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Early July, and Tai was alone with his thoughts and the pounding of his footsteps on a bike path, not running to something or from something for once, just running for the sheer joy of movement and it felt good. He was home on break from his first year of college, badly in need of a haircut, feeling young and wild and wanting to throw research papers into stainless steel trashcans and let them go up in flames. The summer stretched out ahead of him, and there was suddenly so much time to burn; to live.

He spotted her in an open field of green, just off the bike path, sprawled in the sun, her red hair lit-up-gold and fanned out around her head. Her eyes were closed, and her cheeks were pink with the sun and starting to freckle. As he crossed the short distance between them he stepped over her discarded tank top, a shoe here, socks, another shoe, and stood quietly above her, careful not to cast a shadow on her, trying not to laugh at her purely blissful expression or the way her skimpy red running shorts clashed with her hair. He watched the way her chest rose and fell under a white sports bra.

Tai dropped down lightly beside Sora and stretched out, and after a short while he sensed that she was watching him and turned to see her peering at him lazily through the lashes of a rose-colored eye. He smiled at her, slow and content, and even though it was uncomfortably hot and they were both sweaty and exhausted, Sora rolled and curled against his side, her hand on his solid chest, her knee tucked against his thigh. He sighed and placed a large palm on her back, spreading his long fingers wide against sun-warmed skin and they breathed together in the sun until they both dozed and nothing could have moved them.

Summer was Tai's favorite season. Sora was Tai's favorite season.