Title: Dancing Pixies Set Things Right

Author: PyroChilde

Disclaimer: Joss owns Drusilla, not me.

Summary: Drusilla is lost in her own world of dancing pixies and slivery moonlight. This is about her longing for lost innocence and purity. When the stars whisper that things can be set right, will she listen?

Dancing Pixies, My Salvation

By PyroChilde

Magick fills the air

and it prickles at my skin.

A peaceful feeling fills me

as I watch the dance begin.

Little pixies move about,

bathed in the slivery light.

Their voices call out to the heavens.

Their eyes are wide and bright.

A tear rolls down my cheek

such tiny creatures; they are so free.

I'm humbled by their presence, so innocent.

At one time, that was me!

I know I am not worthy

to walk among them now.

But watching pixies dancing

I still remember how.

As I stand and watch them

The smallest looks at me.

Her little smile warms my heart.

I know she let me see.

I am a filthy creature.

My darkness keeps me a bay.

But as little pixies dance along

Listen to what they say.

All has not been lost my child.

You are not banished for good.

One day you will return to us

All will be as it should.

I stand there in silence

until the sun is about to rise.

I am ready to go home now

At last my soul will soar through the skies.

I have not been the purest creature.

There has been blackness in my heart.

Now I listen to the voices

And I know where I must start.

There is a way to make things right.

Those tiny creatures told me how.

It is time for me to leave this world

I am finally ready now.

Dancing pixies under skies so blue,

You are my salvation this very night.

As I walk out into the morning sun,

Know you have set things right.