Brown was such a common color.

Slender fingers raked through mousy brown hair, marveling at the silk like texture.

Colors that caught the eye were reds, blues, or yellows.

They were vibrant and impressed the eye.

Looking down at the sleeping form, Johan's eyes held a look of pure possessiveness.

Brown was easily ignorable.

Tears running down brown eyes made Johan lean down, kissing them away.

There was nothing special about the color brown…

Except for Juudai.

Rarer then the most precious cut gem, brighter than the sun itself, Juudai was the sole exception.

Brown didn't seem too boring.

SS: What a weird drabble. It just popped in my head. Anyway, Johan is this adorable character that appears in ep. 106, and he and Jaden/Juudai have the cutest interactions, second only to Manjyome and Juudai. I seriously need to write an actual oneshot for this couple. LoL