Nymph in servitude R/NC-17
Niklas "Hawk" Jonsson

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Chapter Four:

Tonks awoke with a low moan of surprise, opening her eyes as she felt a slowly growing sensation of fullness in her nether regions. Confusion and astonishment both were complete for a few moments as she recognized her current mattress as the body of one Harry Potter, a sight which she couldn't quite reconcile with the rather unmistakable sensation of a hardening penis inside of her. But recollection swiftly returned to her and she grinned as she recalled their earlier 'encounter'.

She wouldn't refer to it as making love, not quite. But it certainly hadn't been far off, which she hadn't really expected beforehand. She squinted at the window, through which light was shining through. So, she'd either only napped for a few hours or she'd been completely knackered and slept until the next day. The later alternative seemed unlikely, as there was supposed to be an Order meeting in the evening and if she'd missed that, somebody would likely have tried to reach her by now.

She looked back at Harry and smiled. He'd been so sweet. Immensely satisfying as well, but still sweet. Her smile nearly went from ear to ear as she started to penetrate the hazy memories of earlier. He allowing her to control their first encounter, well, control to the best of her ability at the time anyway. Him soiling his boxers. /I got the boy-who-lived's virginity? Score!/ she absently pondered with a bemused and somewhat proud smile. Harry's incoherent babbling as she cleaned him up with her mouth. The pleasurable sensations she'd experienced every time he praised or thanked her. Her renewed oath to never have another beside him. His attempt to make the same and she stopping him from doing so.

She trembled in relief that it was Harry who owned her and not Draco who she had expected to become the new Lord Black. She didn't quite think that her first encounter with him, hell, any encounter with him, would have been even half as great as this one with Harry. Considering the fact that they hardly knew each other or what made the other tick, it likely would only get better with time and experience.

It was a thought that boggled the mind. It was hard to believe that anything could ever be better, but logically she guessed that it would in fact get better in time.

She slowly started riding on Harry, smiling as the pleasurable sensations soon awoke the younger man with a startled gasp, his eyes widening as his bleary gaze zeroed in on her and quickly refocused itself. His eyes widened even further as he observed her gently bouncing breasts, then his gaze slowly dragged itself up to her face.

"Tonks..." he mumbled and smiled up at her.

"We'll have to be quick. There's an Order meeting this evening that I have to attend." she warned him through a haze of dual pleasure. "Pending my Masters permission to attend it, of course." she added with a teasing smile.

"I don't think I ever want you to leave. But if you must, you must." he sighed theatrically and she raised an eyebrow at him.

"What's this? Harry Potter, did you just make a joke?" Tonks teased him. "I must be a good influence on you."

"The best." Harry swiftly agreed and reached up to caress her breasts, experimentally running his fingers over them. She'd restrained a lot of his movements earlier and it was with a fair bit of tentativeness that he explored her chest now. She smiled reassuringly down at him, letting him know that it was all right.

"They're yours, you know. Every single piece and part you see, every nook and cranny of little old me you don't see, is now yours. Warts, wrinkles and all." Tonks murmured and closed her eyes in utter bliss. "Oh, Harry. I'm forever yours! Heart, mind and soul." she happily informed him and bent down towards him, pressing her lips against his.

She was secretly somewhat worried over how quickly and completely she had accepted Harry, fretting over what she'd feel once the relief of not being forced to serve some asshole had passed. But Tonks had always been a creature of the present, so she simply resolved to enjoy the good times now and deal with the possible meltdown later.

Harry grabbed her and turned them over, putting Tonks on her back, completely ravaging her lips with his as he thrust into her at an ever increasing pace. The dual pleasures she felt from the both of them soon drove her over the edge and as her contractions became too much for Harry, his burst of pleasure thrust her over the edge again.

"Merlin and Morgana... I guess I never have to worry about my own satisfaction." Tonks moaned. "As long as you're having a blast, then so am I." she laughed and kissed him again.

