Disclaimer: Don't own…duh…

Disclaimer: Don't own…duh…

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Chapter Twenty-Eight

An Inter-Racial Wedding

I will not bore you with the aftermath of Raven and Beastboy's first try at sex, nor will I bore you with the much other well…boring stuff. I will instead, be blunt.

Almost a half a year has passed since Raven's anniversary. A week after the events of that night Robin proposed to Starfire who accepted joyously. The wedding is set for one week from now.

Starfire obviously chose Raven to be her Maid of Honor and then chose Argent and Bumble Bee to be her bridesmaids; a young girl from Tamaran would be the flower girl.

The wedding is to be held on Earth seeing as it's more home to Starfire than anywhere else in the galaxy or any other galaxy for that matter.

7 Days Before:

The bride-to-be, her Maid of Honor and her bridesmaids were all in a dress shop looking at dresses to be worn a week from that day.

"How about this lovely garment, friend Raven? Does it please you at all?" Starfire asked holding up a very short pink dress.

"Starfire, this day is about you, you are supposed to decide what I wear." Raven explained for the twentieth time in five minutes.

"But friend, I do not want you to feel misery on my day of joy!" Starfire exclaimed.

"Very well," Raven sighed and looked at the dress again. "It's too short." She said bluntly.

Starfire put the dress back on the rack and disappeared.

"You're right, you know?" Bumble Bee said, she was helping Argent choose from an array of pink dresses.

"I know, but she wants me to be happy." Raven said gratefully. "If she didn't care so much I'd be wearing practically nothing." She shuddered.

Starfire returned with a pale pink dress that would easily reach Raven's feet if not farther, the top half had thin straps, it was comfortable looking. Raven smiled, took it from her and entered a dressing room.

"I think it's a tie between these two," Bumble Bee said decidedly pointing at two dresses that looked nothing alike.

Starfire floated over and looked over the two brides maids' shoulders. "Which one do you think Starfire?" Argent asked not wanting to stare decisively at pink dresses she would rather die than wear anymore.

"I like that one." She said pointing to a shorter dress, it would come up to the knee on both of them, had no straps and was decorated with a lightweight bow on the side.

"Alright, we'll try these on." Bumble Bee said handing Argent her size.

"Wait, rate me first." Raven said unlocking the dressing room door.

Raven had let her hair grow out of the past few months so it now rested just below her shoulders, it clashed a little with the pink from the dress but the three young women paid no attention, they observed only how the dress fit her.


"FRIEND RAVEN THAT IS THE DRESS WE MUST PURCHASE AND YOU MUST WEAR!" Starfire said excitedly, zooming around her maid of honor happy to have finally found a dress.

"Alright," Raven said calmly. "I'll go change and pay." She re-entered the changing room and Argent and Bumble Bee entered adjoining ones.

5 Days Before:

Robin sat in the tailor's along with Bruce, Beastboy, Jericho and Cyborg.

"I can't believe you're insisting on wearing your mask at your own wedding." Exclaimed Bruce once again.

Robin looked at him through his sunglasses. "You won't be wearing yours?" he asked skeptically.

"No." Bruce answered simply.

"Dudes, there'd better not be any trouble…" Beastboy said with a sound of realization.

"Why not, besides the obvious?" Robin asked.

"Um…if I'm not in my uniform and I need to transform…I'll be uh… I'll be naked later." An embarrassed Beastboy explained.

The two other Titan members made 'o's with their mouths, Bruce just chuckled lightly.

"DUDE!" Beastboy exclaimed to Bruce, "It's not funny!"

"Alright sirs, everything's been marked, pick them up in two days." The tailor said coming in from the back.

"Should we pay now or then?" Robin asked.

"Then should be fine." The tailor assured them.

2 Days Before:

"What if something goes terribly wrong?"

"Starfire," Bumble Bee started but was cut off.

"What If I am incapable of remembering my vows?"

"Starfire," Argent too started to assure her but was cut off as well.

"What if there is trouble in the city?"

"Starfire," Raven started following suit, she was cut off as well.

"What if he does not love me anymore? What if –"

"STARFIRE!" The three titan women shouted.

