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Summary: Ino always prepared herself for the worst situations,but finding SASUKE in her yard definitely caught her off guard.Especially when she just found out he was supposed to be dead,along with the Snake freak.Why is HE here,and what has Itachi to do with it?





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Konoha never would be the same..

She knew it, what was left of the 'rookie-nine' knew it, the Hokage knew it. And you know what? The entire damn population of the Leaf knew it.

But hey.. They could always pretend, couldn't they?

The could put on a fake smile on their face.

They could busy themselves with the daily missions they were ordered to do.

They could act as if nothing had changed, as if it always had been this way, as if everything was perfectly normal: Life was good and everything would be all right.

They could... They could..

They could, but she as sure as hell couldn't.

Her façade would crumble as soon as she'd reach her apartment. Her beautiful face would look hateful, tortured, old ... weak... .

She hated it.

She hated this.

She hated the fact that there wasn't a 'rookie-nine' anymore.

She hated it she couldn't scold her Sensei anymore for 'destroying-her-beautiful-pink-lungs-with-that-piece-of-dirt-sticking-out-between-his-mouth', for he had already been killed in action.

She hated the dull expression that appeared on Naruto's face every time he thought no one was watching.

She hated herself for not being able to restore the big distance between everyone she loved.

But most of all, she hated him , the betrayer.

The one who caused it all. The one who tore everyone apart.

The one who snatched her best friend away from her.

The one who broke her heart, her spirit, her fire.

The one who had turned himself into a monster for his own selfish gain.

"Uchiha Sasuke.."

Even the name itself brought a bitter taste in her mouth.

She undressed, throwing her outfit covered in fresh blood at the furthest corner of her living room and walked straight to the bathroom, not bothering to clean the mess up. She leaned on the wash table and glanced at the mirror. Her hair looked messy, now it was out of its glamorous ponytail. Her golden locks strongly contrasted against the crimson streaking them. She pushed herself off the wash table and wiped a bit of dried blood off her jaw. Her blue eyes looked distanced.

Finally she released a deep, raspy breath and proceeded to take a shower.

She winced as the hot water touched her wounded shoulder.

Maybe she should have gone to Forehead after all...

Ah well.. it didn't really matter now, did it?

Just when she was about to get out of the shower, her phone rang.

She looked up, contemplating whether to reach for it, or not.

In the end she just shrugged it off. It rang a few times and finally someone left a message in her answering machine.

"Ino.. It's me, Shikamaru.. Something really troublesome happened, I'm sorry to bother you, but you ought to come immediately to the Interrogation apartment. I'll explain it there. Be fast. And Ino, I know you don't give a shit, but don't even think about ignoring this. And that's and order."

Ino sighed and pouted.

Since when did that lazy-bum actually have the guts to order her, Yamanaka Ino? If someone would've told her this a few years back, she would have laughed her ass off before beating the guy in a bloody pulp for even daring to mention such a thing.

Even if she was a bit annoyed by Shika's incredible genius mind, she couldn't help but to be proud of the man he had grown into.

Maybe her many beatings and abuses had have a good effect on him after all.

She changed as fast as she could in her normal jounin attire: A long, purple, hugging jacket that reached her thigh, with a fishnet T-shirt under it. Her legs were covered with black, tight pants, reaching her knees. She tied her short hair up in a high knot, grabbed her purple, leather boots and left her apartment.

"Yamanaka Ino, signing in for duty."

"Yamanaka-san!," the chuunin behind the desk addressed her, "Nara-san is waiting for you on floor 2, investigation room 11."

"Thank you." She bowed and went on her way to Shikamaru.

She almost let a 'Hey, Shika' slip from her mouth as she entered.

"Nara-san, you called for me?"

How much she'd hate to admit it, they were doing there jobs now, and as a professional she knew she had to maintain a certain level of respect with her superiors. Especially when they were accompanied by other shinobi.

Shikamaru's eyes twinkled for a moment, before they returned to the-emotionless-mode.

"Yamanaka-san." He nodded.

"What took you so long, Yamanaka?" The man behind him grumbled intimidating.

She only raised one pale eyebrow when she discovered who the man was.

"Soushou(1)" She acknowledged, knowing she wasn't in a position to piss off her 'sensei'(2) any longer.

Surprisingly it was her who was accepted as the pupil of the legendary Morino Ibiki three years ago. Somehow it seemed that she'd stirred an interest for her Yamanaka-abilities in him. He also liked the fierce spirit and guts she possessed.

