I am the hunter. I wield the power.
In control, obeyed. Even I obeyed me.
She is the white rose. Fleur, beautiful flower.
Why does she help? She should flee.
She stays, her sweetness poison in my veins.
Yet I crave it. She enjoys my presence.
I don't understand. I hold her in no chains.
But I hope to share a thousand moments
With her. Can this be that dream named love?
Her kiss sends me to a heaven I am not meant for.
As I draw her into darkness she should be no part of.
She loves me. But she deserves so much more.
I die a third time, but I know it's true:
I must leave her. Fleur, I love you.

I wrote a sonnet. Oh em gee. It's basically a redux of "To Fleur" except with rhymes. I'm leaving "To Fleur" up, though, because it goes so much more in depth.