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The strange group sat around the campfire, Zuko sitting far removed from everyone else. Sokka and Katara had caught some fish, which were gently cooking over the fire. Aang was still concentrating on the candle, his previous attempt at firebending having made him nervous of the element.

Iroh stretched, flexing his aching joints. "It has been a long time since I have sat so long in one position." He smiled in the direction of Katara and Toph. "I wonder if you could help me with something?"

"Sure." Toph grinned back at him.

"What do you want us to do?" Katara asked.

"I would dearly like a soak in a hot spring. With the help of your earth and waterbending I think we could arrange something." Iroh got to his feet and gestured into the woods. The girls followed him leaving Aang, Sokka and Zuko alone by the fire.

Sokka sat staring at the fire for a few minutes. Aang was immersed in practicing his firebending. Sokka prodded the fire, leaning forward to do so. He observed Zuko out of the corner of his eyes, noting the other boy watching him as he did so. Sokka flushed, his heart racing before he leaned back away from the fire.

He took a deep breath before he turned to Zuko. He smirked as he caught Zuko quickly looking away. "Do you want any of these in particular?" He gestured to the fish, although he had little interest in Zuko's preference. He kept a grin at bay as he noticed Zuko flush and shift a little further away.

"No." He mumbled.

Sokka turned back to the fire, a self-satisfied smirk on his face. He looked up to find Katara and Toph returning to the campsite. "Where's Iroh?" He asked.

"We left him back at the hot spring." Katara explained, leaning forward to inspect the cooking fish.

"You know, it's handy having all you benders around." Sokka sighed, leaning back against a log. "I wouldn't mind some time in that either."

"Well, I'd wait until Iroh gets back if I were you," Zuko interrupted, wrinkling his nose. "Uncle prefers to bathe naked."

Sokka snorted in amusement. "Noted."

"Well, I want to go next." Toph leaned against a tree.

"Us girls can go together." Katara began to remove the fish from the fire. "Do you three want to go after us then?" She handed Sokka some fish.

Sokka's breath caught in his throat, his cock rather enjoying the idea of enjoying the hot springs with Zuko.

"I don't want to go in it." Zuko got up to take some fish. "I don't like hot springs."

"Me neither." Aang finally removed his attention from his candle. "What's there for me to eat?" He began to search for some fruit.

"Great! So I have to go alone?" Sokka sulked, mumbling around a mouth full of fish.

"Well, you could go join Iroh now." Katara giggled.

"Eh, no. I don't think so." He turned up his lip at the idea. "Fine, I'll go alone. Always Sokka alone while all the benders team up against me." He sighed dramatically.

---------- ---------- ----------- ----------

Sokka massaged his shoulder as he made his way to the springs. Iroh had the right idea; a long soak was just what he needed. As he neared the springs the area became clouded in steam. He felt the mist bead on his skin, sighed in contentment and began to take of his clothes. Once completely naked he climbed in, sighing as the heated water began to relax his tense muscles.

"Who's there?!" A voice demanded. Sokka knew it was Zuko before the other boy even emerged from the steam.

"What are you doing here?" Sokka backed away as a bare chested Zuko glared at him.

"You followed me, didn't you?!" Zuko accused.

"What?! No!" Sokka wrinkled his nose. "You said you don't like hot springs! How was I to know you'd be here?!"

"Yeah... well," Zuko was slightly thrown off balance. "Get out!"

Sokka snorted, folding his arms over his chest. "No. You've been in here for a while already. You get out."

Zuko pursed his lips. "No, you get out."

Sokka rolled his eyes. "You have the most childish fights." He leaned back against a rock, making himself comfortable.

Zuko narrowed his eyes at Sokka. "I said get out."

Sokka snorted and rolled his eyes. "Make me."

Zuko approached Sokka, hoping to intimidate him into leaving. Sokka arched an eyebrow before closing his eyes and sighing exaggeratedly in contentment. Zuko glared at the younger boy before grabbing him by the wrist. He pulled Sokka up and twisted his wrist so that the sallow skinned boy was forced to turn his back to him. He twisted Sokka's wrist harder, forcing his arm up between his shoulder blades. Sokka cried out in pain. Zuko had intended to force the younger boy out of the hot spring but as he began to push Sokka forward his body connected with the younger boy's naked back. Zuko could not suppress his sharp intake of breath as Sokka arched back against him.

"I really don't think you want me to leave." Sokka sighed breathlessly, feeling Zuko's erection pressed against his back.

