(Yuna, Rikku, and Paine get ready for battle….)

-Yuna: You won't get away from us! Take this! Sleeping Shuttle!!

(Vitika Starts to fall asleep…..)


-Paine: That should do the trick…..for a while. Here's some fire! Hot enough for you!?

-Yuna: And a blizzard. This will cool you off!

(Sleeping spell starts to fade away….)

-Vitika: (Wakes up….) Huh? I'm Awake! (Then she throws one shadow ball at them…Then she throws a smoke bomb….)

-Rikku :( Gets stunned by Vitika's shadow ball….) Ugh! Shit!

(Vitika vanishes with an evil laugh….)

-Vitika: Heh, heh. Fools. (Then disappears without a trace…..The smoke clears….Rikku, Paine, and Yuna didn't see Vitika anywhere in sight….)

-Yuna: Damn her! She left!

-Paine Let's get her before she escapes. Damn sorceress!

-Yuna: Yup.

(Paine, Yuna and Rikku chase after her….)

-Paine: Vitika!

-Yuna: Shit! Come back here!

-Rikku: We're through with you, yet!

(Vitika uses her super speed to overrun them….)

-Vitika :( Laughs…) Later, Losers! Better surrender, or else your precious world will be destroyed!

-Paine: Screw you!

-Yuna: We would never surrender to you!

-Rikku Yeah! What they said!

-Paine: Oh, fuck! She's disappearing again!

(Vitika starts to disappear….)

-Yuna: No! She's going to the Final Fantasy world!

-Paine; Our home!

-Rikku: Get her!

(Vitika goes to a portal and closes it before the girls go in…..)

End of Chapter 1