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This story takes place after season five, just to let ya know

You are my "Sunshine"

Part 1

Captain Attitude

"I wonder who that is?" Face asked as he shaded his eyes and looked into the sky towards the helicopter that was getting ready to land on the lawn near to the house "whoever it is I'm sure Stockwell has something to do with it that is if that isn't him." Hannibal answered, as the helicopter landed and the two men stared in amazement as the pilot stepped out , and of course face was the fist to introduce himself.

"Hi, I'm Templeton Peck, and you are?" he asked as he gave her a wonderful smile.

""Captain Carter" she answered as she just stared at him, not impressed with his smile

" Oh, well, a Captain, I don't usually date someone who outranks me, but this time I'll make an exception." He said still grinning ear to ear

"Well I'm sure you will, but I won't, you see I don't date anyone who I outrank." She stated as she walked past him towards the house. Face looked stunned as he looked at Hannibal who just gave him one of those ya can't win em' all shrugs. Once they reached the house they noticed that Stockwell had arrived and that he and the Captain were already talking, but once they noticed their presence they went into the briefing room to finish their conversation.

" I wonder what that was all about," Face asked as he turned toward s Hannibal, " I mean we already have a pilot, so what's she doing here?" Face asked in a very puzzled manner

"What is who doing here?" Frankie asked as he entered the room

"So chopper pilot named Carter" Face answered

"You mean , about 5'6" blonde, blue eyes, slim?" Frankie described her

"You know her?" Hannibal asked

"Know her, I've heard Stockwell talk about her, one of the best chopper pilots, next to Murdock, real fire ball too, he only uses her on special assignments, when she's available." Frankie explained, "she doesn't take anything from anyone, not even stockwell, I mean he begged her to be his pilot, and even offered her a job as an able agent, but she didn't even stick around long enough to hear his offer."

"Just who is this Captain carter?" Hannibal asked himself out loud

"I don't know, but anyone who handles Stockwell that way is good in my book." Face answered

"Face I have a feeling that she would have been good in your book anyways." Hannibal quipped, just as he said this he heard B.A and Murdock coming in.

"Hey Hannibal get this crazy fool away from me!!"

"Ahh, come on B.A, it's just a question, Billy or Mister Ed?" once Murdock saw the chopper he forgot all about the question.

"Hannibal, did you forget to hide my birthday present?" Murdock asked pointing to the chopper.

"No, some lady pilot is having a meeting with Stockwell, Frankie says she's a real firecracker." Face answered

Once he said this they heard voices coming from the room, then the door open and Carter come walking out quickly followed by Stockwell, who was trying to keep up with her. As she and Stockwell made their ay to the chopper the men were astonished at her attitude towards Stockwell, who was a very influential man. They all watched the scene closely as the two argued for awhile, then as she reached in the chopper and grabbed a small bag , then her and Stockwell made their way back to the house.

"Gentlemen, this is Captain Kay-Cee Carter, captain, this is Colonel John "Hannibal" Smith, Lieutenant Templeton Peck, Sergeant B.A Barracus, Frankie Santana, and Captain H.M Murdock." She shook each of their hands as she was introduced.

"Well, guys looks like I'm going to be here for a while," looking towards Stockwell "not by choice I might add, so General if you would be so kind as to direct me to my room, or do I have to find that myself too?" she asked very sarcastically

"No, quite the contrary, I will escort you myself, after you" she answered as he motioned in the general direction of her new home. Once Stockwell and Carter were gone the men began to speak.

"Wow Face, looks like your work cut out for ya", Murdock teased

"He already tried, she impervious to his magic." Hannibal answered

"Well, it's not like I didn't try, she said she doesn't date anyone who she out ranks." Face defended himself.

"Looks like ol' Face guy is losing that magic in his old age." Murdock kept on going

Later once everything was settled Stockwell pulled Murdock off to the side to have little conversation with him as well, which surprised everyone.

"What'd that fool want?"

"Well guys looks like your getting another new roomy, he want's me to be more accessible, he said, anyways I'll be back soon, I've gotta go get my stuff." Murdock said

"Wait I'll go wit' ya man." B.A said

"Ah B.A Stockwell said that I should take carter, to get her stuff too." He told B.A as he walked toward Carter, then sat next to her on the couch.

"What?" she asked almost annoyed

"Uh, well.. Stockwell told me I should invite ya along seein' as how you might need to get your stuff too." Murdock explained

"Fine, let me get my jacket."

Author's note

Part 2 coming soon , I already wrote it, but I'm up to suggestions , what do you want to see happen, I could always change what I wrote, just R&R