"You're a treasure, Tonks." Harry informed her as she pulled away.

"A sore, sweaty, stinking and sticky treasure. Could I possibly interest you in a shower before my departure, Lord Potter-Black?" Tonks inquired with a mock serious expression.

"You could, I suppose. Pending on what my incentive for it would be, of course." Harry countered with a decent attempt at a serious expression, though the twitching corners of his mouth betrayed his amusement.

"Why, whatever my Lord might desire, of course." she said and wiggled her bum, then rolled them over again so that she was the one on top. "I'm confident that you'll think of 'something' or that 'something' will turn up." she drawled and pulled herself off him, climbing off the bed.

"I suppose you're correct, treasure." he agreed and gingerly got out of bed, feeling exhausted and stiff, but the euphoria he felt turned that little problem pretty much inconsequential.

"Got any towels around here?" Tonks asked and held up her torn t-shirt, before letting it drop to the ground.

"Uhm... No." Harry admitted.

"Hm. Oh, well." Tonks sighed and reached for her wand, then repaired their clothes. With some additional magic, she also transfigured two broken toy guns into large fluffy towels.

"Why is yours light blue and mine hot pink?" Harry asked when she handed the more colourful one to him.

"Pink looks good on you." Tonks declared.

"Only when it's attached to you." he countered and smiled as he reached down and trailed his fingers over her pink pubic hair, smiling as she moaned and shuddered at his touch.

"Lord Potter-Black... How daring of you." Tonks murmured in approval.

"Just inspecting my property, treasure." he replied and took a step closer, bending over for another kiss.

"Mmmmmbetter get going, or we'll never get to that shower." Tonks purred as she pulled her head away and took a step back away from Harry.

"Better bring these." Harry said with a tired sigh as he handed Tonks her wand and grasped his firmly as he stared at the door. "I don't think the Dursley's will be pleased to see you or learn why you're here. We've never discussed it, but I think they may have a problem with any servants that aren't theirs. They have no problems with me serving them, but I rather suspect they'll take offence to the idea of anyone serving me."

"Have they behaved themselves during your stay? Did our little scare at the station work out?" Tonks asked.

"I haven't been beaten yet, they don't complain all that much when I grab something to eat and I get to decide when and in what order to do the chores of the week, as long as they're all done by the end of the week." Harry replied with a shrug. "Compared to how things usually are, it's a whole world of improvement."

"Morons. I'll show them what's what." Tonks growled and brandished her wand like a cudgel, then her shoulders slumped and she stared at Harry with a resigned expression. "That again? I am not cute when I'm angry!" she insisted.

"Oh, but you are, treasure." Harry argued as he wrapped the disgusting pink towel around his body, looking down at himself. "Pink suits me?" he asked dryly.

"Yes. Most assuredly." Tonks replied with a mock serious expression, then burst out laughing. "You look like a pink marshmallow with hair on top!" she chuckled.

"Pink marshmallow indeed." Harry grumbled as he stalked towards the door and yanked it open.

Or tried to, at least.

"What the?" Harry asked.

"Oh, yeah. Mom cast locking and silencing charms before she left." Tonks replied as she too wrapped the towel around her naked body, then walked over to join Harry at the door, unlocking the door with a twirl of her wand. That was a spell she'd used so often over the years that she was no longer required to actually say the words. She still couldn't dispense with the weaving of the wand however.

"Whatever for?" Harry asked, then paled. "She... She knew?!" he demanded to know with a horrified expression on his face. It wasn't every day when one found out that ones lovers mother was aware that there were going to be hanky-panky before the fact!

Or so he guessed, at any rate. Harry wasn't exactly experienced in these sort of matters.

"She knew that I wanted too and probably suspected that you'd cave after I made that clear to you." Tonks replied with a faint shrug. "Before we came here for the binding, I asked her to do it just in case. Mom is a whole lot better at it then me."

