Fate Has A Plan Of Its Own


This is a story I wrote for a subject at school.

Dar and BeastMaster are one and the same. Demon Curupira gave Dar the power to talk to animals, which is why he is called BeastMaster, as well as Dar by his friends.

Chapter 1

Scrying and Capture

The Ancient One was scrying using his bed of crystals when he saw something important that would happen. He didn't see the New Sorceress come up behind him, but by that time the vision had vanished.

"What is going to happen?" the New Sorceress asked curiously.

"Something which I need to cast a spell for," the Ancient One said absently as he prepared. When he was ready, he cast the spell and the New Sorceress caught a glimpse of what would happen. Her eyes widened.

"Will I have a part to play in this?" The Ancient One nodded, and, satisfied, the New Sorceress disappeared.

A compound came into view as an army, led by a young man with bleached hair, who was also wearing white robes and riding a white horse, rode atop the crest of a hill. He was known as King Voden, king of the Nords.

After surveying the compound, he led his men towards it. As they approached, men armed with swords rushed out to meet them. Voden slowed his horse down and was soon met by the head of the army.

"What do you want?" the captain asked.

"I wish to see King Zad as I have a proposal I would like to discuss with him."

Grunting in response, the captain sent one of the men to tell Zad the news. It wasn't long before the king in question came out with some more of his army.

"What do you want?" Zad said, looking up at the young king, who was still seated on his horse. In one swift movement Voden got off the mare, showing that he spent a lot of time riding.

"So you finally get off your high horse", Zad said, smiling. "I hear you have a proposal you want to talk to me about." Voden chose to ignore the first comment.

"Yes, I do have a proposal I would like you to hear, but I would like to talk to you in private." As Zad didn't trust Voden, he was a little hesitant to let him and his army into the compound, but he did want to hear what this proposal was.

"Come on in then!" Zad said, turning round to his army. After ordering them to get a feast of food and wine ready for them, he led the Nord King and his army into the compound.

Dar sat against the bole of a tree, eyes closed, wishing the pounding in his head would go away. He heard two people approaching and knew it was Tao and Arina. Tao had wanted to collect some more plants, and as they were near Zad's compound, Arina had gone with him. None of them had wanted to take any chances.

"Everything all right?" Tao asked. Dar opened his eyes briefly than closed them again.

"Yes, everything's all right." He grimaced as he experienced another wave of pain. When he heard the crackling of a fire, he knew what was coming. A few minutes later he smelt something vile.

"Here Dar," Tao said, putting a cup of something that smelt worse up close into his hands. Dar took a deep breath and before downing half the contents and almost choked.

"Not so fast," Tao said, chuckling, and switched cups with some water. After drinking the concoction, Dar waited a few minutes then opened his eyes.

"You and I have been travelling together for too long," he said. Tao just smiled and started sorting the plants.

Hearing the sound of a twig snap, Catherine turned around. Seeing no one, she stepped forward. Turning around again, she felt sure that someone was following her, yet still couldn't see anyone, no matter how hard she peered between the trees. Moving to face the direction she was travelling, she stopped when she saw soldiers in front of her. The leader, who was bald and not wearing any helmet, drew forward. Cath stepped back out of instinct but stopped when she felt a sword jab into her back.

"Are you going to come quietly, or do we have to drag you?" the leader leered. Cath said nothing in response, nor when he stepped towards her and yanked her shoulder bag off her back. Opening it, he pulled out different items and passed them around the circle. "Berries, a brush, comb, and ooo, look at this." The leader held up a dagger, the handle engraved with different big cats. He swung it in front of Catherine, enjoying the way she followed it with her eyes, then put it back in the bag. Putting the other items back in as well, he gave it to one of soldiers.

"Tie her up!"

Cath felt her hands being roughly held behind her and the rope bit into her skin as they were tightly tied together.

"Not trying to resist huh?" Zad said, stepping closer and leaning down until he was on her eye level. "I like that. Back to camp!" he shouted, standing up. Cath was pushed through the forest to Zad's compound. When they reached it and were let inside, they walked along a corridor until the centre was reached, where Cath was shoved into a cage.

"I think I'll keep your bag," Zad said, laughing and striding away. As she sat down on the prickly hay, Cath began to work out a plan of escape.

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