It felt like forever since she had last seen him, even though he claimed it had only been a year.

"A year for you maybe, but I was stuck in this place, this time, while you've been centuries away, universes away! Parallel ones at that. And how was I supposed to know if you were ever coming back to me? How was I ever supposed to move on? "

Her voice shook; she made no attempt to stop her tears or the tremble of her entire body. He had to see what he had done to her, how he made her feel.

"Rose, I-"

The look in her eyes sent a shiver down his spine. So hurt, so vulnerable, yet so full of love for him that he knew he couldn't turn back. There was no way he could let it all go to waste. He had to love her, and he did.

"I couldn't leave you Rose. I tried. I went to the real Australia for a while, but that wasn't far enough. I tried the end of the real universe, watched the time when it would all end, but all I could see was you. I had to find you, no matter how hard it would be. I had to tell you I love you, Rose Tyler."

He had never said anything so heartfelt in his life, yet he had never seen her so incensed, eyes burning with pain and anger.

"You can't just walk in here and say that to me and expect me to say it back. Do you have any idea how long I've been waiting for this moment? How hard it's been for me when I gave up, thought it would never come? Thought that I would live my forever without you?"

Finally her voice cracked like it was a fragile piece of ice, and he found himself sinking in to her frozen depths, no longer sure how to float. With each tear that fell, he searched for a word that could pull them both back up, the words that could piece back together the broken jigsaw of her heart.

Then he realised that they would just have to fall. Both of them. Together. Fall together and just pray there was a mattress waiting for them at the bottom.

"But don't you see? I can't live my forever without you. I need you, every inch of you, every smile that lights up your face, every tear that falls and breaks my heart, because it comes from you! I love you, I always have done, and no matter how many years I live, I always will. Please, just give me a chance; if you fall now, I promise I'll fall with you."

She stood on the edge, one toe over, just a small step away from the plunge. But she couldn't see the bottom, and it scared her. Scared her more than anything in this world.

Then he kissed her, and they took the plunge together, head first in to the unknown.

And it didn't matter that she couldn't see the bottom, because she never wanted the fall to end.

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