Title: Movin' On Up
Rating: PG-13/possibly R
Paring: Bruce/Amy
Series:Chapter 1 of a likely longish fic
Summary: Bruce and Amy discuss what's going to happen for them now that Amy's in the political arena. Post-series.
Disclaimer: I don't own Judging Amy or Bruce or Amy or any of the characters from the show. They belong to CBS.
Spoilers: "My Name Is Amy Gray."
Author's Notes: I told myself I was going to wait to write more Judging Amy fic, and then I was looking through Judging Amy fics last night and got totally inspired and was like, well, no one else is writing any Bramy, so I'm going to do it! I hope everyone enjoys this and REVIEWS! Because reviews will seriously make me write faster and make me write more. I am serious. They inspire me more than anything else, to know that people are reading it and enjoying it.

Movin' On Up - Chapter 1

"Thank you, Ms. Gray. Your words will be taken into consideration. We're dismissed."

Amy shot out of her chair and clambered over whatever was in her way to get to Bruce. He saw her struggling and grabbed her hand before she tripped and fell.

"Oh my God, Bruce," she said, now standing before him, her hand still in his. "I still can't believe you're here. I thought for sure that the way we left things were the way we left things and that message to you was just some last minute attempt at getting an apology or something out of you, even though I should've been the one apologizing, and I did apologize, but I never expected you to actually show up in Washington." She paused to take a breath and Bruce started talking.

"That all?" he asked, amused.

She squinted her eyes and shook her head. "I mean, it's Washington. It's not like you had to drive 5 minutes downtown or something, you had to make plans to get down here as soon as you did and you have Rebecca to think of, so it's not like you could just hop on a plane or a train and get down here. How did you get down here?"

Bruce started laughing, wrapping his arms around her. "I'm glad we're back, too." He pressed a kiss into her hair as she snuggled into his embrace. "We should probably get out of here, huh?"

Amy poked her head up from its resting spot on his chest. She took in the nearly empty room and chuckled. "Yeah, that's probably a good idea." She slipped out of his embrace, but left his arm draped across her shoulders as they headed back to the holding room to gather her belongings.

On their way down the hall, they were met by Marty.

"Amy, hey, great job in there," he said, strolling up to them and causing them to pause in their journey.

"Yeah, yeah, thanks," Amy said, nodding. "You remember Bruce Van Exel, my former CSO?"

"How could I forget?" he said, sticking his hand out. "Nice to see you again, Mr. Van Exel."

Bruce raised an eyebrow at the outstretched hand, then gripped it in his own, giving it a few firm pumps. "Likewise."

Seeing as how Bruce wasn't going to say anything else, Marty focused his attention back on Amy. "So, there's a luncheon going on in about half an hour across town. There are sure to be some political bigshots who'll be dying to talk with you about your performance today."

Amy smiled at the floor, then looked back up at Marty."No, no, I think I've had enough politics for one day. I just want to settle back and not think about anything for awhile."

Marty nodded slowly, piecing together her true intentions. "Ah, I see. Well, there'll be plenty of other events in the future. Feel free to bring Mr. Van Exel with you. The media will just eat that up." With that, he strutted off, leaving Bruce gaping after him.

"Can you believe him?" he asked, clearly frustrated.

"Relax, he didn't mean anything by it," Amy said.

Bruce turned to look at her. "Oh, so now you're sticking up for Mr. Politics?"

Amy laughed. "No. No, I know how much of a jackass he can be. He just – I know he's just trying to make it in a world that's not so easy, and I can relate. So give him some slack."

Bruce nodded. "No, you're right," he admitted. "Hopefully he'll meet someone at that luncheon who will completely distract him from you." He started laughing and Amy soon joined him as they resumed their walk down the hall.

They were silent for a few minutes, then Amy spoke. "So, you never did tell me how you got down here."

Bruce shrugged. "I got your message and I knew I couldn't just sit at home, watching you on C-SPAN. I had to be here. So I called up the airport, left Rebecca with my neighbor, and voila. Here I am." He grinned down at her and Amy beamed back.

They reached the holding room and Amy pushed the door open. She grabbed her purse and unzipped it to take out her phone. "Oh, would you look at that?" She grinned up at Bruce. "My mother tried calling. I suppose I should give her a ring back."

She slipped entirely from his grasp this time, pacing the room as she waited for someone to pick up. When someone did, she jolted slightly and ran a hand through her hair. "Hey, Ma. I saw you called. Yeah, yeah, I'm pretty happy with how things went, too. Yeah, I noticed. Ma, come on." She started laughing. "Oh, I didn't realize that. Well, Marty's gonna have fun with that one." She turned and caught Bruce's questioning look, but waved it off. "Yeah, I'll tell him hi. Listen, I gotta go. Oh my God! I don't wanna talk about that with you, Ma. Gotta go. Bye." She strained herself to get the last few words out, then quickly flipped the phone shut.

"So, what is it that Marty's going to have fun with?" Bruce asked, walking up to her.

She started laughing. "Apparently they were still filming coverage even after the hearing."

Bruce started laughing as well. "Yeah, I'll say Marty's definitely gonna have fun with that one." He shook his head in disbelief. "So, where did you want to go to 'not think about anything for awhile'?" he asked, quoting her earlier statement to Marty.

"Well," Amy drawled, "the hotel I'm staying at does have a nice hot tub." She suggestively moved closer to Bruce, signalling that she was ready to make the move to take their relationship to being more than just friends.

Bruce looked down at her, all seriousness. "That sounds like the best plan I've heard all day." She smiled at him again as he slipped an arm around her shoulders and led them from the building.