Okay, maybe there had been times when he didn't really agree with her ways of torture.. which were consisting a lot of innocent action and less talking. (Hey, she was a woman right? Why wouldn't she use certain tools to make the torture a bit more enjoyable-.. or, err-.. successful?)

At first glance Ino wouldn't be a person you'd take serious when compared to the Torture Master Morino.

But looks could be deceiving..

Even Ibiki agreed on the fact that some ways of this kunoichi exceeded his.

Now that meant something.

"May I ask what the occasion is this time?" She asked, eying the two.

Shikamaru cleared his throat.

"We might have found some useful information on the missing-nin Uchiha Sasuke." He said, closely observing her reaction.

She hadn't any.

Not for him to see anyway. But who knew what she was thinking in that pretty head of hers. He continued.

"Last night an Anbu team captured a sound-nin not too far away from the Mist. They successfully delivered her to us. But the thing is the nin has experienced a traumatic event, which has blocked our access to the information..-"

" Oh.. let me guess? That's where I come in, right?"

"Watch out with the attitude, Yamanaka" Morino warned.

"Sorry, soushou."

"Anyway, Yamanaka-san, your assumption is correct. We'd like you to lend us your Yamanaka abilities."


"Sanjou, let us see the bastard." Morino ordered sternly.


A few seconds later a battered ninja could be seen behind the huge mirrors covering the walls.

Ino observed her target. It was a woman.

Her hands and feet were tied behind her chair. Her mouth was holden apart by a chain, to keep her from biting her tongue off and commit suicide. Her eyes were empty of any emotion.

Unconscious, huh?

"Is there anything else I need to know before I operate?" She asked, looking at her superiors.

"Just be careful, Yamanaka-san. The shinobi's mind isn't exactly synoptic right now. I'd also like to warn you for the contents of her mind. We both know that it takes a lot to traumatize a sound nin."

"All right, sir."

Just when she was about to enter the room, she was suddenly interrupted.

"Oh.. and Yamanaka?"

"Hai.. soushou..?"

"I heard she's a bitch.." Take it easy.

"With all due respect, soushou, we both know who's the greater bitch in here." Thanks, but you don't need to worry.

She couldn't help but to grin. Her 'sensei' did have a heart after all.

Her grin disappeared the moment she entered the room and her features hardened.

She observed her target a bit more before finally entering.

Here we go..

"Shintenshin no Jutsu!"(3)

Her lithe form fell, only to be caught by one of the Anbu before it hit ground.

Wow.. she sure went through some crazy shit all right.

Ino's first impression wasn't exactly a good one. The mind she was walking looked like a damn battlefield. All of the memories were tore apart. Looking like a big thousand-pieced disheveled puzzle. In her life she'd been blessed to experience a lot of screwed minds. But man.. this seriously could easily make it to her top 5, that was currently topped by Uzumaki Naruto himself.

Oh yeah.. she'd always remember her first time entering her blond friend's mind. How the hell could she ever forget? She hadn't been able to get up for an entire week afterwards. If she wouldn't have been so specialized and good with her techniques, it could've been her death.

"Hmm.. where to look.. where to look?"

What could possible be the source of this chaos and destruction?

After walking several minutes she finally found the RED door. She took a deep, deep breath and pushed it open.

It was dark, she couldn't see a thing.

She focused more chakra into her mind, in order to heighten her senses.

There she was, the sound -nin. Sitting on the ground, her knees up her chest, slowly rocking herself.

At first Ino thought the nin hadn't noticed her yet, but then the woman looked up. Her black eyes widening and her lips forming a silent 'o'.

Ino frowned. Normally she would've been able to see the information straight away, but somehow this nin had blocked it away from her mind. This could mean two things:

One: She was a mind-specialist too.

Two: The event she'd gone through, was so traumatizing that her mind had locked it up without her knowledge in order to survive.

At this point she honestly didn't know which one she preferred. Since both would definitely be a pain in the ass to deal with.

She had to find a way to trigger the locked-up information somehow. But how?

I have to find the 'key' to find the event. What could be the key,though? The event is unknown.. maybe it could be a person? An important person... Hmm.. maybe I could Henge Orochimaru. In this state I might make her believe I'm her master and force the information out of her.

Here goes nothing..

Henge! She thought.

"Speak, woman! Speak...-" A voice not of her own growled dangerously.

And then everything came crashing down..

She had found the key alright. Within a few seconds an entire avalanche of memories, sounds and emotions came crashing down onto her. And soon, she found out she couldn't take the sudden pressure.

She fell on her knees, grabbed her head and groaned, trying hard to maintain her control again.

Her own blue eyes widened as she hissed out one name..:



(1)Teacher, master


(3) Mind Body Switch Technique

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