Artemussilvourfox: Alright my first fanfic, this should be fun.

Seto: When did I consent to this?

Artemussilvourfox: You didn't, really consent.

Seto: So you're forcing me against my will?

Artemussilvourfox: I guess.

Noah: That's literary rape!

Artemussilvourfox: Huh!? Right...well anyway-

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Chapter 1: How this all Happened

"Are we there yet?" Noah whined.

"Noah, we're not even moving." Mokuba pointed out. The two boys were seated on the steps of a very extravagant, very big 'movable mansion'. In other words, a mobile home. Of course Noah wouldn't have ridden in it if they called it that, you know, poor people live in them.


This was basically all Noah's fault anyway. Yeah it was easy getting him back (shockingly). They made those bodies like in that movie with Robin Williams being that robot thing. Just like that.

The problem was…


"Noah! What in hell's name do you think you're doing!?" Seto growled, he heard he could find the little broccoli head in this part of the mansion. Noah was humming a little tune, fixing some books on a shelf.

"Oh nothing much, just cleaning up father's office. Honestly besides playing musical beds can't those maids clean?"

Musical beds? Seto thought, he was trying to remember the exact definition of that word or words.

"Alright 1: that bastard that sired you with a woman almost your age, is dead and 2: I am not having any form of sex with those things."

"In this order 1: I didn't say it was you they were having fun with not that anyone would and speaking of which why not hire male butlers? Well not that I mind having an all-female staff…"

"You're a pervert." Seto spat, walking away. "Oh and if you have to know, if I hire just butlers tabloids would say I'm gay."

"You're not? Oh! Well this is a new discovery for me and all this I thought you and Mokuba-" a fist came crashing over Noah's head and breaking the bookcase into pieces.

"You little bastard…"

"Uh… Seto…" Mokuba just poked his head in to see the heavy tension between his brother and step-brother. "What are you doing?" the two of them just kept glaring at each other, one filled with rage, the other with a slight amusement he could upset Seto so easily.

Don't let him get to you… Seto removed his fist from the bookcase. "Nothing. I was just showing Noah how everything in here should really look. And I do mean everything."

(End flashback)

The two of them hated the others guts.

Mokuba sighed, recalling the incident. It was like watching two tornados trying to destroy each other, destructive and absolutely no logic to the whole thing. So, Mokuba came up with the idea from them to go on vacation, a trip to the Grand Canyon. Now you would say this is more Mokuba's fault than Noah's, but that's where you're wrong. If Noah could've just gotten along with Seto then Mokuba wouldn't have to come up with this bonding time. So it goes like this.

Mokuba's idea to go on this trip.

Noah's fault that he needs to be a spoiled brat.

Now you're probably wondering how Mokuba convinced his older brother to go.




"Aw…come on Seto."

"What part don't you understand of 'I have a company to run'?" Mokuba started to pout, Seto working on his computer not caring in the least. "Anyway, what would be the point?"

"For all three of us to bond together. You know…like a family." Noah began to chuckle, sitting in a chair in the back of the office.

"You forget Mokuba, you are all my property." Seto scoffed at Noah's cockiness.

"Actually, you green pervert, it's the other way around."

"Oh really?" Noah arched his green delicately pluck eyebrows.

"Lift the back of your hair and see for yourself." Mokuba was really not liking where this was going. Noah was gone momentarily

"What exactly is he going to find?" Mokuba asked, they heard a scream of horror.

"You monster!" Noah yelled, clenching his fist and pointed his finger accusingly at Seto. Mokuba was lost as Seto sneered a Noah sneer.

"Hn…that's what you get for acting like a spoiled brat." Seto sat back down, Noah screamed a death dry and tried to get his hands around Seto's throat.

"Noah don't!" Mokuba pulled Noah away from Seto. Now he could see the words plastered of the back of his synthetic neck:

Property of Seto Kaiba, © Kaiba corp.

"Seto that's just mean…" Mokuba muttered aptly, Seto glanced nonchalantly then back to the screen.

"My point Mokuba. Me and Noah don't get along within a hundred feet between each others beings. What makes you think we can get along in an RV going to the Grand Canyon?"

"Yes, unfortunately I agree with Seto." Noah concurred, Mokuba smiling feebly.

"W-well you both agreed on something."

