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A collection of silly nursery rhymes to amuse you
brought to you by...

DBZ Nursery Rhymes
by;The Fanfiction Nymph
and her slave (husband)


I See the Moon

I saw the moon

And the moon saw me

I turned into a monkey

And stomped on everything


The Lion and the Unicorn

The Sayian and the Namek

Were fighting for the world

The Sayian beat the Namek

All up and down the town.

Some gave them rice

And some gave them none

Some gave them liquor

And threw them out of town


London Bridge is Falling Down

The whole world is falling down

Falling down

Falling down

The whole world is falling down

Blame the androids.

Travel in time and blow them up

Blow them up

Blow them up

Travel in time and blow them up

Please dear Trunks

What if I'm not strong enough

Strong enough

Strong enough

What if I'm not strong enough

My dear mother

Get your dad to fuck them up

Fuck them up

Fuck them up

Get your dad to fuck them up

Or ask Goku


All Around the Mulberry Bush

All around the universe

the monkey chased Freiza

the monkeys thought 'twas all in fun

Boom goes Freiza

Half a pound of senzu beans

Half a year of wishes

Add them up and what have ya got

Boom goes Namek


Wee Willie Winkie

Old Master Roshi

Hangs about the town

Looking 'em up and look 'em down

All the pretty girls

Giving them bills and

Drooling through his bead

"Any you ladies looking for a good time?"

Before they knock him out


Good King Wenslas Loss

Prince Vegeta went to Namek

Searching for a Dra-gon-ball

Found it inside friezes clutches,

He was only three feet tall.

Brightly shone his mighty power,

He killed all the good and strong…

That was until Goku came…

Made him cry for hi-is—Mom…


There once was a man from Nantucket

There once was a green guy from Namek…

Who told all the Sayians to suck it…

But when Goku said,

"Your planet is dead"

He threw up his arms and said "Fuck it."

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