Mokuba stared at the creamy blue canopy as sleep seemed to be evading him. So much had happened since their little 'vacation' last July. Thankfully, they actually did make it to the Grand Canyon in one piece (the drive there, they questioned Roland about why those guys thought he was from New York, which he didn't know the answer to). Mokuba thought it looked awesome; Seto mumbled that it was just erosion from the river. Yeah, dating back to millions of years!

Well that's what Noah said, he bought a pamphlet about it, and by the end of the day he thought he was some kind of Grand Canyon guru. Eventually, his hair did turn back to its normal shades of greens. When they were at the hotel, Noah went into the bathroom, and didn't come out until the room was heavily odor with his own 'cologne'. More like perfume.

Anyway, Noah got so obnoxious, Seto had actually asked if a body has ever fallen down the canyon and was never found. The tour guide said no, but honestly…that's an oxymoron statement. And any word with that has 'moron' used to spell it, you know they said something illogical/stupid.

Remembering that ill-fated vacation, Mokuba stumbled out of bed, and squinted at his Duel Monsters digital clock, which blared: 3:32 a.m. Pulling, the drawer of his nightstand open, Mokuba grasped the flashlight that was inside, turned it on, and dove under his bed to retrieve something.

"Ow!" the boy cursed under his breath as his head smacked the bed frame. Rubbing the sore spot, Mokuba placed the small book that read in curvy letters: Album. Flinging the covers over himself, Mokuba pointed his flashlight to his album, and opened it. All the pictures were important moments for them, Seto inheriting Kaiba corp., the announcement of his new duel disk, and the first Kaibaland opening. These pictures were easy to take since hundreds of other reporters were taking the same shots. The next ten pictures were his 'attempts' to get casual pictures of his brother, but each picture had the same result. Either he got Seto's eye or the outline of his head. Then, the rest of the picture was covered by his hand. This kind of rebellion had forced Mokuba to take pictures that if anyone else saw them; they would think he was stalking his brother.

But they really made him laugh every time he looked at them. One shot was Seto while he was asleep; his brother woke up with one blood-shot eye opened, and after the picture was taken, tried to run him down. At least Mokuba has proof that his brother sleeps (lightly). The other one had Seto in his pajamas, brushing his teeth, and well…let's just say he was foaming at the mouth.

Mokuba chuckled to himself; those were probably the only good pictures of Seto. Turning the page he saw the picture of them together at a carnival, which he was forbidden to ever drag Seto to again. There was no smile on his face, just something of happiness in those cold blue eyes. Only because he, Mokuba, had a giant grin on his face, and enjoyed himself.

Why don't you smile anymore?

He shook the thought away; he shouldn't be making himself sad by looking at these pictures.

He just needed to wait a few more weeks.

Mokuba turned to the newest photos in the album. Noah did a quick snapshot of them in the car, and actually caught Seto off-guard, so you could see his face. His pissed off face, but his face nonetheless. The next picture was of him and Noah, the two of them caught with popsicles in their mouths, and their expressions were both of surprise. Another turn of the page and Roland, with his worried expression as he waited expectantly for the picture to be taken, was looking back at him. The last picture was taken by one of the people working as a tourist. They took a group shot of them, gave them a ticket, by the end of the day they could go see it, and print the picture out...for a price.

The three of them were looking straight at the camera (Roland was still wearing the white robe from the traveling in the desert, so a lot of people thought he was Islamic), but Seto…

He was turned away from the camera, his expression one of boredom. Like spending time with his family was boring.

Couldn't you at least have tried?

"Mokuba," the door creaked opened as the intruder entered, and the tone didn't sound like a pleasant one. Quickly, Mokuba snapped the flashlight off, and shoved the album under his pillow. Seto didn't seem to notice Mokuba's haste as his head popped up from the covers.


"It's three in morning, you should be asleep."

"Actually, it's four in the morning." As the boy said this, his digital clock turned from 3:59 to 4:00 a.m. "And shouldn't you be asleep?"

Seto completely ignored that retort.

"I'll be leaving in an hour."

"Lots of work to do?"

"Yes." Now his brother was kneeling next to his bedside, expecting for Mokuba to say something, something that would give him a reason to be there.

"Could you tuck me in?" Mokuba asked softly, and Seto complied. That was how it went; Seto would never tuck him in 'just because', Mokuba had to ask him. Otherwise, he'd tell him to go back to sleep or investigate why Mokuba was awake.

"I won't be home tonight."

"Working late?"

"There's a meeting."

"Aw." Tucking the covers underneath him, Seto noticed the flashlight and pulled it out. He fingered it idly, and then turned a questioning gaze to Mokuba.

"You want to explain what you were looking at?"

"Porn." Mokuba answered in a perky voice, big grin on his face.



"Tell me what it is then."

"Uh…" Honestly, Mokuba didn't know what porn actually was, but Noah always made the joke when Seto asked what he was doing, he says: 'I'm looking up porn!' The continuing silence answered Seto's question.

"That's what I thought."

"When do you think Noah's going to come back?" Mokuba blurted, thinking about that vacation to the present, there was something critical that happened between those two months.