"She is?" Harry asked, thinking back on the reading and binding, considering the woman he'd met. She was tall and he could certainly see that she shared some traits with both Narcissa and Bellatrix. She was taller then either of her sisters and much more beautiful then Bellatrix, but not quite on the same level as Narcissa. Andromeda's beauty felt more natural somehow, not quite as artificially beautiful like Narcissa. Her charcoal black hair was cut off just above her shoulders and faintly curly, trailing down her head and neck in wavy lines. A prominent nose somewhat larger then one may expect was the focus of her face, but somehow it suited her face perfectly. She'd been sad at the will reading and tense at the binding, but he had the impression that hers was a face that was more used to joy and smiling then the expressions he'd seen on it so far.

All in all, she seemed like a very pleasant sort and didn't at all strike him as a powerful witch. All it took to realize that McGonagall was powerful was one look at her and despite her bedraggled appearance, Bellatrix had also struck him as a powerful witch the moment he laid eyes on her.

"She was a disgrace to the Blacks and Malfoys. Her older sister is You-know-who's top female Death Eater, her younger sister is married to his top male Death Eater. Also consider that she wasn't part of the Order after I was born, so she had to manage on her own along with pops through the war. She wasn't all that popular with the Dark and yet, she and pops got themselves and me through it all alive." Tonks said and smiled. "I'll admit that she doesn't look like much at first glance, but my mother is likely one of the most powerful witches alive today who hasn't gone through some dark rituals, if not the most powerful. Skill-wise she's rather well off too. When it comes to light-based defensive spellwork, there's few who can match her. Flitwick, Dumbledore, McGonagall and possibly Bill Weasley, but I don't think there's anyone else in the country who is her equal in that area. Coupled with the darker spells she knows... Well, let's just say that short of using the Unforgivables, I can't break through her shields and even if I used the Unforgivables, she'd be able to deflect or neutralize them. Couple with her raw magical strength and well..."

"Wow." Harry commented as Tonks opened the door and he took point, leading her towards the bathroom. "And your father?" he asked.

"A right old slob, as I once said." she replied and grinned. "He and mother have the most dreadful arguments from time to time about that. She's a neat-freak and he couldn't care less about neatness. He's forbidden from ever entering the kitchen and she put a lightening curse on the door to her office to keep him out." she explained and smiled. "You're lucky that she was distracted today, or she would likely have hung around here to tidy up the place for you." she said and Harry shuddered at the thought of the stately woman going through 'his' room, cleaning and putting things to order for him. He could just imagine the look he'd get when she found a pair of old underpants underneath some of Dudley's broken toys or something like that.

"Pops is a Muggleborn and went to Hogwarts, but he left the Wizarding World after his education. He was very sick when I was young, which is where mother's debt came from. He wasn't completely cured until about two years after Voldemorts fall and only then returned to the Wizarding World. He's still a bit rusty with a lot of things, having forgotten a lot from not having used much magic for such a long time. But you wouldn't want to be on the wrong side of his wand in a fight, especially not if mother is with him. She can deflect or neutralize just about anything thrown at them and he knows more powerful offensive spells then most, having had plenty of time to observe people trying to get at the two of them from behind mothers shields. He's also really good at Apparition." she continued and smiled sheepishly as the two entered the bathroom.

"I was feeling a bit cocky after I'd finished my three years in Auror School and challenged them to a duel. That was the most embarrassing experience of my life. I threw spells at mother's shields for almost three full minutes and when father finally made a move, I threw up the most powerful shield I could. His spell went through it like a hot knife through butter and knocked me out for six hours. If I don't morph it away, a mark still shows on my left shoulder from that spell." she said and shook her head. "Having seen that, I can certainly understand how the two of them made it through the war on their own without a scratch to show for it."

"What do they do?" Harry asked as they hung up their towels and entered the spacious shower stall together. It was almost indecently large and luxurious. But considering that Vernon and Dudley were part of the household, Vernon had to buy the largest stall he could find if he and Dudley didn't want to take their showers in the garden using the garden hose.

