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st October, 2002

Hunting Harry: One Year Later...

It has been one year since our world was saved. One year since the Boy-Who-Lived lived once again. And for a long time we here at Hunting Harry have been chasing down the Chosen One for an interview. And almost five on, we've got it at last.

It took us forty-three owls (not that we're counting) to get Harry Potter here, but at last he is. He comes in, looking wary, and with much trepidation he sits down and accepts the offered butterbeer.

Wearing muggle jeans and a t-shirt under his dark grey robes, he is tall, "but not as tall as (best friend) Ron (Weasley)," he tells us later on. Harry is polite and charming from the moment he walks in, but also unbeknownly intimidating, and even without knowing he is the man that saved the world, he seems to be a person that not many would like to cross. Harry is quiet to begin with, but it doesn't take us long to get him talking despite the talk of his closed-off nature.

He looks shocked when we begin with asking him about his charity work; his glasses almost slip off his nose and eyebrows shoot up into his hair (which, girls, is as hopelessly messy as it seems in the photos). It's quite obvious that he was expecting us to question him on the downfall of the Dark Lord or his much publicised personal life.

"It's called Choices," he tells us enthusiastically."It's a foundation of sorts, and in basics, what I'm trying to do is raise the awareness that, despite the war being over, the repercussions are still going to remain for a very long time. And, regardless of what some people have been thinking the last couple of months, I'm not trying to make money of it.

"I think that the grief of what has happened to people from" Potter uses his name carelessly, looking slightly annoyed at the shudders of the people in the room, "reign is bad enough by itself that people shouldn't have to worry about the Healer's bill every time they get a check-up on the old war injury, or if it is possible to afford to send the kids to Hogwarts since the parents aren't able to work anymore after the Death Eater attacks, and even just giving people the support that they need to know that they're not going through this alone."

Harry's smiling and making motions with his hands, quite clearly passionate about his work. He seems wiser than his twenty-two years, and far more mature than his rumoured behaviour from earlier this year.

"Everyone's got to grow up sometime," he informs us as he shrugs his shoulders at this comment. "I just did it quicker than most. But that's always been the way with me anyway."

"And all that stuff earlier in the year was rubbish anyway," he tells us as we ask him about this behaviour, and surprisingly he is not as closed about his personal life as many people have said he would be. "No drinking myself into oblivion every night or hanging around with muggle drug lords, no."

He tells us this with a laugh and a grin, seeming amazingly bright and happy, laughing at himself and not even slightly standoffish as we here at Hunting Harry had expected him to be.

"We need all the help we can get," Harry tells us about his work. "If everyone who could just gave a few galleons to us, it would make so many people's lives so much better without much effort on anyone's behalf.

"The plan is that it's not just going to be for people who have suffered through the war, just a benefit system in general. If it's in my ability to make people's lives a bit easier, for any reason, that's what we'll do."

We then move on to the part which, with a scornful smile and shake of his head, Potter lets us know he has been expecting ever since he walked into the Daily Prophet head office.

"My personal life," he sighs, stretching back on his chair. "What do you want to know? I s'pose I can tell you a bit to get people off my back."

"No, (Best Friend and wife of Ron Weasley) Hermione's not pregnant, as far as I know anyway," he chortles to our question. "I still see them at least every couple of days. They've been married, oh, six, seven months now, and they're going good, again, as far as I know anyway. They're both still working at the Ministry. After they got married, I ended up moving out of the flat the three of us were sharing. It was my wedding present to them, I guess. A rather expensive present.

"I moved in with Ginny (Weasley)," he admits after a moment of prompting, clearly not overly comfortable with talking about his girlfriend in public, which is unsurprising after the rumours that plagued Ms Weasley after the shock revelation of her relationship with Mr Potter at her brother's wedding.

"Fiancée," he corrects us in a rather guilty tone when he is asked about his girlfriend, again sounding as though he'd rather not talk about it publically, yet forcing back a smile at the mention of her name. We quickly question when this development happened.

"When I asked her or when she said yes?" He nervously half laughs. "I first asked her ages ago, but that was in the middle of a fight, so I don't think she even got around to answering. It was her twenty-first birthday in August; we've been engaged since then.

"No date yet, but it's all Mrs Weasley asks me whenever I see her. It makes it half tempting just to elope. We're not going to though," he adds quickly, as though reassuring his future mother-in-law through this article. This is when we get the nerve to bring up the topic which we know Harry is going to get at least slightly worked up over.

"It's all rubbish," he told us automatically, a slight harshness coming into his voice when we bring up the issue of Ms Weasley's alleged promiscuity during the war years. "Ginny gets all that nonsense thrown onto her just because she's with me. She doesn't deserve it, her family doesn't deserve it and I don't deserve the fact that people seem to be looking for the worst in her.

"We were together when we were back at Hogwarts then broke up when I decided to be, as she puts it 'all stupid and noble'," he says this, the scathing tone going slightly from his voice. "We kept it quiet from most people, her family included, but for years and years it has pretty much just been that we were seeing each other, even when we weren't. So when people come out saying things like they were dating her or worse, I know it's not true, obviously she knows it's not true, and everyone who we care about know those things are not true, and they don't need to ask simply because they see us shrug it off whenever it comes up."

"The problem is that it is horrible and it hurts even though there is no truth behind it. I hate the fact that Gin has to deal with public abuse and harassment on almost a daily basis just because of her relationship with me." He says this with what is clearly subdued anger. "It's sad when people need to attack her to hurt me or to split us up or whatever it is they are trying to do."

He chats with us a bit longer, mainly about the chances of the English team in the Quidditch World Cup, where Potter's friend and ex-captain Oliver Wood from Puddlemere United is playing Keeper. He glances at his watch, starting slightly as he sees the time, telling us that this interview was not nearly as horrible as he was anticipating it to be, and he actually has to go.

"I'm sure I'll talk to you again sometime," he tells us, slightly begrudgingly yet smiling. "If you are going to be so ridiculous to stalk me anyway."He leaves us with a smile, wave and slight pop of apparation.

Yes Mr Potter, you will see us around.
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