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Withered Roses
By Silver Sailor Ganymede

There used to be roses on Earth, glorius, beautiful roses. Their vibrant colours gave light to our planet even in the darkest of times, but now only darkness remains

The roses used to be beautiful, but ever since his death they have faded. Their once vibrant colours now pale; their life is gone and their beauty no longer visible. But they were once the most beautiful of all flowers, the most longed for and coveted, but they died along with him, died along with everything of meaning.

The crystal of the Moon had saved the others, but he was linked to the crystal of the Earth and so was beyond saving. When he died, Earth died. When he died, Elysian died. When he died, she died also, living yet so broken she could not so much as see, lost as she was within her own memories.

I remember a time when Earth was beautiful, like the roses were, but the Earth is beyond saving. When love dies, life dies with it.

Now only withered roses remain in this land of death.