"Yeah, that we don't want to go." Noah and Seto muttered at the same time. Mokuba wasn't happy about this, it wasn't exactly going his way, so he resorted to his secret weapon. Slowly his eyes became bigger and watery, feigning being on the verge of tears. Noah felt bad after as he watched this display, Seto was being a coward by hiding behind the computer while Noah had no protection from Mokuba's sad face.

Then he got an idea.

"Alright I'll go." Noah confessed with a dramatic voice that caused Seto to stop typing and become very suspicious.

"Really!?" Mokuba asked hopefully. Noah giving a primly smile.

"Of course Mokuba, you're my favorite step-brother-"

"Oh I'm so hurt now." Seto retorted, Noah waved his comment off like an annoying gnat.

"I would make you happy no matter what. Plus since Seto doesn't want to go…" now Noah pulled Mokuba close, whispering the last part, but loud enough for Seto to hear. "It'll give us time to be alone." Noah just said it in that way.

Seto blew up.

"You little sicko! That's it! I'm going!" Seto had stood up in his seat…a few seconds later Seto just realized what Noah just did.

"That's sick!" Mokuba pushed Noah off, his step-brother chuckling at his superiority.

(End flashback)

Once again, Noah's fault.

I can't believe that little brat tricked me. Seto thought, right now he was looking under the hood of the R-uh 'Movable mansion'

"Movable mansion my ass." Seto hissed, getting grease over his arms as he tried to find the source of the problem. Roland, (yes Roland was on this trip he said he knew how to get there since him and his family went on vacation to the Grand Canyon before.) Anyway Roland was holding Seto's nice white jacket (yes he's wearing the business suit, I couldn't imagine him in his giant trench coats for some reason). So that's it he's wearing the blue shirt and white pants (Well that's kind of good because if he wore his black shirt and leather pants well…)

"Hey!" everyone looked up surprised as Seto yelled up into the sky. "Idiot writer. Get on with the damn fanfic, so in the Anime I can be back at Kaiba Corp. and Noah's dead!"

(00...I learned something today…Seto Kaiba doesn't like to follow the laws of physics!)

"Uh-oh looks like the sun's getting to our beloved step-brother." Noah chided, laughing that oh-so annoying laugh.

"The only person that's losing it is you, you green pervert." Seto snapped going back to looking in the engine. That last remark that the writer made Seto couldn't reply angrily to. It would only make him more insane and he didn't need that little brat Noah to be anymore annoying than he already is.

At least she's writing that damn story.

(TT Hey Seto, I could make you disappear from the story).

But you wouldn't do that would you?

(Screw you)

"Seto I don't think you should call Noah a 'Green pervert'." Mokuba said rather glumly, wiping his brow of sweat.

"Yes, after all, since this whole quest is for us to bond I suggest you quit with the nasty names." Noah pointed out logically, crossing his arms like he was the king of the world.

Quest? Mokuba and Roland thought, Seto wasn't paying attention to them.

"Well this isn't a movable mansion anymore. It's a mansion with a broken chain." Seto pulled out the broken chain (I don't know what it's called, but it's definitely in vehicles).

"What are you saying?" Noah inquired, narrowing his eyes.

"What do you think I'm saying? We're stranded in the middle of the Arizona desert." Seto grabbed a white towel and started to wipe the engine grime from his hands. "Unless someone wants to magically pull out 15 inch chain, we're not going anywhere." Noah couldn't believe this!

"This is ridiculous! Can't you make a 'temporary chain'?" Noah asked and his father said this was a child prodigy!

"I could…but last time I checked no one here wears pantyhose." there was an awkward silence through the group.

"Pantyhose?" the three bystanders muttered, Seto nodded like this was perfectly normal.

"Yes, they're very durable and stretchable. They can probably last long enough to get us to another town. But once again there's the whole problem of we don't have any females in this little 'travel group'." Once again there was a long, long, long silence.

"Mr. Kaiba, may I suggest something?" Roland approached cautiously, Seto was not enjoying the sun scorching down on his head and now was sweating steadily. Luckily Roland wasn't wearing his black suit (why would he?). (Seto gives the writer an evil glare).

(Alright! It was just a retort. Sheesh…)

Instead he was wearing blue pants and blue checkered shirt.

"Go on." Roland gulped, god it felt like they were back in Mr. Kaiba's office and Seto was telling him to say it because he knows it's stupid.

"Well, since the last town we were at is only a couple of hours away. Perhaps I could walk there and get another chain."

