Marriage Break up

Lyn got out of the cab with Oscar by her side; she didn't know how she would face him, the man that married her for an hour then breaking her heart confessing he cheated on her by kissing Rosie Camanetti in the cellar at Lasiders Hotel and that she deserved better then her and he said he loved her to realise that and how he knew he was going to cheat on her.

She walked along Ramsey Street waved to her daughter Stephanie and best friend Susan, she had thought that he loved her to say she deserved better but now she realised if he loved her he wouldn't have done what he did.

Paul was walked out of his house and was shocked that he saw her walking towards him, he remembered all that had happened the fantasies about Rosie, kissing her in the cellar marrying a woman who he loved but broke her heart by confessing and saying he'd do it again, he walked to her and looked at her she then spake "I've just come back to collect my things, I'll be staying at Steph's" Lyn spoke with a small voice Paul nodded and let her through.

Rosie Camanetti walked to collect the mail she had also been thinking of what had happened she'd caused a marriage break up and all because of her crush on a "yet to be married man" at the time, she knew he'd liked her but it wasn't right he should be with Lyn and she knew that. She saw him smile at her she didn't smile back she just turned on her heel and began to walk back inside when he walked over to her.

"Rosie wait, please you know how I feel about you, I can't stop thinking about you" Paul said in a serious tone.

"It's to late Paul, you love Lyn you should be with her not me, I know you have tried to win me and yes I do admit it I do like you but you need to be with Lyn now please leave" Rosie said with an annoyed voice. Then unthinkingly Paul leaned forward and kissed Rosie with passion, they broke apart and Rosie smiled at him and he smiled back, she'd been caught in his trap, "I really like you, you know that, I left Lyn and confessed about what we did" Rosie smiled at what he said and kissed him back.