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"It's…" Jacey breathed. "It's…not pink! It's still blue! I'm not pregnant!"

Warm relief swept over her, and she cheered. "Ha ha! Yes! Yes! I'm not pregnant! I love my life!" She tossed the test triumphantly behind her and began to march away, singing loudly.

The test fell into the sand.


Apparently, team super Kate had rescued Jack. But Jacey's spirits were so high, not even Kate could bring her down. However, she was slightly irked to see that Jack had brought back Juliet. Yeah, Juliet the evil Other, the apparent mole Nick had been talking about. As much as Jacey hated not seeing Angela, she was thankful that at least her daughter was safe. More or less.

Jack was being super anal about it, acting super protective of his charming Juliet, which seemed to infuriate Kate. The rest were suspicious of Juliet, understandably.

"Trust her?" Sun snorted. "She's one of them."

"Not anymore," Jack retorted. "They left her behind."

"Oh yeah, where'd they go?" Charlie demanded.

"I dunno," Jack said, folding his hands and looking infuriatingly stubborn.

"Well, maybe we better ask her," Sawyer said sensibly.

"Remember Nick?" Jacey said. "We ran into him. Turns out, he's alive and he's been protecting my daughter from them. Nick said that you were bringing back a mole into our camp. We can't trust her."

"She doesn't know why they left her, and I'm not willing to trust someone who kidnaps just as much as the Others do," Jack snapped at Jacey.

"Well here's a wacky idea. Let's stick our resident Iraqi on her. Let him do what he does, then see what she says," Sawyer said smirking.

"I don't do that anymore," Sayid said flatly.

"Well, ain't that convenient," Sawyer growled.

There was more arguing. Sawyer started fighting with Jack (what else is new) when Claire…started coughing up blood.


According to Juliet, Claire's coughing was a latent reaction caused by her, towards the medication given to her when she'd been kidnapped. According to Juliet, every woman who'd gotten pregnant on the island…had died.

Why did this give Jacey a sick feeling to her stomach?

"Hey, Jace," Sawyer came up to her as she sat in front of her tent, sifting grains of sand through her fingers.

"Yeah?" She smiled at him.

"Sun told me…that you were looking for a…pregnancy test…" He let the statement hang. Jacey became very interested in the sand caught between her fingernails.

"And after what Juliet said," Sawyer continuing, his face scowling as he said Juliet's name. "I was just wonderin'…"

"I'm not pregnant," Jacey said to him, and he let out an audible sigh of relief. "Don't worry."

"Good," Sawyer muttered. He then gave her a lazy smile, pulling her into a kiss.


Zane was trotting along the shoreline, when he saw something lying in the sand. It was a white stick, and he picked it up carefully.

"Huh. A positive pregnancy test. That's interesting," He said, planning on showing it to Robbins.


The whole group was at the caves. The whole group being, of course, Robbins, Elizabeth and her daughter, Kristin, Ivan, Zane, Caitlyn, and Jacey. Well, actually, Zane wasn't there, he'd left for the beach to get some water.

Just then, Sun entered the scene.

"I'm looking for Jacey…" Sun spotted her. "I need to talk to you."

Jacey blinked, standing up and walked towards her. Sun took her on the outskirts of the group's circle.

"Are you pregnant?" Sun asked in a low voice.

Jacey felt her insides ice over again. "No," she said, trying to sound certain. "The test said I wasn't."

"I'm going to Juliet," Sun told her. "I'm demanding answers. If you want to come…then that's where I'll be."

Jacey nodded. She went back to her seat. Kristin looked at her questioningly, but Jacey concentrated hard on keeping her thoughts on other things, so Kristin wouldn't know.

"Hey guys, look what I found!" Zane crowed, bouncing in, showing everyone the a white stick. "A positive pregnancy test!"

Caitlyn wrinkled.

Jacey paled.

"You know women pee on those, don't you, Zane?" Ivan commented.

Zane looked disgusted and flung the test on the ground. "EW! EWWWWW! GROSS! That's…that's…EWWW!"

Caitlyn rolled her eyes.

Jacey however, picked up the test. Her blood ran cold.

"That's…that's impossible!" She squeaked. "It said I wasn't! It said I wasn't!"

The whole group turned and stared at Jacey in shock, but she was too busy freaking out to notice.

"Shit, shit, SHIT!" Jacey squawked. "This can't be happening!"

She then froze again. Did this mean…she was going to die?

Jacey took off into the jungle.



The blonde woman glanced up at Jacey, and smiled faintly. "Hello, Jacey."

Jacey crossed her arms. "Is it true, then? That…pregnant woman die on this island?"

Juliet stood up suddenly. Her face was filled with grief. "Jacey…are…you…?"

"Answer the question," was all Jacey said.

"Women who got pregnant on the island…didn't live past their second trimester. Claire lived because she had gotten pregnant off the island." Juliet looked at her hopefully. "I don't suppose…?"

Jacey's eyes looked dead. She had lost her virginity on this island. There was no hope.

"Is…there anyway…to save the baby?" Jacey asked quietly. "If I die…is there a way that the baby can live?"

Juliet said softly, "I don't know."

Jacey turned and walked away.


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