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Hermione hadn't honestly noticed how tall Ron was until that very moment on time. Covered by his robe that sheltered them from the rain, her mud-coated shoes hanging brazenly from one hand. It wasn't a very romantic pose to say the least.

But Ron seemed to think so.

Because at that moment, he leaned over Hermione, their faces barely brushing, She didn't exactly know what was going on at first, but instinct told her that it was something good. That she should just lean forward and let in happen.

But Hermione Granger would be damned before she ever listened to her instincts. Even if said instincts were telling her to go ahead- Ron had signaled a green light. All systems go. He was making the move that she had always wanted him to make.

But Hermione couldn't do it.

Pushing him away slightly, she moved from under the cover of his robes, still clad in only socks, she thrust her shoes into his hands- she had no other place to put them.

"I've got to go." She croaked, smoothing some wild curls from her face, the young witch felt as if she was going to cry. But regardless, she began to sprint across the courtyard

"'Mione?" Ron called half-heartedly after her " You forgot your slippers."