Chapter One: The Birth of a Son

Deep in the Gerudo Valley bordering the deserts of Hyrule known as the Haunted Wasteland, something both great and terrible was about to happen. All life was still, holding its breath, knowing that their doom was upon them. The hours crept by slowly, inching their way towards a tragic paradox. There was nothing anyone or anything could do to stop it. It was inevitable.

In a tent on the outskirts of Gerudo fortress, the stronghold for the desert amazons, something great and terrible had occurred. A male had been born…the first male in precisely one hundred years. By law, he was to be immediately appointed to the throne. He was to become the King of the Gerudo, the King of thieves.

The mother was appalled at what had happened. She could sense the evil that would soon engulf her innocent child. He was so sweet and small, and she knew that if there wasn't a great wall in the way of his true path of destiny, then he could have remained that way. Her beloved newborn son could have become the kind king her people so desperately needed. But it was not to be. She could sense that the darkness looming around her was slowly consuming her child, even now, when he was still bathed in innocence. There was nothing she could do. However, she hatched an ingenious plan.

Her close friend, Nishiri, had recently been brought to the hospital ward. If the cards played out right, and the bloodline of Nishiri's family was in fact genuine, she would give birth to the Sage of Spirit. If Nishiri's child and her child were to meet and become close, perhaps the evil she sensed would not find its way to her son. In fact, the evil might altogether avoid the two children.

But it was never meant to be. She was playing "Russian Roulette" with the gods.

The Gerudo mother sat solemnly in her bed, cradling her child in her arms. "I won't let it have you, my son," she whispered softly into his ear. "I won't let the darkness win. Not without a fight."

Then, a pair of twin witches entered the tent. They were the infamous Koume and Kotake, the attendants of the past three kings of the Gerudo and already well over three hundred years of age. The Gerudo mother's empathy and ability to sense the different auras paled in comparison to their almost infinite wisdom.

"We hear the child is a male?" cooed Koume. She smiled too sweetly.

"Yes, the first in one hundred years," the mother replied. She cradled the child closer to her chest. Something wasn't right just now…the witches' usually calm demeanor seemed almost menacing today.

"One hundred years to the minute!" exclaimed Kotake.

"You would know…you've been around that long."

Koume and Kotake seemed to take offense at the Gerudo mother's statement. They gasped shrilly and raised their hands to their mouths in shock.

"Are you calling us old?" retorted Koume.

The Gerudo mother, immediately realizing that she had offended her superiors, quickly apologized. "No, no offense was intended! It was a compliment. That you knew exactly when the last Gerudo male was born." She held her breath, wondering if her petty excuse would work.

The two witches calmed down immediately. "Well, then, you wouldn't mind if perhaps…we were to take him off of your hands for you then?" Kotake reached for the baby and took him into her arms, yanking him viciously from the mother's arms.

"And perhaps you wouldn't mind if you got a bit more rest as well?" asked Koume.

"Yes," replied the Gerudo mother. "A little rest sounds like a fine idea to me. But…may I hold my son, please?"

"Now, now, Dearie, hush up. It's not like not holding the child for a moment or so is going to kill you now, is it?" said Kotake.

"Oh, I think that might be an understatement, sister. The loss of her child will be her very downfall."

"Now that you mention it, Koume, I think you're right," hissed Kotake in reply to her sister's sinister comment.

"What?" asked the Gerudo mother, confused now more than she was moments ago. She knew that something wasn't right! But it was far too late to do anything about it now. She struggled to push herself out of the bed, but was thrust instantly back down by an icy bolt of magic.

"Don't move, this isn't going to hurt a bit if you cooperate."

"What are you planning?" cried the Gerudo mother.

"You'll see."

The Gerudo mother opened her eyes wide in shock. She felt as if her soul was being ripped right out of her body. She looked at Koume and saw that she had twisted her fingers up as if setting a mind-control spell. She reached her arm involuntarily over to the dagger on the table used for cutting bread and grasped its hilt. She tried to fight it, but she couldn't make her fingers release their grasp on the dagger. Her arm slowly moved towards her chest, the dagger in hand, and she fought as hard as she could to stop herself, but to no avail. She knew at that moment that she was going to die. She shrieked, but by the time the guards had rushed in, Koume and Kotake had vanished along with the baby, and the Gerudo mother was lying dead in her bed, dagger protruding from her chest, blood soaking the fine linens floor, staining everything the blood red color of Gerudo hair.