Strange lil fic, cause I'm just so pissed off with the world! Set in a normal secondary school, so it's AU. Two people, from completely different backround, and livelyhoods, go to the same councilor. What happens.

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I can help you

You want to know me , do you? You wnat to know everything about me. Like why I've got two scarred wrists. Why I've skipped school, disrespected pretty much everyone, stolen anything and everthing for the hell of it. Why I'm one of the few kids in this school that's seen the inside of a prison cell.

Why I'm so angry. Why I don't give a shit about anything, let alone myself.

Keep wondering, sweetheart.


Hanako Nakawaga, school councilor for seven years at St. Johns secondary school, was not happy. The boy sitting in front of her, her latest client, Kai Hiwatari, was being indescribably difficult.

Kai was a trouble kid, anyone with an ounce of knowledge could see that. He was angry, and destructive. He seemed to blame the world for the mess he'd gotten himself into. As far as she knew, he'd been arrested twice for robbary, though he'd probably stolen far more. Kai seemed to hurt everyone around him as well as himself. He'd been referred to her after a run away attempt, coupled with an attempted suicide.

He was damaged beyond her knowledge, and everytime she saw him, she could see the held back tears.

Kai didn't want to be helped though, no matter what she did. It was that simple, he didn't want people to know what was wrong. He probably thought nobody could help him now anyway.

Sighing in frustration, she fixed her eyes on his angrily. He started right back, his reddish-brown eyes suddenly starting to blaze. She put her notes down,, watching his slate eyebrow raise in confusion. Taking a calming breath, she addressed him.

"Kai, we've been sitting here, for the past two weeks, glaring at each other. I don't like it, and you don't like it. So let's just get to the point. Why do you think you're here?"

The boy blinked slowly, then shrugged and looked away. That was it, she'd had it. She reached out and grabbed his arm. Shoving his sleve up, the scar on his wrist was revealed.

"That's why, Kai. That's why you're here! You need help, Kai, whether you like it or not. Whatever you think of me, that's fine, I just want to know why. Why are you hurting yourself? Why do you want to take your own life? Why do you insist on doing everything for all the wrong reasons? Harsh as that may sound, it's true! Either you start talking, or I'm ringing the mental hospital! Your choice, now cop on, for Gods sake!"

He was staring at her, his face contorted with some emotion that she couldn't place. It seemed a mixture if anger and ... hope? Then, suddenly he pulled his arm out of her grasp and swept it across the table. He positions scattered around the office, along with her notes.

"I'm not going to stand here and listen to some idiot with a degree call me a fuck up! If I'd wanted to know that, I'd have just asked my grandfather!"

Silence hung in the office, for several long minutes. Hanako stared at him, replaying the last line he'd said.

"Sit down, Kai."

The boy stood for a few seconds longer, then sank back into his seat and stared at his knees. She observed him, his dark eyes were brimming.

"Kai ... what do I have to do to get you to let me help you?"

Silence. She sighed, and tried again.

"Has your grandfather hurt you, Kai"

The boy stiffened, and squeezed his eyes shut. He still didn't answer.

"Kai, do you want to be helped? Or would you prefer to try at your life again."

The boy slowly stood up, and made for the door. His two-tone blue hair stuck up at random angles.

"My session is over. I'll ... see you tomorrow. I don't have much of a choice."

With that, the boy strode out the door, letting it close with a slam.

She sighed, as her second client of the day hurried in. His name was Kenny. She sighed, relieved. Kenny was just a simple case of study stress. Nothing like the angry, anti-social Kai Hiwatari. She smiled at the short, brown-haired boy.

"Good to see you, Kenny."

The boy was staring at the mess in her office. "Miss Nakawaga, what happened?"

She smiled, and shook her head, her black curls bouncing around her face.

"Nothing, dear. Just someone with an anger problem."

He nodded, and took his seat.

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