Quick Author's Notes: Warning: super uber fluff. I wasted about twenty minutes of science class and five minutes of math class to write this—plus it kept nagging at me last night so for peace of mind I had to write down the summary and eleven o'clock—so y'all better appreciate it, okay? Good.

Dedicated to Carol-chan :D

Holiday Fluff

The first snow of the season always was the purest and the whitest. It's also the softest, Naruto thought. A few snowflakes rained gently down. Naruto stuck out his tongue and laughed childishly. He turned and said. "Ano sa, Sasuke-teme. Isn't the snow beautiful this year?"

Naruto wasn't expecting an answer, but Sasuke gave him one anyway.

"Not as beautiful as you are, Naruto-chan," he said sweetly.

Naruto blushed. "Ano, Sasuke-teme…let's go." His slim, tan hands tugged on Sasuke's gloved ones. Sasuke wrapped his strong arms around Naruto's waist. He whispered in his ear, "Whatever you want, Naruto-chan." His words caused Naruto to blush cutely again and shiver slightly.

Sasuke kissed him on the cheek and allowed Naruto to drag him to the town square.

Konoha was preparing for its yearly winter festival. People were rushing about, dressed in warm clothing, hanging up colourful decorations. Naruto glanced down and felt dismayed that he only wore a ragged orange coat, the edges of his sleeves split and frayed. Sasuke noticed this and quickly backed into an alley, pulling Naruto close to his chest. Naruto gave a squeak of surprise as Sasuke buried his face in his neck.


"W-What is it, Sasu—"

Sasuke leaned forward and gave him a soft kiss, cutting off the rest of Naruto's words. Naruto's eyes widened with surprise, but then closed as both of them settled into a peaceful haze. Sasuke pressed his lips to Naruto's forehead and stroked the side of his face lovingly.

"I love you, dobe."

Naruto grinned. "I love you too, teme."

Author's Notes:

It's two weeks before Christmas and I decided to finally write my first Sasunaru cupcake XD Written for the sake of writing fluff X3

I typed it all down while listening to a Fall Out Boy song with a really long name: "Our Lawyers Made Us Change the Name of This Song So we Won't Get Sued". I wonder what the original name was? Hmm…

Oh yes, inspired by that DDR song "Look At Us Now". It was stuck in my head ALL FREAKING DAY!!!!!!!

lol, Naruto-chan X333 Naruto is uke, don't forget it.