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On the Nature of Humanity
By Silver Sailor Ganymede

Humanity hides its face behind an ugly mask
Only shows what it thinks is right
Never following what it believes
I am not as they are
Go against the rivers; try to stop the tides
A futile attempt to be what you are in a world of clones
Beautiful dystopias of shattered mirrors
Thoughts form, live, die, all in an instant
Kill me now, slit the speech away from me
Never think, never say, never do, never be
Something hated yet admired by all
Yet never even seen
Just one of many although there are no others
You cannot forget what never occurred
Cannot unlearn what you were never taught
Just another one of millions
Another beautifully disgusting fa├žade
Isolate yourself within the arena of logic
Mistakes will be tolerated by none
Shatter the mirrors, you are not as they see you
Just a warped reflection of all that they suppose
Do not oppose a world where nothing is real
Peace just another excuse for war
One cannot stop the tides of blood