Heyyy. Well I Wanna Say Thank You For The Reviews. But Uh I Don't Think There WAS Any Spelling Mistakes. I Use pretty Colloquial Terms So That Might Be Why The Spelling Looks Weird. Sorry. I'll Try Not To. And Grammar / Punctuation ? It Ish A Diary Do YOU Use Punctuation And Shit ? -laughs-
Any Ways THANK You For The Constructive Criticism. Shall Take It Into Consideration For This Chapter. Or I Shall Try )
Ooooh And One Other Thing In Case It Annoys Anyone. EVERY Word Starts With A Capital Letter. I Cant Help It. Too Much Time On Msn And No Administration Lessons You See.
Btw, Just So You Know, The Whole DREAM Thing, You Wont Ever Hear About It. Its Just, In The Diary I Read It Said, "I Had Like The Weirdest Dream Ever. Sex With Triple H And Edge. Was Good I Think. Well, From What I Could Hear" No Word Of A Lie. That Was The Girls Exact Words. And She Never Mentioned It Again

But yeahh…Here We Go :

9.pm. : Damn. It Feels Like I Ain't Written In Here In A While. Even Though It Was Only…I Can Barely Read My Own Writing Here, But I THINK It Says Four Thirty. I Could Be Wrong Mind You, Probably Am.
I Have Never Felt So Tired In My Life, And The Strangest Thing Is, I Don't Think I've Ever Done As Little As I Have Today. I Mean Sure, Moving In Was A Bit Of An Ordeal But Asides From That I Don't Think I Have Actually Done Anything.
Tonight, All Ten Of Us Sat Around The Dining Table Eating Dinner (Which Mickie Kindly Made For Us) And Discussed Cooking And Cleaning Jobs. Yeah, Surprising Really, That Shawn Michaels Is Possibly The Most Organized Man On God's Green Earth. He Had Brought A Pad Of Paper And A Pen With Him To Make TIMETABLES. They Wanted To Use This To Do The Timetables In And I Almost Had A Fit. I Mean Can You IMAGINE Adam Reading This, And Finding I Know All About Him And His "Secret Lover" Or Worse, What If Randy Or John Read It And Read About That Dream….God I'm Starting To Scare Myself Now.
But, Where Was I, Oh Yeah. He Made Like Little Timetable Things That Told Us Who Does What And When. I Don't EVER Have To Cook Thanks To Mine And Adam's Little Plan. I Don't Think The Way Shawn Did The Dividing Chores Up Was Fair Though. He Was Like, "Cooking? That's John And The Girls Except Amy, Who Is Being Stubborn." So Not ONE Guy Except John Has To Cook. Which I Suppose Is A Good Thing, After Adam Blew Up My Microwave. Then Shawn Decided Cleaning Duties Would Be Next On The Agenda. Adam And Randy Are Doing Like NINETY Percent Of The,. I Have To Clean In The Mornings But, Chyeah Like That'll Happen. And Then Him And Hunter Have "Supervising Duties." Which Means We Work Our Asses Off And They Sit Back And Relax. I Guess There's Not Much We Can Do About It, Cause The Girls Agreed Straight Away Without Realizing "DX" Are Doing Nothing.

2.30am : Yeah, I'm Writing This At Half Past Two In The Morning. But It's Cause, Well, I'm SO Happy. I Went To See Hunter About The Whole, Unfair Timetable Thing. And He Was Sitting On His Bed. No One Actually KNEW Where Shawn Was So It Was Just Me And Him. And Anyways, I Went In And I Said "Look I Don't Think Shawn's Timetables Were Fair Cause Randy And Adam Have All The Work"

And Hunter Cut Me Off Saying, "You Like Him Don't You?" So I Was Kinda Confused, Cause Well, Adam's My Friend And All, But I'd Never DATE Him. That Would Be As Romantic As Making Out With My Dog. And I Didn't Think He Was Talking About Randy So I Looked Kinda Dumb And Just Made A Shrugging Gesture.
And THAT's When Things Got Good. My Hand Is Actually Shaking. Hunter Said, "He Like's You Too. But I Don't Think He Deserves You. To Be Honest I Don't Think ANYONE's Good Enough For You. I'd Like To Give It A Damn Good Try, But I Don't Even Think I Am. But Specially Not Him."

Well Naturally I Was All A Bit Confused Because I Still Didn't Know Who HE Was And I Had Kinda Realized Hunter Had Just Told Me He Liked Me. So I Started To Get Embarrassed, My Cheeks Felt SO Hot And I Bet If I Had Looked In A Mirror, My Hair And Cheeks Would Have Blended Together. And THAT Is When Things Got REALLY Connfusing. I Told Hunter I Had Said What I Wanted To And That I Was Gunna Go Back To My Room. And He Stood Up, Kissed My Cheek And Whispered, "Just Don't Let Orton Near You."

So OH MY GOD. I Have Not Got A CLUE What's Going On. Hunter Has Misinterpreted Everything And Think's Randy LIKES Me. I Think HUNTER Likes Me. And Not Randy. But If Hunter Likes Me, Why Does He Always Flirt With Torrie. I Don't Know If I've Ever Mentioned This, But That's Why Carlito Doesn't Like Him. He Thinks Hunter Actually WANTS To Sleep With Torrie.

Speakign Of Torrie, She's Been Sick All Day. I Wonder What's Wrong. She Better Not Have The Flu Cause I REALLY Don't Wanna Spend The Next Two Weeks With Nine Whining Superstars Complaining About Their Aches And Pains.

I'm Procrastinating Again. Diverting Myself From The Story. Maybe It's Lack Of Sleep. Yeah, I Think It Might Be. So I'mma Go To Bed And Start A Fresh Tomorrow. No Talking To Hunter, Cause He Confuses Me. I Might Ask Adam About Randy Cause That Just DOESN'T Work With Me.

Randy ? And Me ? Eeew No Thanks. Like I've Said, Nice Enough Guy BUT He IS A Bit Of A Man Whore. So, Anyways GoodNight Ames x