Fate Has A Plan Of It's Own


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Chapter 7


At the compounds of the kings, orders were given to rally the troops. Half a day after setting out, the enemy was spied on the horizon. They came together into the fray, swords clashing, arrows flying, sounds of pain filling the air.

The kings cursed as their men fell. King Zad fought harder than his men, striking down any who tried to harm him. Guards surrounded King Voden, who was shouting encouragement to his army but not taking part.

The battle was long, bloody, and nothing was gained. They parted at dusk, leaving the dead on the ground and the wounded to be helped along by those who cared about their fellow men

Tao was speechless, and Dar wondered why until the Eiron started talking again.

"This is amazing! Dar, take a look at all this!" As Dar looked around, he caught site of small paths leading away from the site. In the middle, lit up by sunlight streaming through the trees, was a block of grey stone, carved with different designs that Tao quickly moved closer to. "I can't believe this," he said quietly.

"What is it?" Arina asked.

"This is an ancient ritual site of my people. And these," he said, pointing to the paths, "lead to small altars."

"So your people used to worship gods?" Dar asked, tracing a design with a finger.

"Yes. It is written in our history books. The worshipping stopped when the elders decided that knowledge was better, more powerful than gods, and that knowledge was meant to be shared." They set up camp and Dar sat down and let Kodo and Podo out of their bag while Tao showed Arina the rest of the site. When Arina came back about half an hour later, she found Dar lying on a bed of moss, eyes closed.

"Dar!" she said, panicking and racing over. Dar opened his eyes, a lazy smile on his face.

"What's wrong?" Arina asked.

"Nothing," Dar said. "Just resting."

Arina nodded and moved away to look at the block of stone. She hoped that Dar wasn't becoming ill again. He had been ill more times in the past month that he had ever been before, and she was worried, hoping that it was only where they had been that had caused Dear to become sick so often.

"Beautiful symbols," Catherine said, tracing them, scaring Arina.

"Yes they are," Arina said, calming down after her fright. She glanced at Dar, noticing that Ruh and Sharak were near him, Kodo and Podo on Ruh's back. She hoped it wasn't a bad sign. They had lunch after exploring, and it was then that Tao started to get worried.

"Are you alright Dar?" Tao asked, concern showing in his eyes.

"Yes, I'm okay Tao," Dar said with another lazy smile. Tao wasn't convinced though and motioned for Dar to hold out his arm, placing two fingers on Dar's wrist. Panic edged his voice after he had counted his best friend's pulse.

"Arina, count Dar's pulse for me and tell me what it is." Arina took over without a question, the worry showing on her face while Tao got out some herbs. "Cath, can you get some water please?" he asked, hurriedly building a fire. When Arina told him Dar's pulse rate he hurried with a tea. "Here," Tao said, helping Dar to drink it.

As night fell and Dar's pulse continued to steadily drop, Tao grew more worried, as did Arina and Catherine. Dar was now lying down while everyone bustled around him.

"Tao," Dar said, catching his best friend's attention. "It is no use."

" Don't say that Dar," Tao said, tears starting to show. "You won't die." Dar gripped Tao's arm.

"Look at me," he said. Tao shook his head stubbornly, looking at the ground. "Tao, look at me, please," he asked. The smile came back to his face when Tao looked up. "There is no use. As soon as my heart started to slow, I somehow knew. It will soon be my time to leave." Tao turned away from his friend, unwilling to believe that soon Dar would pass from the living world. He busied himself with the fire, and as Dar watched him he wondered if he should drink any of the teas Tao handed to him. He didn't wasn't Tao to feel guilty that he hadn't been able to save him, nor that he should have done more.

When Ruh turned his head, Dar followed the tiger's gaze and saw the Ancient One, the New Sorceress, Demon Curupira, and Demon Iara standing a few metres away. Tao, Arina and Catherine also looked around when they heard footsteps.

"How are you feeling Dar?" the Ancient One asked. "No pain or anything?"

"No thank you," Dar said. Curupira kneeled by his side. Cath caught herself looking at the demon's backward feet and quickly looked away.

"Are you sure you are feeling no pain Dar?" Curupira asked.

"I am sure," Dar said.

"Remind me again why my BeastMaster must die?" Curupira asked, turning to the Ancient One.

"Because it is his fate," the Ancient One replied. Iara stood silent, watching Tao who was also kneeling at Dar's side.

"His fate?" Tao asked, confused.

"Yes, as the prophecy says."

"The prophecy talks about Dar?" Tao was surprised. "I thought the prophecy talked about Zad and Voden."

"What prophecy?" Arina asked, speaking for herself and Catherine.