"Father is a low-level desk jockey at the Ministry of Magic now and Mom is an editor slash proof-reader. If you look at your school books, you'll likely find mothers name listed inside most of them. At least the ones published in the last five years. Pops is also one of the examiners for the Apparition Licensing tests, when he's not busy being a clerk." Tonks replied. "They were blacklisted in the Wizarding World after mom left the Blacks and married pops, so they had to work in the Muggle world for a long time." she explained and captured his lips in a passionate kiss, then suddenly darted out of the shower stall.

"WWWWWWAIIIIIIEEEEKKK!" Harry shrieked girlishly as cold water unexpectedly struck him, making him realize why Tonks had leapt away like that.

"AOW!" Tonks cried out with her eyes bulging as she both felt Harry's discomfort and was punished by the collar for what it interpreted as an attack on her master. "Shit!" she yelped while Harry pressed himself against the wall to get out of the spray as he turned the heat up on the water.

"You okay? Did you bang against something?" Harry asked with a concerned voice, though his expression was somewhat irked due to her unexpected prank.

"For once, no! This fucking thing thought that I was attacking you!" Tonks groused and rubbed her choker collar. "Ruddy nuisance..."

"Hm." Harry grunted and held out his hand, checking the temperature of the spray, then he stepped into it as the temperature was now pleasant instead of icy cold.

"'Hm'? Is that all you have to say?" Tonks complained.

"Ordinarily, I'd offer my sympathy and support." Harry replied. "At the moment, I think you got what you deserved for that little stunt." he muttered under his breath, but Tonks sharp ears picked up on it and the anklets let her know that he felt vindicated.

"Feh. This sucks. What fun is there if I can't even play pranks on you?" Tonks complained bitterly as she stepped into the stall and closed the sliding doors behind her.

"I promise that I'll try to find some way to get you out of those things, Tonks. So mote it be." Harry promised her as he reached out and traced a sole finger over the choker.

"It's not possible, Harry. Once on, these things will always stay on. 'Until the end of days', remember?" she protested.

"It's not possible to survive the Killing Curse either, Tonks." Harry countered. "Just 'So mote it be' my oath." he added, throwing her earlier words right back at her.

"So mote it be." Tonks murmured and felt the faint tingle signalling the magic accepting his promise.

"C'mere." he said and pulled her into a warm embrace. "I'll make everything all right, treasure. You'll be free as a bird before long."

"Thanks, Harry." Tonks whispered into the crook of his neck as she wrapped her own arms around him. "What's with this 'treasure' thing?" she inquired.

"You don't like it?" Harry asked with an anxious expression.

"Well, it's certainly an improvement over some of the other things I've been called over the years." she admitted. "Mom knows how much I disapprove of both 'Nymphadora' and 'Nymph'. It doesn't stop her from using them, mind you, but she knows that I don't like it. Dumbledore and McGonagall never seems to really wise up to the fact that I don't like my name. They may respect it for a while after I've reminded them of it, but they always backslide sooner or later. I think Snape only uses it because he knows that it annoys me, ruddy plonker... 'Nymph' seems pretty popular as a pet name, lord knows why. 'Nym', 'Nymmie' and 'Dora' has also been attempted. Never really liked them either. 'Chamelion' earned the user a punch in the gut and lord knows that I was tempted after 'Changeling'. Fred and George may get away with 'Tonksie' for now, but that's just until I've come up with the appropriate revenge scheme."

"It's okay to use it, then?" Harry asked.

"If that yanks your crank, g'ahead." she offered with a shrug.

"I thought that was your job. 'Yanking' my 'crank', that is..." Harry murmured and Tonks boggled at that, but quickly composed herself although she made a mental note to herself to read the materials she had gathered as she read up on the control devices the contract specified she had to wear a little more carefully then she had so far. She'd mostly read up on how they affected her, but she was now starting to suspect that something had changed with Harry as well.

Changed in a big way.

