Chapter 4

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She hadn't left the window since the car came.

She couldn't keep her eyes off it, couldn't pull herself away from the world outside. Maybe it was her longing to be a part of it, or maybe it was her fear of the car with the flashing lights whirling around the corner again. What ever it was, she wouldn't leave it. She couldn't.

Sawyer watched her, wanting to touch her, talk to her, but he knew it would hardly reach her. He knew she was miles away from him, even though they were sitting in the same room. He could tell by the lost look in her eyes, the kind of lost look that means you don't want to be found. He knew there was nothing he could do anymore.

But he always kept an eye on her.

It had been a day now, and she had hardly said a word. That was what worried him the most. His talkative Freckles, the one the always said everything that was on her mind, was the same girl curled up by the window, her face buried in her hair. Looking at her there, he knew that any other day, he would have hardly recognized her, But every time he looked at her now, he remembered the panic in her eyes when she first heard that siren, the way her breath quickened and her fingers squeezing the life out of his. He knew how much that had changed her, how different she was from even the past few weeks. He closed his eyes just at the memory. He never wanted to see her like that again.

But he couldn't stand her being so far away, either.

Slowly he approached the window, crouched low, as if he were approaching a timid deer that was ready to run at any second. "Hey, Freckles."

"Hey," she croaked back, her voice rough from the day's silence. But she still didn't take her eyes off the world behind the glass.

"Want me to go n' get ya somethin' to eat?" he asked. He had checked the cupboards and the tiny fridge to find nothing but an apple and a box of crackers. She had to be starving by now.

But she merely shook her head, her gaze still locked on the window. Sawyer looked away too, still startled by the unusual quiet of her voice, and angry that she wouldn't talk to him. But even he didn't know what to say.

"Look, I'm gonna go out, okay?" His voice was sharper then the way he always talked to her, and she felt smaller as she heard him stand up. "I'll be back in a bit."

Something tugged at Kate's heart, pulling her just barely an inch from her seat by the window. She didn't want him to go. But she pulled away from it, and she didn't stop the door from slamming behind him. Kate closed her eyes, willing herself to stop feeling. She knew that the car would come for her sooner or later, and she would have to run. She would have to leave him behind.

Sawyer stomped down the rough city streets, digging the heel of his boot down further every step he took. She's a different person, different every day, damn it! How the hell am I supposed to talk to her if I don't even know who the hell she is?

He whirled around a sharp corner, muttering to himself as he pulled a cigarette fro his pocket. That was when he heard the sirens again.

He threw the cigarette to the ground and sprung to his feet, ready to race back. He could see Kate's face, covered with the same fear, hell, for all he knew she was out there running already-

The car itself came racing down the street from right behind him, siren screaming as it stopped sharply at a red light right in front of him. Everything seemed to slow down as he stared.

Sawyer's mouth dropped open as he saw the man in the car, the car only inches away from his, the car headed for the street where Kate lived. He didn't even need to remember him to know who he was.

Then in a blur, it was gone, speeding down the street. It was gone so fast he had to remind himself that it was real.

And then he ran, fast than he ever had in his life, every step hoping for something, anything to slow the world down for him to run faster.

Keep running, keep running, the voice in his head chanted over and over.

He turned another corner, on to Kate's street, and almost collapsed with relief to find it blocked with traffic as always. He looked up, daring himself to find Kate's window, and when he looked up, he almost screamed.

Kate was climbing out of the window onto the fire escape, her hair blowing like the leaves of a palm tree in a hurricane.

Sawyer did the only thing he would let himself to, climb after her, every step up. He didn't give himself time to think or control, he just climbed and climbed.

"Damn it," he spat at the steps, "What the hell's she thinking, livin' up here, seventh floor?"

He could hear the sirens growing louder, feel the car getting closer and closer. He knew it was close, and he knew that she knew it too. Her footsteps were shaking the steps beneath him, like an earthquake, harder and harder, until she leapt onto the step right in front of him.

She paused, almost surprised to see him standing in her path. "What do you think you're doing?" she yelled. She needed to run, need to forget him, and here he was standing in her way.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?" he snapped back. "You run from here now, where're you supposed to go?"

