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I Think You Changed

This was it…the big day. Naruto woke up early that morning; the alarm clock read 3:30 AM. He lazily made his way to the bathroom to shower and wash up. Emerging from the bathroom 30 minutes later, Naruto makes his bed, gets dressed, looks into his backpack one more time to see if he missed anything.

4 AM..I still got time

Naruto walked into his room again and walked over to the nightstand next to his bed, and picked up the picture of him and Hinata. A small blush appeared on his face as he admired it a bit longer. He paused and took it to his bag, deciding to take the picture with him. As he put it in, he heard a knock on the door.

At this hour? Ero-sennin said to meet him at the gates, nothing about my house…

"Yeah, yeah I'm coming!" Naruto made his way to the front door and when he opened it, his jaw dropped in shock.

"Hi-Hinata-chan? Wh-What are you doing here? It's really early and dark out! You walked all the way over here? Are you ok? Is something wrong what happened?"

Hinata let out a small giggle and walked closer to him, placing a small good morning kiss on his cheek. "Good morning Naruto-kun. I brought you over some breakfast and I hoped to see you at least one more time before you left…have you um...had breakfast yet?"

"No I mean no I haven't! I would love that very much Hinata-chan!"

He let her in, both walking o the kitchen. "Wow what's that smell? It's good!"

"It's your favorite Naruto-kun," she replied with a small smile.

"Ha! You know anything you cook is my favorite!" she blushed at his comment lifting the lid of the bento. Inside there was rice, small octopus shaped sausage, and a side of ramen.

"HInata-chan…is this really for me?" His mouth began to water at the food in front of him.

"Ha-Hai. I made it early and I hoped to catch you before you left…I hope you like it"

"Like it? I LOVE IT!" he responded as he gobbled it all down. She smiled as he finished his meal.

"Thanks HInata-chan that was good! Oh here," he said as he handed her a key.

"A key Na-Naruto-kun?" she looked down at it in her hand.

"Yeah it's an extra key to my apartment! I got it made after I dropped you off last night. Whenever you wanna come over or just hangout, you're free to do as you please HInata-chan! This is your house too you know," he added as a matter-of-factly. Hinata blushed at the last sentence.

"Did you clean up Naruto-kun?"

"Heheheh..well not really. I kinda left a mess in my room from packing last night."

"I'll stay and clean it Naruto-kun," she responded with a smile.

He let out a sad smile," So this is it…huh Hinata-chan?"

"Ha-Hai…" she looked at his face and noticed how sad he looked. She couldn't believe her own shyness didn't stop her. She crashed into his arms, her face buried in his orange jacket.

"I'll miss you Naruto-kun."

"Me too Hinata-chan," he replied, wrapping his arms around her. "I promise to come back safe and sound! He said finishing with a smile. He looked down and saw a blush spread across her face, slowly leaning closer to him.


He helped her close the space between the two, and held each other close. They pulled apart, both blushing and trying to get some air.

"I'll be right here waiting for you Na-Naruto-kun."

"Thanks Hinata-chan…you'll always be with me right here!" he replies putting his hand over his heart. He looks at her one more time before he picks up his backpack. He leans in closer one more time, this time their faces only a few centimeters apart, "I love you." He said in a husky voice before giving her one more goodbye kiss. He pulled apart and she replied with a blush, "I..I-I love you too."

He let out a small and Hinata did as well. She looked over to the clock on her right that read, 5:09 AM.

"Na-Naruto-kun! It's already past 5 you don't want to be late"

"CRAP! I have to go!" he put on his backpack and dashed towards the door, HInata following. He looked back at her one more time and gave her a thumbs up "I'll train hard and when I come back, I'll be stronger than now! Bye Hinata-chan!" He said as he ran down the steps to the village

Hinata stood outside watching him until he was out from her sight. She held the key closer to her chest. I hope you're training goes well and I hope for your safe return. I love you Naruto-kun and I'm going to train hard until you return..until then…Naruto-kun…

Naruto ran as fast as he could to meet Jiraiya at the gates. As he ran, only one though remained in his head. After all he went through, after everything that happened during his and Hinata's relationship from when fighting Neji to confessing to the current time of him running as fast as he could to not get scolded by his master in the cool morning air, the one thought lingering through his head brought a huge grin to his face.

I never did get to answer your question before you were carried off after fighting Neji Hinata-chan...

He could see Jiraiya standing looking off in his direction, waiting for Naruto to show. A real, eager smile appeared on his face as he ran up to his master's side and began to walk out of the village gates. Jiraiya looked down at his student with a small smile on his face, which Naruto responded to with a nod. Jiraiya smiled once more and ruffled his hair, passing the village gates.

Maybe no one else will say it, but in my eyes...

Naruto looked onward to his adventures and wondering what training awaited him. He closed his eyes, enjoying the crisp air that suddenly blew past the two shinobi and opened the to reveal blue orbs shinning with hope and determination.

I Think You Changed.

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