"Do you remember how I gave that scroll back to the chief of the village?" There were nods all around. It had been the one scroll that had not been thrown into the fire.

"What did this prophecy say?" Arina asked for everyone but the Ancient One, who looked as if he knew the answer.

"The world cannot handle two,

Mortals who keep the balance,

Of dark and light.

The older will die by means of another,

And the younger will take the place of the older."

Tao recited the prophecy as if he had always known it.

"I can see why you thought the prophecy spoke of King Zad and King Voden," the New Sorceress said. "King Zad could get killed by someone in his army, and then King Voden could take over."

"So if the prophecy is talking of Dar, then who is the younger?" Tao asked.

"Catherine is the younger," Iara said.

"Me?" Cath asked, noticing everyone's eyes on her. "Yes child, it is your destiny," said the Ancient One.

"But then what is the means? I know that Dar will pass on, but how?"

"As it is your destiny to become BeastMaster, I cast a spell on Dar. The sicknesses would weaken him, but the last wouldn't actually be a illness, and it would cause no pain."

"The slowing of his heart?" Tao knew even as he asked. He turned away, grief silencing him for a few moments. Knowing that his friend's heart would just stop beating, even though there was no pain, was not a pleasant thought.

"So it is my destiny to become BeastMaster?" Cath asked, still in disbelief.

"Yes, but you may have to take a test, depending on Curupira's wishes," the New Sorceress replied.

"Like I had to," Dar said. His heartbeat was steady, for now. The idea of death didn't scare him; he had stared it in the face a number of times.

"It is time for the ceremony," the Ancient One stated, smiling at everyone's look of confusion. "It is simply something that is required for the passing of power from one individual to another,"

"And how is this carried out?" asked Tao.

"Demon Curupira and Catherine have to state their names and what they give permission for."

"I, Demon Curupira, give permission for Catherine to become the new BeastMaster."

"I, Catherine, accept my destiny of becoming BeastMaster, and will watch over the forests as best I can."

The New Sorceress stepped forward and cast a spell. A light surrounded Dar and split into two. The second light surrounded Catherine, and then both lights faded.

Catherine found that she could suddenly hear more than before, and a voice startled her out of her thoughts.

"A bit overwhelming?"

Cath looked around and saw that Dar was smiling.

"Yes, a bit."

"You'll get used to it. It doesn't take long."

Everyone knew that Dar and Cath were communicating telepathically, and it was Arina who voiced the question that broke the silence.

"How long?" The Ancient One suddenly looked solemn.


That was only a few hours away, and everyone passed the time differently. The Ancient One taught the New Sorceress more about life; Demon Curupira told Cath about what she had to do, who then joined the others and talked with them, while Iara watched them all. Ruh, Sharak, Kodo and Podo stayed close to Dar, talking to him and also to Cath to help her get used to her powers. As the first rays hit the trees, everyone gathered around Dar again.

"Cath," Dar said, picking up the bag Kodo and Podo rode in. "I would like for you to have this." Cath had tears in her eyes as took the bag.

"Thank you," she said, putting the bag on. Dar also handed her the bag he used to carry the staff. Cath took the other bags off and put it on, Tao helping her to tighten it. She then put the other bags on again.

"And here is a new staff," the Ancient One said, handing it to her. It was carved with different symbols to Dar's. She pulled the staff into two and put it in the bag. Goodbyes were said, first by Dar, then by Tao, Arina, and Cath; the rest also said goodbye.

The sunlight shone through the leaves and hit the ground as Dar's eyes closed. His chest rose and fell, and then all was silent. Tears flowed like streams from all. Arina and Cath dug the grave, but they couldn't bear to put Dar in there yet. A stone was moved to the head of the grave by magic, and then the Ancient One, the New Sorceress, Demon Curupira and Demon Iara disappeared. Arina carved a memorial into the stone, and it wasn't finished until the morning after. It was then that Tao, Arina and Cath put Dar into the grave and filled it in.

The next day after lunch, Tao, Arina, and Cath were ready to move on and left the site, Ruh, Sharak, and Kodo and Podo following behind.

The Ancient One was watching the activities of Cath, Tao and Arina in the bed of crystals when the New Sorceress appeared behind him. He didn't seem surprised by her sudden arrival, nor by the silence that hung in the air. It remained like that for a minute until the New Sorceress spoke.

"Will I have a greater role in Cath's future?" Dismissing the image, then Ancient One turned around.

"Yes, a far greater role than in Dar's future." Smiling at the prospect of helping, she disappeared, and the Ancient One searched using his bed of crystals once again.

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