"Yes?" Starfire asked looking at them innocently.

"Nothing will go wrong, I promise, and you wrote your vows down, remember?" Bumble Bee recalled.

"Oh yes, I do remember writing them so I would not forget them, thank you friend Bumble Bee." She gave Bumble Bee a bone-crushing hug.

"Oh and, Starfire," Argent said, "You've got about a hundred superheroes coming to this shebang…no villain would dare go into such grounds."

"Thank you also, friend Argent!" She flew to her as well.

"Star?" Raven said, the soon-to-be bride turned to her.

1 Day Before:

"WE CANNOT RECITE OUR OWN VOWS?" Starfire was checking Robin for any sign of a joke.

"That's what Bruce said." Robin sighed and plopped down on the couch.

"Bu-bu-but why?" Starfire whined sitting down next to him.

"I don't know, he wouldn't say." He turned to her. "I'm sorry, Star."

"You could just read them at the rehearsal dinner." Beastboy offered walking through the room.

Starfire turned to Robin at this, with a pleading look on her face. He sighed again and said, "Well, I don't see why not."

15 Hours Before:

"Koriand'r of Tameran…Starfire. We've been something since the day we met and you kissed me so you could speak our language. I've loved you since then, no matter what. No matter what language you speak, or what planet you're from or how much mustard you like to put on outrageous things, I will always love you. From tomorrow till the day I die you'll be mine, and I'll be yours, and in this life that's always thrown me curveballs I didn't want, it threw me three I wanted, and one I love."

Starfire stood up as Robin sat down.

"The day I knew I liked you more than the others was when you handed me my communicator and smiled. I know that that is the day because I am able to recall it clearly in my mind as if it were from just yesterday. It was seven years ago and I am able to see your smile a bright as day. It is perfect in my mind but it is beyond perfection in real life, you are beyond perfection. I have heard while here that no one is perfect, but I suppose that the people who say that have not met you."

She sat down next to him again.

13.5 Hours Before

Dinner had been eaten and everyone was sitting around talking about the next day's plans. Suddenly, Raven stood up, everyone came to attention, looking at her.

"Yesterday, Starfire was worried as any normal bride would be about normal bride things. One of the things she asked was 'What if he does not love me anymore?' I somehow refrained from hurting her. Robin, as he mentioned, has had a life filled with danger and sadness, until he met Starfire. So I said, 'If you could truly doubt Robin's love for you then you are insane. When he looks at you, he sees the world. He thinks of everything he wants to do in his life with you, some will never come true, but even logically, smarty-pants, non-dreamer Robin dreams about you.' I wish these two the best of luck and love in everything they will do."

The Night Of:

The wedding had ended hours ago, everyone was now dancing and celebrating. Raven was the only one who wasn't. She envied Starfire for her marriage recognized by her planet and his. She envied the fact that she got a celebration like she wanted. She got to wear what she wanted, when she wanted. Raven hadn't ever really felt jealousy but she now knew it was a dangerous emotion that she never wanted to feel again.

She was so caught up in her emotions that she didn't notice Beastboy sit down next to her.

"You okay Rae?" he asked her.

"What? Oh yeah…" She said, "I'm fine." She turned to him and smiled. "I'm fine, really." There was a silence filled with disbelief. "You were having fun with that little girl from Tamaran, weren't you?"

"Oh yeah, but she's a real ball of energy." He complained.

"It's time to wind this party down. We've got to go soon, the bride and groom have danced, the bride and father have danced. There's no one left to pair except the people that were chosen by Starfire and Robin. Bridesmaids and Matron of Honor please come up, and groomsmen and Best Man come up!"

Beastboy looked at Raven, "Guess that's us."

"Alright bride and groom, pick your pairs!"

Robin and Starfire whispered to each other, pairing the people on the floor, there were only six, Bumble Bee, Argent, Raven, Beastboy, Jericho and Cyborg (The best man).

The DJ handed Starfire the mic, "We wish for friends Bumble Bee and Cyborg to dance, friends Raven and Beastboy to dance and," She handed the mic to Robin, "Argent and Jericho to dance." The people in the room clapped and the song began.

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