His odd behaviour certainly warranted further investigation.


"Is that an order, Master?" she asked with a sultry smile as she put those kind of thoughts out of her mind, her hands starting to rub his lower back and slowly trailing downwards towards his very grabable bum. Only a complete knowledge freak would put off gratification for the pursuit of knowledge and while she'd always managed decent to excellent grades in all her subjects other then Stealth, she certainly wasn't one to pass up on a chance to enjoy the pleasures that life had to offer.

"Hell no. I'm still sore from earlier." he declined and gently grasped her arms, stopping her hands from descending to his ass which made her emit a frustrated sigh, before she perked up.

"Wimp." she snorted teasingly and suddenly had to conceal the pain she received for making that derogatory statement to Harry. "Ah well, no matter. We'll just have to practise on your endurance and recovery from now on. Lots and lots of practise." she purred while absently wondering how long it'd take her to get used to getting punished for what to her was completely natural behaviour. "Or I could snatch up my wand and..." she drawled with a single raised eyebrow, making a waving motion with her hand.

"We'll save that for later. I wouldn't want you to be late to your meeting." Harry responded and reached for the shampoo.

"Here, let me." Tonks offered and snatched the bottle away before he could reach it.

What followed as the two of them washed each other nearly made Harry reconsider Tonks earlier offer to relieve his soreness, but he stuck with his initial decision and while there were a few lingering touches and caresses, the two of them wrapped their joint shower up pretty quickly none the less.

The two of them dressed and returned to Harry's room, Harry feeling extremely grateful that the Dursley's hadn't made an appearance as of yet. He didn't think they'd be very approving of his new servant and they most assuredly would not approve of him taking any joint showers with her.

"Harry. How do you want to do this?" Tonks asked anxiously as the two of them sat opposite each other on the bed, glancing at the alarm clock radio on his bedside table. The front panel was cracked and the leftmost digit was missing entirely, but it seemed to work otherwise. She counted herself lucky, as it appeared that she still had almost forty-five minutes left until the meeting was supposed to start.

"Do what?" Harry asked.

"The meeting is in forty-five minutes. What do I do? Do I tell them? Do I keep it a secret?" she added for clarification.

"That's up to you, Tonks. It's your life, even though it belongs to me in the eyes of the law. I don't ever want you to think of it like that though. You're still your own person, with thoughts, desires and wants of your own." Harry replied.

"Of course I am! That goes without saying." Tonks agreed with a shake of her head. "But me telling others or not affects you and because of that, I wanted to know your feelings on it before I made my own mind up." she told him with a withering expression.

"Oh. Well..." he started to say, then trailed off as he thought about it. "Well, I don't really know anything about stuff like this. I don't know about the legal applications or anything. Hell, I didn't even know that slavery was legal!"

"It's not." Tonks replied and leaned back, resting her upper-body weight on her arms, incidentally putting her breasts on display, absently noticing how Harry noticed. She smiled and distracted him for a while by shrinking and enlarging them, before she returned them to normal and reached out with her right foot to gently close his mouth and raise his gaze to her face. "Hold that thought for later, loverboy. If there even was a thought beyond 'Boobs!' somewhere in there between your ears." she teased him which caused Harry to blush to a beet red. "The contract doesn't say anything at all about slavery, all that mentions is servitude and servant. Keeping servants, even unpaid servants, is perfectly legal. While frowned upon, these haven't been outlawed either, as the practise of using them has fallen out of favour over the years. As far as I know, they've only been used four times in the last hundred years." she continued and shrugged.

"There might be a few other instances in other traditional families, but in that case it's been kept well under wraps." she admitted. "Anyway, from a legal standpoint, there's nothing wrong about all of this. I'm simply repaying a debt my family had to your family, albeit in a very archaic manner. Few Purebloods, if any, will question this whole arrangement. Half-bloods might, if they've been raised primarily as Muggles. Muggleborns... Well, it depends on what culture and religion they've been raised with, I guess."