"Perhaps you could…"


"Sure go. Just don't get killed." Seto replied agitated. Roland nodded and then came out in garb that Seto almost freaked, thinking it was Ishizu and her destiny bull.

"Don't worry, I won't let you down!" Roland promised and started out in the baking sands of the desert.

"Roland's not coming back is he?" Mokuba asked, Seto grunted loudly closing the lid to the engine shut.

"As long as he took the GPS he should be fine." Seto said going inside for a moment, shoving Noah off the steps as he went. When Seto came back out he was playing with Noah's cell phone. "Huh…no signal." then Kaiba crushed it, flinging it to Noah.

"Oh hey!" Noah whined picking up his crushed phone, mourning its lost.

"Get over it Greenie. It's just a piece of metal." Seto rolled his eyes at his stepbrother's strange sadness for a phone.

" 'Piece of metal?' Piece of metal!? I'm a piece of metal if you haven't realized it!" Noah hissed, crushing his phone into a more crumbled state that caused Noah to tear up.

"Not one part of your body is made of metal Noah, trust me, it'd be a pain in the ass trying to get you through a metal detector." Seto hissed back. Noah was still angry about the phone.

"Oh fine!" Noah stomped up the steps, "If I'm not made of metal I'm going to take a shower. Oh and another thing…" before leaving Noah stuck his head out, glaring angrily he threw the broken cell phone at Seto, who naturally caught it. "I didn't pack the GPS system so Roland's walking randomly out there in the desert!"


The whole RV shook from the impact of the slamming door.

"Yup we're just bonding perfectly." Mokuba muttered, placing his face in his hands, frustrated. Seto just grunted, looking out into the desert vastness. The heat was causing the desert to faze out, a cicada making it's clicking noise.

"How long have those vultures been there?" Seto broke his gaze and looked to where Mokuba was pointing. Right above them were Raptors, circling.

"Well if they think we're an easy meal then they're very wrong." the silence didn't last long as they heard something strange.

"What was that!?" Mokuba yelled, hearing the source from the RV. The screeching was coming closer. Mokuba jumped off the steps and hid behind his brother, god that was the creepiest thing he ever heard. It was creepier than evil Marik's psychotic facial expressions. Of course fear turned into laughter when the source of the shrill girly scream was Noah.

"Hey! Who turned off the water!?" Noah was only clothed in a white towel, his hair foamy from lathering his head with moisturizer. The sea green haired boy eyed the red faced (from holding back laughter or getting sunburn) younger stepbrother and hiding back a smirk of the older stepbrother.

"Alright which one of you did it?" Noah demanded again, Mokuba finally exploded.

"AHAHAHAHAHA! N-Noah! What kind of sound was that!?" Mokuba was keeled over in laughter, not being able to breath.

"What? What are you talking about? I screamed. I yelled. I made a sound of anger and frustration. What's so funny about that?"

"That you sounded like dying mule." Seto interjected that only made Mokuba laugh harder. Noah wasn't equally as amused.

"Ha, ha. Very funny. Now can you please explain to me how the water suddenly turned off!?"

"Go check under the 'movable mansion' and see what's wrong with the water tank." Seto said snidely, god Noah was such a little…ugh! Horrible brat!

"I'm wearing a towel Seto." Noah pointed out his half nudity.

"Then go put on a robe Noah."

Mokuba gave up on the two of them and checked himself.

"Whoa…there's a big huge hole in it!"

"What?" Noah and Seto asked in union, Seto moved Mokuba aside and look for himself.

"Hn…I was wonder about that bump a few hours ago…wait." Seto was getting the bigger picture of what was going on. Stuck in desert, water supply is deteriorating…

"Mokuba go see what water we have left!" Mokuba ran inside the RV while Noah was having his own crisis.

"We're losing our water!? This is a catastrophe!" Well Seto was surprised that Noah was actually caring and not being selfish.

But Noah didn't finish…

"This isn't leave in conditioner! My hair is going to become so unruly."

The heat and Noah's whining was starting to break the calm exposure of the CEO. Pushed any farther and he was going to install an off button for Noah. Then Mokuba came out with…a water bottle.

"This is all the water we have." Mokuba said shakily, Noah's eyes went wide.

"That's it!? Give it to me!" then Mokuba and Noah started a tugging contest over the water bottle, while Seto was trying not to explode at the two of them. Instead, he snatched the bottle from their squabbling hands.

"This is the last bit of our water," Seto half asked and added nastily to Noah, "And it's not going on your head."

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