Little Note Here : I AM Trying With The Other Stories But Yah Know, Tbh, I'm Finding It Hard, With It Almost Being Christmas And Stuff. And Myspace. What Can I Say, I'm Easily Distracted By That. But Chyea. Anyways, I Read My Friends Diary, SHE LET ME Because She Realised How Much She Rambled In It And I Figured It Would Be Cool To Do A Diary Format Of A Story And NATURALLY It Had To Be Lita's.


Another Note : Lita Never Left WWE. Got It ? Umm….Mickie's Been There For Like…Three Years. Everyone Is Friends. Storylines Aint Real. Yeah. That's All. More May Arise Though SO Keep Yah Eyes Peeled

Disclaimer : I Don't OWN Anyone. I Borrow. If I Owned Orton You Really Think I'd Be Writing This ?

Pairings : Litax? (Either Hunter Or Randy. I Know Who I WANT To Do, But Hunter Juss Keeps Screaming Pick Me) ShawnxVictoria TorriexCarlito (Who Wont Actually Be IN The Story) MickiexJohn AdamxSurprise ) And NO Its Not Ariel.

December 11th.

OhMyGod. Only One Entry Today. That Would Be Because Old McMahon Dropped Like, The Biggest Bombshell In WWE History. Tomorrow Morning, I Go To Live With Nine Other Superstars In Some Fantasy House Thing. We Then Spend The Next Two Weeks There. I Don't Get To See My Family Until Boxing Day. That Is So Fucked Up. I Don't Even Know Who Else Is Going. I Gotta Go Pack So I Don't Even Have Enough Time To Call Them. I Gotta Feeling Micks'll Be There. Should Be Fun. Not. And I Swear To GOD, If Cena Makes A Hoe, Hoe, Hoe Joke. I'll Kick Him So Hard In The Balls That They Will Lodge Themselves Inside Him.
Ames x