Zuko groaned, unconsciously dropping his lips to Sokka's neck. His hand fell from Sokka's wrist, coming to rest on Sokka's hips instead. In response Sokka turned to Zuko, hastily seeking his lips as he pushed the other boy back against the side of the hot spring.

They stumbled backwards until Zuko came into contact with the edge of the spring. Zuko inhaled sharply, grasping Sokka by the waist and pulling the younger teen against him. Sokka groaned as Zuko arched against him, his hardness pressing against Sokka's stomach. Sokka felt himself growing hard. He whimpered, praying that he'd finally get to relieve the tension aching his muscles since their fight earlier. He'd been aroused ever since. He clutched at Zuko, hands clawing down the pale chest before he wrapped his hand around Zuko's cock.

Zuko cried out, his nails digging into Sokka's back. He followed Sokka's lead, fumbling for the other boys cock. He began stroking firmly, making small noises in the back of his throat as Sokka began tonguing his neck.

Sokka's stomach jumped at Zuko's reaction. He forgot how much he had enjoyed the other boy's response the last time. A part of him wanted to tease Zuko again, to play with him, but a much louder part of him just wanted to come. He began to stroke Zuko faster, sighing in contentment as Zuko did the same. He whimpered in frustration and thrust against Zuko as he felt the pressure building in his groin. He was so close…

"Sokka!" Katara called, her voice distant.

"Shit!" Sokka jumped back, looking behind him in the direction of Katara's voice.

"Sokka!" She called again.

Sokka gritted his teeth, his cock aching. "What?!" He looked back at Zuko, the other boy looked similarly uncomfortable, panting against the side of the spring.

"Hi!" Katara appeared out of the mist.

Sokka crouched down in the spring, glancing behind him as he did so. Zuko was almost completely obscured by the steam, Sokka doubted Katara could see him. "What?!" Sokka glared at her.

"We need you to help gather firewood." She explained.

"No way!" Sokka glared at her, infuriated at the interruption. "I only just got in here. Get your own firewood."

"Sokka, clam down!" Katara eyed him strangely. "Come on, the sun is setting. We need to get done before it gets dark."

"I said I want to finish here first." Sokka crossed his arms over his chest, his mind wandering idly to the subject of Zuko.

"Sokka stop being so immature." She mirrored him, crossing her own arms. "Come on."

Sokka sighed, knowing full well that there was no way of getting around her. "Fine. You go on ahead, I'll follow you." He was painfully aroused, as he imagined, was Zuko, it wouldn't take long to achieve relief.

"No way." Katara began to tap her foot. "I'm not leaving unless you're coming with me."

"What?!" Sokka demanded in disbelief.

"If I go, you'll just laze about for another hour. Now come on, it's getting dark."

"Katara." Sokka whined. This was not going according to plan. "I'm not getting dressed with you right there."

"Fine, I'll turn around." Katara turned her back to him. "Now the faster you get out, the faster you can get back to relaxing."

Sokka fumed, gritting his teeth in frustration. There was no way to get rid of Katara when she got like this. He glanced back at Zuko. The other boy was almost completely obscured by the steam and Sokka could just make out his intense gaze following him. Sigh in intense frustration, Sokka exited the spring and began to dress.

---------- ---------- ----------- ----------

Sokka fumed as he traipsed through the forest. Occasionally he picked up a branch but mostly he tried to ignore the ache in his crotch. He'd been semi hard all day now and it was infuriating. His couldn't stop his thoughts drifting to Zuko, to the intoxicating sensation of the hard body pressed desperately against his own. Sokka's cock twitched in response to the image and he whimpered. Cursing in frustration, he flung his pile of wood to the ground and stalked further into the forest.

Once content that he was far from where Katara was collecting firewood he leaned against a tree and began to massage his crotch, rubbing himself into hardness. Groaning in satisfaction, he slipped his hand inside his pants and began to stroke his cock directly. He thrust into his own hand, moaning loudly. His own hand felt inadequate but he was so desperately aroused he didn't care. He imagined it was Zuko stroking him and tensed as he felt himself near climax.

A noise to his right startled him. He ripped his hand from his pants, flushing red in embarrassment. Please don't be Katara, please don't be Katara!

Sokka was startled to find Zuko standing motionless, almost completely obscured by shadow. The older boy was frozen in apparent shock, his cheeks were flushed pink and he panted breathlessly. His eyes racked Sokka's body before he strode towards the younger boy. Without comment, he savagely kissed Sokka, his hand snaking into Sokka's pants. Sokka's breath came in little gasps as Zuko began firmly stroking him. He arched against the other boy, gripping the tree supporting him.