"I'm going on a trip." Noah mentioned to Mokuba and Seto as they were eating breakfast one morning.

"Oh really, and where exactly are you going?" Seto jeered, after his little display from their vacation, he didn't expect Noah to ever go on another trip again.

"Well, I had an epiphany a couple of days ago." Noah explained, playing with his oatmeal (the good stuff not that boxed stuff).

"What's that?" Mokuba asked confused, he never heard that term before.

"Manifestation of a divine being." At the time, Mokuba didn't realize that Seto was joking.

"But, Noah, you already talked to god before. Don't you remember? God put your mother on the line." Seto couldn't help himself and laughed. Noah glared at Mokuba, Mokuba merely shrugged. He didn't know what the word meant!

"Anyway, during my…'other life' I always studied about the world, and all the important places, so I know about all the cultures when I inherited Kaibacorp." Noah seemed to throw a glare at Seto, but said nothing. "Since, that's impossible now. I figured I'd travel around and see the world." Then there was silence, and the two realized he was finished.

"That's it?" Mokuba asked, Noah had a spoonful of oatmeal in his mouth and just nodded.

"And how long will you be gone?" Seto questioned, if he wasn't going to be gone for a long time, then he wasn't going to pay for it.

"Probably until the next fall," Noah guessed, he didn't notice the gratefulness on Seto's face that he'll be gone for more than a year.

Mokuba did though.

"When are you leaving?"

"In a few more weeks, I assume."

(End flashback)

"He said he'll be back for Christmas." Seto sounded displeased by this. Mokuba decided to ignore his brother's obvious dislike, if he tried to defend Noah every single time Seto talked ill about him, he'd become a mute.



"Like you said, I need my sleep." Mokuba turned over, listened to brother's footsteps retreating, and his bedroom door slam shut. This made Mokuba smile to himself, instead of arguing with Seto and not getting his point across. He'd end the conversation suddenly, letting his brother know he was angry at him, and Seto would have to figure it out on his own.

Making himself more comfortable, Mokuba let sleep finally come to him. One other thought came to mind though.

I hope Noah really left because of what he said and not because of Seto.


Seto was seated at his desk thinking.

He didn't like change, change that he didn't make himself, anyway.

Noah was a major change.

But he did have the choice to not bring him back. Mokuba begged him to at least try; well he could've just tried and failed. The only thing he would have ever failed to do for his baby brother.

So, in a way, Seto was forced to make this change. Then again, didn't Mokuba always force him to change?

The only point to this was he brought back the biological child of their step-father because Seto was forced. He never wanted that thing in his life, not like this.

Then why are you worried about him? A little voice asked him, it always came when he started to have conflicting thoughts.

I'm not. I hate him.

You're lying.

The brunet brought his attention to the picture of Mokuba and Noah (the one from the vacation) in a ridiculous polka dotted frame. He only wanted the picture because his brother looked cute; Noah was just in the way.

Then get rid of it. The voice challenged him, and Seto never lost a challenge before. Taking the picture out of the frame, he tore it in half and put his brother back in the frame. Seto glared at his step-brother, he should hate him, his reason for hating the twerp still applied, and nothing should change that.

Lamely he shoved the other half into the drawer.

But…there seemed to be some sort of change in the atmosphere after that trip. If those two were ever left alone together, it would be silent and small utterances. Before, one of them would make a snide comment, and they'd be on the brink of a fist fight. Then, Mokuba would come in, all flustered and worried. That also seemed to change too; Mokuba was less worried about leaving them alone together.

The absolute loathing he harbored for that brat seemed to dilute itself to the point that it was stupid to argue over anything. Seto was surprised by this, well, more like appalled by it. Plus, his brother and this person were getting along like long lost friends.

It would explain why Mokuba defended Noah every time Seto spoke ill of him and sad when Noah left.

Jealous that Noah's becoming closer to Mokuba than you ever will?

Seto shook his head of these thoughts. He didn't have time for this, while thinking about this little drama he should be at his real office preparing a presentation for the meeting. Grabbing his briefcase he exited his home to the waiting limo to take him to the company building.


At that exact time Noah was just leaving his one month stay in Hong Kong and was flying towards Russia. The boy was absolutely ecstatic that everything he'd learned (most of it) would be put to use. Right now he was reviewing the Russian language, when one of the flight attendants prodded him from his study.

"Mr. Noah, we just like to tell you we're about to land in the Domodedovo airport."

"Oh good, how much longer?"

"Twenty more minutes, sir."

"Alright, thank-you for telling me, Suki."

"My pleasure, Mr. Noah." Suki bowed, and as she turned to leave Noah took the opportunity to gaze at Suki's retreating figure and grinned mischievously.

Yes, with this kind of service Noah was going to definitely enjoy this vacation. Still, he missed Mokuba, maybe even Seto…or not. Seto probably was throwing a party that he was gone. Although, it was hard to picture Seto happy, and trying to made Noah see disturbing images.

Oh well, I should just have fun, I deserve it. Scratching his face, Noah pulled off some dried skin, and grimaced.

Hopefully, the skin peeling would be completely gone by December.

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