This is a VERY short one-shot (a drabble, really), but I hope you enjoy it.

It was the little things he did that let her know how much he truly cared.

Like that gentle, subtle smile that always crossed his lips whenever he was with her. Or how he always let her eat the entire contents of his fridge and did nothing but chuckle lightly. Every once in a while, out of the corner of her eye, she swore she could see him staring at her, as if she was the most endearing thing in the world.

Or how he watched the sappy romance movies that she loved and he detested, only to hold her close at the end while her tears soak through his shirt.

Or how he'd let her max out his credit cards while shopping for clothes whenever she had a hard day, only to wear the outfit once.

Or how he fell asleep next to her on the couch, as if to prove how comfortable he truly felt while around her.

Or the fact that he, despite the fact that her father had threatened to kill him for courting his daughter, bravely spent Christmas with her family, simply because she couldn't stand the idea of spending Christmas without him.

Or how he would wait patiently, sometimes for hours, as she prepared for their date, as he was doing now.

She finally made her way down the stairs, decked in a short, ivory-colored dress with an empire waist and capped sleeves. He stood up and walked slowly to her, handing her a bouquet of roses. She smiled and looked down at the flowers, only to find, placed very carefully in the middle of one of the blossoms, a sapphire engagement ring glinting in return.

She gasped and looked quickly back at him, and the look in his eyes, the look he used when he would stare after her back when they had first met - when he had been clueless - reaffirmed what she already knew.

"To replace the promise ring," he whispered softly, and no further explanation was needed.

And as he slipped the ring onto her third finger, Usagi knew it was true.

It was the little things Mamoru did that made everything they had ever been through completely worth it.

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