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I Think You Changed


It had been almost a month after Naruto came back from the Bikochou mission with Shino, Kiba and Hinata.


She had been on his mind ever since the battle with Neji.The way he talked to her, disrespected her, the way he was hurting her. At that time Naruto didn't really pay much attention to her because he was always obsessed with Sakura, but of course she would always hit him and continue admiring Sasuke.But during that match, he felt something…Like in his heart, a very deep pain in his heart, by the way she was being treated by him. He couldn't take it, yet he could do nothing but cheer and hope that she would be ok. In the end, it didn't turn out so great. She had been greatly injured and was close to death; she had no pulse. He felt so terrible, so many emotion running through him…anger…sadness…fury, and a feeling that he couldn't explain…maybe…just…maybe…it was love.

She was taken to the hospital right after her match. He wanted to see her, stay by her side to see how she was doing. As soon as the exams were over, he needed to get over there fast before Kakashi-sensei or Sakura wanted him to do something. He clearly remembered the first time he ever visited her in the hospital.


Naruto ran as fast as he could down the streets of Konoha, panting because he was running as fast as he could just to go visit her.

"Ah…I. had to lie", pant, pant "I had to tell Kakashi-sensei I had to go to the store to buy some more food just so I", pant…pant "Could get away. I know it probably was a lousy excuse but I need to know how she's doing…I want to see her". The hospital was up ahead.


He arrived at the hospital a couple of minutes aftrwards.He barged in and ran toward the front desk. The nurse that sat there reviewing papers was startled when he started as he just shot questions at her.

"Hey! Hey! Where is she? Hinata? Is she ok?! What room number is she in? Can I see her?!" he blurted out.

The nurse just looked up from her paper work.

"Um… can you please keep it down? This is a hospital and yes she's here, they brought her in at least an hour ago", replied the nurse.

"So, she's okay? Can I see her?!" he shouted out again.

Everyone in the hospital now started to turn their attention to Naruto and the nurse talking.

"Yes you can, but please…keep it down."

She then directed Naruto to Hinata's room. They stopped in front of a door that was about 10 doors away from the entrance.

"Ok…before you go in, you need to know that you need to be very quiet. She's already gained consciousness, but now she's sleeping and she needs her rest to recover. And by the way, when she was brought here she was saying something before she passed out something like,'N-naruto…do you t-think that…I –I changed…N-Naruto-kun I-', then she became unconscious again." the nurse alerted him.

A slight blush came across Naruto's face along with a smile. But soon that smile disappeared as he began to have flashbacks of the end of her battle, when there was nothing he could do but make a vow on her blood after her match saying that he would beat Neji for her.

"Ok…thank you", he said in a serious and worried tone now. He slowly slid the hospital door open, stepped inside, and closed the door. He turned to face her. There she lay, peacefully sleeping on the hospital bed, with a vase full of flowers next to her bed. He saw a chair in the corner of the room. He walked toward it, grabbed it, carried it, and placed it next to her bed and sat down.

He began to feel a deep pain in his heart. He couldn't explain why but it hurt. He began to talk to her, even though she couldn't hear him.

"Uh...hey Hinata-c-chan.You had an amazing battle. I just came to let you know that you're a really amazing person and that you had a great battle. Even though you lost, you shouldn't feel bad, I mean you tried and well…it hurt me so much when he threw you on the ground and was hurting you. But don't worry; Neji's my opponent for the finals. I'll beat him for sure…just watch, and then I'll show him that we can change."

He looked up at the clock that was right above the door from which he entered. It was now 4:30 pm.

"Well, sorry but I have to go. Don't worry, you'll be fine. I have to go. Bye Hinata."

He put the chair back where it was where he found t and walked out the door. Before he even placed his hand on the handle to open it, he stopped. He turned his head to get one last look at her.

She looks so cute when she sleeps, he thought.

He looked forward again, opened the door, stepped out and left.

End of Flashback

It was now a month later so his emotions for her began to grow and grow.

Ok…I will tell her today… I have to, he thought.

It was around dusk and the sun was about to set soon. He was leaning on the wooden trunk in the training ground where his first assignment as a genin was to take a bell from Kakashi-sensei. He sat there, arguing with himself if he should tell her, and how, or not. He finally gave in. He stood up and took a deep breath.

Ok…I'm going! But where am I going? I don't even know where she is.

He then remembered something and snapped his fingers.

That's right; lately she's been training in the training area next to the forest of death. She always training with her team there and when everyone goes home, she usually stays to train more.

He began to walk in that direction.

Ok…I'm on my way…

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