AN: DISCLAIMER: I DON'T own the Sailor scouts but I DO own the kids. This is before Renie comes along entirely. The year is 3006.

The Birth
The queen was in the hospital with her newborn son. The queen looked at her new baby boy. She expected to get Renie, but got a boy instead like Jupiter. The king walked in. He also was surprised at the discovery.
"What should we name him?"
"Huh?" The queen asked tiredly. She had never been this tired since Eternal Sailor Moon.
"The name?" Endymion asked again.
"Don't go there!"
"He needs a name, Serenity."
"I wonder if Jupiter has trouble with Mikey," Serenity wondered.
"I can't even imagine," the king told her.
"I thinking of my far relative cousin, Donnie!"
"Don sounds like a good name."
"Don John," Serenity could only smile.
"Make that Prince Don John, or Prince DJ" Endymion told her.
Three years later, DJ grew into a healthy, bouncing boy. Mikey and DJ were best friends. Palla sat nursing Mercury's child, Marie, whom was months later than DJ while Ves tried to calm down the rest of the kids.
"Lookie!" Mikey pointed out as lightning flew hand to hand 10 times a second.
"Mikey! Don't!" Ves said almost yelling. Too late! Mikey grabbed hold of DJ's hand and DJ's hair went up.
"Mikey, time out now!" Ves yelled. Mikey let go of DJ and walked towards the time out.
"But why?" Mikey pouted.
"You need to learn how to control your powers without harming your friends!" Ves pointed out. Then her finger pointed to the corner where Mikey shrugged and walked.
The day didn't get any better as DJ was pushed into the dandelions by Mikey and Marie and he was pushed into his toys back inside by Mikey and Nate, Mars' child, whom was between DJ and Marie in age. Mikey loved using force to crush his enemies.
At the age of 4, DJ was already bouncing up and down the corridors like cheddar cheese. But the pushing and throwing didn't stop by Mikey. Marie lay off a little but still helped Mikey with jokes.
At the age of 5, DJ could go camping but he didn't want to. On Marie's birthday, the kid's gathered up at 1 except Kyle, Pluto's son. Then they celebrated without any concern that would change their lives forever.
A huge light shunned in the parent's eyes. Then the kids were disputed all over the world with amnesia. DJ to San Diego, Marie to China, Mikey to Australia, and Nate to France while Tina, Venus' girl, went to Hollywood. Finally, the parents saw their children gone and searched all over the camp.
After searching the castle high and low 15 times, they stopped and decided that their kids were dead. But at her post, Pluto knew that the kids were all fine and watched them carefully until they had a roof over their heads.

AN: This is the start of Don and his friends.