Nobody Does It Better

Nobody does it better

Makes me feel sad for the rest

Nobody does it half as good as you

Baby, you're the best

Claire Bennet. My God, what did I do in a past life to deserve her? He could never understand why, out of all the men—and women—in the world, she chose him.

I wasn't looking, but somehow you found me

I tried to hide from your love light

He didn't want her to find him. He couldn't bear to hurt her with his death like he'd seen. Yes, part of it was selfish—he didn't want the hurt and regret, either—but the sheer pain Claire's look of utter hopelessness gave him was too much to bear.

But like Heaven above me

The spy who loved me is keeping all my secrets safe tonight

So he fled, hoping she'd never find him. But with a cop who could read minds, a guy who could bend space and time, and a hurt, love struck, invulnerable girl all together to find him, he had no way of evading them. That, and Audrey gave in and told them where he was.

And nobody does it better

Though sometimes I wish someone could

Nobody does it quite the way you do

Why'd you have to be so good?

But none of them would have done it had it not been for Claire. She'd cajoled Hiro and Ando, pleaded with Matt—and with Audrey, threatened—into helping her find him. If they all survived this, Audrey casually mentioned to him, she'd definitely have a place waiting for her at the FBI. Somehow, he got the feeling that the g-woman had been impressed with the girl's courage and dedication. As was he.

The way that you hold me, whenever you hold me

There's some kind of magic inside you

That keeps me from running

But just keep it coming

How'd you learn to do the things you do?

She had planned, in the quiet moments, a nice, long, viciously berating rant to hurl at Peter that would have flayed his skin off in the first thirty seconds, and then have gone to work on him. But the moment she saw him, saw the disbelief, the amazement, the love in his eyes, she threw it in a back corner of her mind for some other day, and ran headlong into his arms.

And nobody does it better

Makes me feel sad for the rest

Perhaps everyone else should have been pitied; they didn't have someone who loved them enough to try and protect them by ripping their own heart out, or to chase tem across space and time. But at the moment, they didn't care. They had each other, and it was the world's loss for it.

Nobody does it half as good as you

Baby, you're the best

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