December 12th 2006 : Packed And Ready To Go. I Called Around Last Night After I Packed. I Know Who's Gunna Be Here. Adam (Thankfully SOMEONE Sane), Randy (Not The Brightest Button In The Box, But He Means Well), John (Someone Shoot Me), Hunter (Who Was Having Great Difficulty Fitting Two Sledgehammers "To Shut John Up" In His Suitcase) and Shawn (Who Is Now Taking One Of Hunters Sledgehammers), Mickie (Again, Not The Brightest But She's My Best Friend, I Have To Put Up With Her), Victoria ( Someone RATIONAL. Thank God), Torrie (Who Was Upset About Leaving Chloe) and Shelly (Don't Really Know Her. So Let The Fun Begin). Adam Promised He'd Pick Me Up So I'm Standing Outside My Apartment, My Jacket Blowing Around In The Wind, Hair Everywhere And My Suitcase Falling Over Every Five Seconds. He Better Hurry Up Or I'll Tell Everyone About His E & C Days. : I'm Currently Hiding In The Bathroom. So Far, Well Considering I've Only Been Here For Half An Hour But Whatever, So Far Hasn't Been Too Bad. John Was Late, But That's A Given. Hunter And Shawn Were Unbelievably Awake And Cheerful. Adam Keeps Saying "I've Forgotten Something" Which Is Irritating Us All And Randy Has Been Unusually Quiet. Must Be Too Early For Him. Us Girls Have Been Ok So Far. We Went To Our Rooms (I'm Sharing With Micks And Vicky. Apparently Shelly And Torrie Know Each Other So They Should Get Along Just Fine) Settled Our Stuff On The Beds And Went To Sit In The Living Room.
The Guys Arent Doing Too Good Though. Apparently, Hunter THOUGHT It Would Have Been Easier If Randy And John Weren't In The Same Room. But Those Two Don't MIND The Fact That They Argue Constantly. And Adam Decided He Couldn't Share With Shawn. Hunter Didn't Want John. But Randy Didn't Want To Share With Hunter. So All They Did Was Complain Til I Heard Someone, And I Aint Sure Whether It Was Shawn Or Randy Yell, "Fuck This. I'm Sleeping In The Shower"
Vicky Had To Sort Them Out. So Now Its Adam, Randy And John (Though God Knows How Long Adam'll Last) Sharing And Hunter And Shawn IN The Other Room.
This Is Going To Be SOME Christmas. And Now Someone Is Banging On The Toilet Door. John Needs To Go. So, Chyea, I'll See Yah Later : Yah Know, No One Really Ever Gives People Credit For The Things They're Good At. I Mean Everyone Praises John's Wrestling. That's Cause They Ain't Tasted His Cooking. The Guy Has A Talent. A Talent He doesn't Enjoy Sharing But A Talent All The Same.
He Made Breakfast For Us, After Randy Announced That John Used To Cook All The Time When They Were In OVW. John Went Red And Started Telling Some Lame Assed, But Believable All The Same, Story About How Randy Was Always Too Lazy To Cook So He HAD To. Mickie Decided We Were All Lazy Too So He, Once Again HAD To.
Took Him Til Half Past One, But He Finally Made Ten Breakfasts. Well, Seven And A Half. Torrie Wouldn't Eat Cause She Felt Sick, Ariel Was Sleeping And Hunter Accused John Of Trying To Poison Him Wouldn't Eat Anything. So Shawn Ate Half Of Hunter's As Well As His Own.
Well I Gotta Go Clean Up. Me And Adam Agreed That If We NEVER Have To Cook, We'll Do Washing Up EVERY Breakfast Time.
So I Guess You'll Get An Update In A While x : You Learn Stuff About People All The Time. Like, For The Past Half An Hour Me And Randy Sat Watching Tv, Some Lame Quiz Show. And, For A Guy You Would Expect To Be A Complete Idiot, He's INCREDIBLY Intelligent. I Mean, I Don't Know Him All That Well, I Guess Since He Came Back After The Suspension I've Spent More Time With Him Cause Of The Whole Rated RKO Storyline But, Damn I Always Thought He Was Dyslexic Or Something. Maybe Its Cause He Never Writes Anything. He Once Asked Trish To Write His Mom's Birthday Card For Him. That Always Confused Me Cause I Mean, Wouldn't She Know Her Own Son's Handwriting ? Maybe Not I Guess, If He's Never Written Anything For Her.
But Anyways, Apparently He's Really Smart. Like, Makes VICKY Look Dumb And That Is Saying Something Cause That Girl Is Like, Matilda. You Know When She Does All That Math Stuff In Her Head Faster Than Anyone Else ? Yeah That's Vicky. But Anyways Where Was I ? Oh Yeah. Learning New Stuff. But That's Not All I Learned About Him In Those Thirty Minutes. And, This REALLY Shocked Me, Bob Orton ISNT Randy's Real Dad. He Doesn't Know Who Is. But It's Not Him. And They've ALWAYS Known.
I Guess, I Mean, They Don't Look Alike Or Anything And He Don't Look Like His Brother And Sister. But I Was Actually Shocked By That. He Doesn't Care Though. He Calls Bob "Dad" Though Out Of Habit From When He Was A Kid. I Felt Really Bad After Talking To Him. Like I Said, I Always Thought He Was Thick. Turns Out He Was Juss Kinda Shy. Yeah, I Know, Orton ? Shy ? Those Words Don't Go Together. But He Said Something Earlier That Kinda Hit Me, "I Don't Actually HAVE Many Friends In The WWE. Cause Everyone Seems To Hate Me Without Getting To Know Me. Maybe That's Why I Talk To You And Adam So Much Now. Cause Be Honest Amy, You Couldn't Give A Fuck What I Was Like. You Talk To Anyone. But Yah The Only Diva That's Ever Spoke To Me Without Wanting To Sleep With Me"
John Heard The Last Line And Told The Whole House I Had Just Propositioned Orton. So, Now, I'm Gunna Go Hit Him Across The Face With Something, Maybe Hunter's Sledgehammer ?
What A Festive House This Is.
Later x