Summary: 21 Jump Street xover! Sam and Dean's new school is being investigated by the undercover cops of Jump Street Chapel.

Disclaimer: Supernatural and 21 Jump Street are not mine.

A/N - Captain Adam Fuller, Tom Hanson, Doug Penhall, Harry Ioki, and Judy Hoffs are the main characters working out of Jump Street Chapel. They go undercover as teenagers. Hanson and Penhall often pretend to be Doug and Tommy McQuaid. Blowfish is the janitor at the chapel.

Tom Hanson and Doug Penhall were undercover officers working out of Jump Street Chapel. They regularly dealt with the juvenile delinquents of society. Hell, they often were the delinquents. This week, they were the infamous Mcquaid brothers, on the fast track to Cell Block A.

"How did this happen?" Doug asked the room at large. "I mean, we're the Mcquaid brothers."

"Ha!" mocked Harry Ioki and Judy Hoffs in unison.

"That isn't funny," said Tom. He glared at them through one eye. There was an ice pack covering the other. "Captain, tell that isn't funny."

Captain Adam Fuller had his head down. Doug tilted in his chair to see the captain smiling. "Captain! We're injured here!"

"So, we heard," said Ioki. "Let me get this straight - for the report. You got jumped by one thirteen-year-old and one seventeen-year-old?"

Judy giggled.

Doug pointed at his swelling cheek. "That was not a normal thirteen-year-old!"

"Did he use a ladder to reach your face?"


"It's for the report!"

The captain finally cut in. "Alright, alright, settle down. "Is there anything we need to know about beside your, uh, altercation." His lips twitched.

"Yes." Tom removed the ice pack so he could shift in his seat. The whole room cringed at the black eye that seemed to cover half his face. Blowfish let out a low whistle from across the room. Hanson glared again before covering it. "We heard some teachers talking. Dean Winchester has been kicked out of two schools for carrying a gun. Sam Winchester - ."

"The thirteen-year-old from hell," Doug added.

"He was caught with a knife once. They're saying it's the brother's bad influence."

"Sam's a sweet kid," said Judy. She was undercover as a tutor in one of his classes. "Oh, don't look at me like that, Doug. You were picking on him first."

Doug growled but didn't argue.

"Sweet or not, we'll check them out. "Judy, talk to the younger one. Ioki, you've met his brother?" The captain had reverted back to his usual no-nonsense self.

Harry shrugged. "In passing. Dean's a loner."

"It's time to get acquainted." He looked around at them all. His lips twitched. "Watch out for the fists of fury."


"We should call dad," said Sam.

Dean threw himself onto their couch and kicked off his shoes. His brother situated himself at the dining room table and pulled out his homework. "We don't know if it's supernatural. It sounds like a whole bunch of kids shooting crap up and dying from it. Not our kind of gig." He stopped on a marginally clear channel and smirked when the theme song from ghostbusters started up. "Right on time."

"What about the McQuaid brothers?"

Dean snorted. "What about them? They try anything, we'll pound them into the ground, again. Nice hook, by the way."

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