She opened her mouth to answer when they both heard a car slam, like a clap of thunder over all the other city sounds.

Kate threw herself against the brick wall, trying with every bit of herself to become part of it, become something invisible. She whispered to Sawyer.

"What's happening?"

They were out of the car now, marching toward the building like robotic soldiers.

"They-they're coming around the corner," he hissed.

Kate looked at him desperately, her mind racing.

"You have a car?"

He nodded slowly, afraid that if he dared to move an inch someone would see him. Kate could feel it too, the risk they took just by standing there, with time closing in on them bit by bit. Just one movement, one noise could send everything crashing down on both of them.

"Give me your keys,' she mouthed.

His hand, controlled by only instinct, reached into his pocket and pulled out an old key ring, all the silver shine worn out of it.

"Up there!" a voice yelled. Kate shot one more look at Sawyer, filled with a mix of emotions that even he couldn't read before she tore down the last set of stairs. All he could do was race after her.

"First parking garage on the left, third floor," he yelled, hoping that she could still hear him over the gunshots and sirens.

She turned onto the last street with his footsteps falling close behind hers. He had to be the first guy ever to come close to outrunning her. She almost smiled at the thought. Finally someone who could keep up with her.

A gunshot sounded from the street, stopping her in her tracks as she whirled around to find herself standing in front of the parking garage. "Third floor," she reminded herself out loud before Sawyer had a chance to tell her again.

She scrambled up the stairs, counting the steps to keep herself focused. I'm not getting in that car, she thought over and over.

She must had been thinking it out loud, because as soon as they reached the third floor Sawyer grabbed her hand.

"Freckles, it's gonna be okay," he murmured.

Kate could feel tears coming to her eyes but she choked them back, trying to hide them from Sawyer even though she could feel him looking right through her.

She held up the keys. "Which one?"

He pointed to an old battered truck, that may have at sometime been red but now was rusted brown.

Kate stabbed the key into the lock and thrust the dusted door open, sticking the key to the ignition.

She was about to kick the gas petal when another car door slammed, showering her hair in dust.

Sawyer was sitting next to her, panting. "Go, drive, damnit," he gasped.

Kate took her shaking hands off the wheel. "Not until you get out."

It was so silent she hardly dared to look at him. She heard him laugh. "You're serious?"

She shook her head. This was all too familiar. "Just get out of the car."

"And what the hell am I supposed to do, let them take you?" he yelled.

Kate bit her lip. "Sawyer-"

"No way in hell am I just going to-"

"They still don't know I'm here, " Kate insisted, "they'll find out in a few minutes-"

"Yeah, and I'm supposed to sit here and do nothing when they do?"

'You still have time, I have to go-"

"I'm not-"

"This happened once, it's not happening again, okay?" Kate screamed.

Screeching tires drowned out the following quiet. The car, the very car that haunted Kate's dreams was in her path. She stared at it for a moment, praying that her eyes didn't give away the fear she was drowning in.

"Get…down," she hissed at Sawyer, never taking her eyes off of the car. She gripped the steering wheel, raised her foot to kick the petal, and drove.

Screeeech, she scraped past the car, slamming into a concrete wall. She spiraled down turn after turn, everything blurring together as she drove faster and faster. All she knew now was that she had to keep going.

She broke through to the streets, taking the first road in front of her. "How did they find me here, god, how did they find me here?" she kept saying over and over.

"Kate," Sawyer screamed up at her. "Kate!"

She slammed on the brakes, skidding the car to a halt.


"It's Pickett."

Slowly she felt her mouth drop open. "What?"


The honk of an impatient car brought her back. She checked the mirrors and listened.

"I don't think they're coming." She turned to him sharply. "We need to get out of the city. Keep watch out that window. And don't even think about driving," she added as he opened his mouth, "I'm getting us out of here."

He rolled his eyes but could feel something almost make him smile as the car jolted forward, throwing him back. That's Kate Austen for you, he thought, she can read your mind, and when she's up to something, she sure as hell won't let go.

He didn't have any idea where they were going, and he was almost surprised to find that he didn't care. But as she watched her drive away, her eyes locked on nothing but the endless miles of road in front of her, he knew she wasn't about to look back.