"Hermione..." Harry mumbled and shook his head, a shiver running down his spine. "She won't like this. Not one bit." Harry said with a pensive expression.

"She does strike you as somebody who might disapprove, doesn't she?" Tonks agreed with a small smile. "Well, at least it might distract her from that whole barfing thing."

"SPEW." Harry absently corrected her. "Do you think your mother might teach me a few of those shields she knows?" he inquired as he tried to imagine Hermione's reaction to Tonks new status as servant for life. His servant!

"Hermione is a reasonable girl, Harry. I'm sure we can explain matters to her satisfaction." Tonks claimed. "We might want to keep that idea in mind anyway though. Mom could teach you a thing or two about defence, no doubt about that. She's not all that keen on returning to the Order, but perhaps I could persuade her to at least give you a few pointers. What with all the trouble you constantly find yourself in, knowing a thing or two about defence other then what you learn at Hogwarts might not be a bad idea."

"I don't think it's possible to explain anything to Hermione's satisfaction." Harry replied and couldn't resist from sporting a small smile as he considered that. "She'll still be convinced that there's more to learn about it and then set out to do just that." he continued with a gentle smile as he thought about one of the best friends he had. Then his smile vanished as he realized that she might not be his friend very much longer.

"It's okay, Harry. You won't lose her." Tonks assured him. "I promise. I'll talk to her if she becomes upset about it."

"Well. If it's legal and all, I don't see why you wouldn't want to tell the Order about it." Harry finally responded.

"Me either. But you still haven't told me what you think about it." Tonks reminded him.

"Well, I am a little nervous." Harry admitted, then chuckled and Tonks raised eyebrow while she pointedly rubbed the anklet on her left ankle with her right heel. "Okay, a lot nervous. I'm scared out of my mind, wondering how everybody will react to this."

"And what would you like me to do?" Tonks inquired.

"I'd like for this to be a secret for a while longer." he finally replied.

"All right, at least I know how you feel and think about it now." Tonks replied and leaned forward, resting her arms on her knees. "Howzabout this? I tell them about the debt. Dumbledore already knows about that anyway. I also tell them that we couldn't raise the money and that I had to go through with it, becoming your servant. I'll have to tell everything to Kingsley, though. He needs to know as it could affect my work. I'll also tell Hestia everything, because the two of us are friends and I know that I can count on her to keep it a secret." she suggested and shrugged. "We can tell everybody about the collar and stuff when you're feeling up to it."

"Sounds good." Harry replied with a faint smile.

"So... Do you want me to come back here afterwards or would you prefer it if I sodded off to my apartment?" Tonks inquired.

"I'd like for you to be here, but I guess you'd better go home." Harry answered after a few moments of serious consideration.

"Home is where the heart is, Harry. That's with you now." Tonks replied and Harry grinned.

"You're a sap, Tonks." he said with a wry expression. "Never figured you for a sap."

"100 percent, through and through." she admitted. "Nobody quite expects it, what with me being such a fun gal and all. But underneath this pink-haired joking exterior, lurks the avid reader of sappy romance novels and behind these babies beats the heart of a hardcore blue-blooded sap." she explained and jokingly patted her breasts.

/And I'm starting to wonder if you're not one as well./ Tonks thought, recalling a few of Harry's previous statements. /Or if you've only become one now.../ she continued, still nursing a few suspicions about Harry's behaviour recently. She couldn't claim to really know him, but from what little she did know about him and had observed in person since first meeting him face-to-face, he'd acted really oddly and unexpectedly lately.

"Well. You go wherever you want to then. I'd like if that was here, but I'll understand completely if it's not." Harry told her.

"All rightie. See ya later then, Harry." Tonks approved and leaned over for a swift kiss, then Apparated away with a faint 'pop'.

"Bye..." Harry whispered to himself and was lost in his own thoughts for a minute or two, before he rose with a sigh and headed out of his room to work on his chores.

The End! ( For now... )