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Jacey glanced about her, considering. She had awakened in a pure white room, lying on a cot. It wasn't a very well-furnished room. It had but one cot, the cot she was lying on, set in the corner. She couldn't see a door. There were no paintings, no windows, no other furniture, nothing.

She stood immediately. She noticed a video camera at the opposite end of her, tucked into a corner.

Easy-listening music, the kind one would hear in an elevator, played softly from somewhere above her.

"The epitome of hell," She muttered pacing about. She glared suddenly at the camera.

"Where's Angela?" She demanded. "Where's Sawyer? Where're my friends?"

The camera said nothing, simply stared at her. Jacey decided it was better that way. It'd probably freak her out if it started randomly talking.

Jacey inhaled sharply. She noticed a vent on the other side of the room. She ran to it and tore off the metal cover. A mouse could've squeezed through, but Jacey certainly couldn't. She sighed, frustrated, and sat back glaring at the ceiling.

She heard a noise.

"….she'll be trying to escape, they all will…"

The vent.

Jacey bent down and listened hard. She could barely make out a few sentences.

"…Ben says to just watch her for a while…"

"….she wasn't supposed to…."

"….I know, but she did, and she could be…."

"….Ben, you're here, what…."

"….one more thing…."


"Nick's back. Find him. And make sure he stays dead."

Jacey sat back quickly and shoved the cover back on. Useless. She could barely hear a word they were saying. Damn it.

A noise sounding similar to a shower door sliding, brought Jacey to her senses. She whipped around and saw the starched white wall slide to the side and then a man entered. He smiled at her pleasantly.

"Hello, Jacey, I'm Link. Link Cooper."

Jacey stared at him hard. He looked about in his early thirties, with sandy brown hair, and cat-like green eyes. He wore khaki slacks and a brown tweed jacket. He looked like a young professor-type.

"It's polite to introduce yourself," He chided.

"You already know my name," Jacey snapped. "Where's my daughter? And Sawyer?"

"They're fine," Link dismissed her question. "Aren't you hungry? Would you like a shower?"

"Where's my daughter?" Jacey snarled.

Link sighed. "I told you, Jacey, she's fine. You don't need to worry about her."

"She's my daughter, you son of a bitch," Jacey hissed. "You kidnapped her."

"Technically, we didn't kidnap her," Link corrected. "But we were going to, to be perfectly honest. And trust me, if you knew what we knew, you'd beg for us to take her."

Jacey stared at him coldly.

"Come on, Jacey, what do you want?" Link smiled. "Shower? Food?"

"I want you to give me my daughter back, and set my friends free." Jacey considered. "Except Kate, you can keep her."

Link laughed. "Well, at least you can keep your sense of humor." He rose and walked to the wall that had opened earlier. "Call me if you want anything." The door opened and he left.

"Bastard!" Jacey yelled. She ran to the wall and kicked it, trying to open it. It remained blank and impassive.

"Damn it!" Jacey bellowed. She sat down on her cot and put her face in her hands. She gulped heavily, trying to block out tears. A thought occurred to her.

She knelt down, almost in praying stance. She closed her eyes and thought as hard as she could.

Kristin. Please. I don't know if you can hear me from this far away, but…I need you. I'm in trouble, we all are. Help us!

She stopped. If anything, she could trust on the psychic teenager to hear her.

If you can believe that a friend can hear you from that far away, why can't you believe in God?

Jacey blinked at the stray thought. It had sounded distinctly like Robbins. She closed her eyes.

Whoever the hell is up there, if there even is a God…let Kristin have heard me. Protect my daughter. Protect Sawyer. Help us get out of here!

Her Dad had been a Christian. "Let's see if your God can hear me," Jacey snorted in disgust, leaning back.


The wall opened again. Jacey's eyes opened as Link stepped inside.

"How do you know I won't attack you?" She demanded.

Link smiled at her indulgingly. "Because I'm fully armed," He said cheerfully, opening his jacket up and revealing a nine millimeter.

He was holding a plate with a sandwich on it. "Here you are." He set it on the floor in front of her.

"What do you want?" Jacey growled, not touching the food.

Link opened his mouth and then closed it. "Mm, better not say right away. If you're open to it, I could take you to a place and explain there. This room is not very good for conferences, no tables or anything."

Jacey stared at him stonily.

"Would you like to come?" He offered. "I'll have to put this on you, though." He held up a hood.

"Take me to see my daughter and Sawyer, and then I'll go with you," Jacey said stubbornly. Link sighed, and smiled sadly.

"Very well, I suppose we'll have to do it here," He stared about him looking almost uncomfortable. "I really don't like this room, though."

Jacey's eyes burned holes in Link. He ignored her snarling eyes and sat down on the cot with her.

"I know all about you, Jacey."

"You know shit." Jacey snapped back.

"You're name is Jacelyn Avery Chambers. You're twenty-four years old, you have two sisters and four brothers. Your sister Julietta Carolyn Chambers is also your twin. Your younger sister Jordana Louise Chambers has a two-year-old daughter named Gracie Leigh." Link gave her another smile.

Jacey didn't react. Her poker face was one to be desired.

"You, yourself have a daughter as well." Jacey stiffened. "Her name is Angela Ruth Mercer Chambers Ford."

Jacey frowned in confusion.

"Angela's biological mother contributes the Mercer," Link explained. His grin broadened. "And her biological father contributes the Ford."

"Blood tests," Jacey said quietly.

"Pardon?" Link cupped his ear.

"Blood tests," Jacey repeated. She jerked her thumb to a band-aid and cotton ball taped to her shoulder. "That's how you know that stuff. And you could have just questioned Angela."

Link raised and lowered one shoulder. "Perhaps. Or perhaps we're just omniscient." He chuckled to himself. "Want to hear more?"

Jacey ignored him.

"You have friends named Elizabeth Kathleen Malone O'Neill, Jeffrey Robbins, and Kristin Holmes." He grinned juicily. "And especially intimate relations with James Ford, otherwise known as Sawyer."

Jacey didn't blink. "I don't know what you're talking about," She said.

"Play it your way," Link shrugged. He got up and started to exit the room. "By the way, Jacey, I wanted to offer my congratulations."

"On what?"

Link merely smiled as the wall magically slid open and he exited.

Jacey sighed. She was worried about Angela. And Sawyer as well. Oh, God….how were they going to get out of this?