He tore his mouth from Zuko's and pressed his face against the older boy's neck. "Oh, shit." He moaned loudly, biting at his lips. He could feel his balls tighten as he approached orgasm. "Oh, Gods." He tensed against Zuko as he twitched in to other boy's hand. He came harshly, convulsing against the firebender. Zuko moved back and kissed Sokka, the water tribe boy moaning over and over into his mouth.

Sokka remained kissing Zuko for sometime before he realized the other boy was squirming against him, pressing his own erection against the younger teen. Sokka pushed against Zuko, guiding him back against the tree. He continued kissing Zuko as he slipped his hands under the firebenders shirt, his fingers caressing the taut muscle of Zuko's stomach. Zuko whimpered into Sokka's mouth as Sokka explored his chest, his fingers running over Zuko's broad shoulders before he lightly scraped them down Zuko pectorals and across his nipples. Sokka smirked as his continued tracing down Zuko's stomach and began ghosting his fingers along the waistband of the older boy's trousers. Zuko gasped as Sokka's hands dipped inside his trousers. Smirking, Sokka lightly ran his hands up the inside of Zuko's thighs, careful not to touch his hardness. He ran his tongue up Zuko's neck as he slid his hands around Zuko's ass, pushing the firebenders trousers off his hips as he did so.

Zuko whimpered as the air chilled his half naked body. Sokka nipped at Zuko's ear as he ghosted his hands over Zuko's erection, grinning in pleasure as Zuko arched against him, his voice catching in his throat. Teasing Zuko's balls lightly, Sokka finally took the firebender's in his hand.

"Oh Gods." Zuko called out breathlessly, arching his back against the tree, his eyes shit tight.

Sokka's breath caught in his throat. He'd never seen anything as erotic as the older boy panting and squirming, his pants caught somewhere around his knees. He loved making Zuko cry out, loved making the perpetually stoic young man whimper and plead.

Grinning to himself, Sokka dropped to his knees before the older boy. Zuko whimpered in protest, looking down to Sokka in confusion. Sokka smirked up at him before taking Zuko in his mouth. He thrilled as Zuko's eyes widened for a second before the other boy threw his head back against the tree behind him. He moaned loudly as he gripped Sokka's shoulders in a vice-like grip. Sokka felt his stomach jump at Zuko's reaction. He sucked harshly on Zuko, his hands teasing. Zuko continued to moan incoherently, as his legs began to shake and his breathing grew shallow and more frequent. Sokka sucked harder and faster as Zuko trembled against him.

"Oh God, Sokka!" Zuko cried out as he came, his body wracked by violent shakes.

Sokka smirked, leaning back on his knees. He wiped his lips with the back of his hand before opening his mouth wide to alleviate the ache. He looked up to Zuko, impressed with his results. The older boy was braced against the tree, panting heavily. His face was flushed pink and his brow was still furrowed.

"You ok?" Sokka asked arrogantly.

Zuko looked down at him. He closed his eyes and attempted to regain his composure. He tried to push himself away from the tree but his foot failed to achieve an adequate grip on the forest floor. With a thump he landed in a heap just before Sokka.

Sokka smiled in amusement. Zuko glanced at him and blushed. He began untangling himself from his clothes in an attempt to regain his composure.

Sokka inhaled, wanting to say something to break the tension. Before he could make the attempt, however, Katara's voice rang through the forest.

"SOKKA!" She did not appear impressed.

"Will she ever leave me alone?!" Sokka fumed, looking around for some firewood.

Zuko did not comment as he got to his feet, tying his trousers as he did so. He smoothed his shirt and ran a hand through his hair as Sokka got to his feet, firewood bundled against his chest.

Sokka tapped his fingers against the pile of wood nervously. He felt he needed to say something but could not find the words.

"Sokka, where are you?!" Katara sounded very impatient and so Sokka thought it best to just leave rather than blurt out something stupid. He turned and began making his way back to the campsite.

"Sokka." Zuko called after him softly.

Sokka's heart jumped in fright. He turned back to find Zuko staring at him, one eyebrow raised in amusement. "What?" He voice caught embarrassingly in his throat.

Zuko's smirked, inclining his head in the direction of Sokka's crotch. "You may want to clean you pants before you go back to everyone."

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