"Mum, these shoes just don't feel right." A 14 year old girl stood in the doorway of a modest house, a pair of shiny shoes covering her stocking clad feet, her face bearing fiery auburn hair and large, childlike emerald eyes.

"Come show them to me, Sophia." Hermione motioned for her daughter to come next to her and the small five year old boy currently by her side on the tartan couch in the living room. Sophia did as she was told and came to her mother, giving her brother a kiss on the forehead as she handed Hermione her shoes. "Hmm. Maybe- I have just the thing." She announced, sitting up and putting the chocolate haired boy next to her eldest daughter "Watch Nathaniel for a moment."

"Mum! What're you doing? Don't wake up Olivia while you're in there!"

"I wouldn't-" The sound of a baby's wail suddenly resounded through the house and Sophia flinched "Bollocks!" A crash and tumble was heard as the volume of the keening increased, leading the young adult to wonder just what was going on inside the nursery. After all of the commotion, her ears were delighted to hear Hermione cooing her youngest child and tromping out of the room. She reappeared with a shoebox.

"Hand me Downs?" Sophia commented with a look of disgust "Old Hand Me Downs?"
"Oh, but Soph. Just wait until you hear the story of these "Old hand Me Downs."

"They have a story?"

"Ohhhhh, yes. It's the story of how me and your father got together, without these shoes, you would not have been here today." She took her seat beside her daughter to reveal the old time worn shoes that had been through so much- the day she and Ron had gotten together, they had had a fight in which she threw them at him in a fit of anger at his bulk headedness. This, of course had lead to remorse and the eventual kiss.

"Really? Oh, tell me!"
"Well, it all started on a very, very rainy day…"