It was a cool night.A slate colored haze was overtaking the horizon,casting dull shadows across the building. The waning moon shown dim in the slightly overcast sky and a thin layer of fog encased the campus grounds. A soft wind blew through the opened window, tossing ebony strands of hair in the air. Elphaba was perched on the narrow windowsill, bare feet poking out from underneath her nightdress. She flexed her toes then curled them into the wood beneath her, her eyes fixed on something unseen.

She knew why she was up. Why she was unable to sleep. Why her hand had refused to let go of the paler one of her roommate. She knew all these answers, but refused to let her mind linger on any of them. Speaking aloud and addressing them would make them all too real, and Elphaba didn't think she was ready for that. Instead she sighed, took another quick glance at her bed where she could see the faint outline of the small blonde, then drew her legs closer to her body and rested her head on her knees. Across the room Galinda lay curled up on Elphaba's bed, half of the grey blanket tucked around her feet while the other half lay on the floor. Her hands were tucked under her cheek peacefully, legs curled up near her chest. Datura lay in a tight ball near the end of the bed, a soft humming purr drifting through the room.

A strong cool breeze blew through the window, causing Galinda to shiver slightly.Her brows came together and she tossed her head back and forth. For a moment Elphaba thought she might wake up. She watched silently as the small blonde's whole body tensed up and curled even further into itself before releasing,eventually relaxing into the bed again with a soft sigh.

Elphaba let out the breath she had been holding and looked back outside. Dawn had barely broke. Everything was still. Even the birds were respectfully silent, as if waiting for something to happen. This was Elphaba's favorite time, and if everything outside hadn't been wet from the rains of yesterday and the lingering damp fog of the moment, she probably would of settled outside with a book and read until well after the sun rose.

"Elphie?" Came a quiet soft voice. Elphaba looked over at her bed, expecting to see the blonde siting up. But to her surprise, Galinda was still sleeping, though less peacefully than five minutes ago. She seemed restless, and changed her position every few seconds as if trying to escape from a bad dream. Elphaba watched silently from the other side of the room, her body anchored to the windowsill. She wanted to go to the small blonde and wake her but something kept her from moving.

Datura,having been awakened by all the movement, was now sitting on the edge of the bed, her bright eyes staring at Elphaba. Her tail whisked from side to side and she brought one paw up to her face and started to clean herself.
Suddenly, Galinda's eyes opened and she sat up drowsily. She rubbed her eyes then looked around the dark room, her eyes squinting.

"Elphie?" She repeated, her voice scratchy from sleep.

"What?" Elphaba asked softly, her eyes trained outside again.Galinda looked around again, as if trying to see where the voice had come from. "Where are you?" She asked, her mind still groggy from sleep.

Elphaba moved her gaze back to the blonde, her head resting on her knees again. She didn't say anything.

"Elphie?" Galinda asked a little more urgently when she didn't get an answer. A flicker of a small smile formed on Elphaba's thin lips, but was gone in a second, as if the wind had swiped it off her face. "I'm here," she answered softly.

Galinda turned her head toward the voice and finally saw the outline of a figure next to the window. She slowly got out of bed and walked on shaky legs to the other side of the room. When she reached the window her heart gave a leap upon seeing where Elphaba was sitting.

"What are you doing?" The blonde whispered, her arms moving to cover herself as she felt the cool wind blow again.

"Just thinking," Elphaba said quietly.

"Aren't you afraid?" Galinda asked, keeping a safe distance away so she couldn't accidentlly bump her and send her flying out the window.

The smile returned to Elphaba's face and she looked at the blonde, wisps of her hair flying in the wind. "I have to admit, that sometimes my thoughts can be a little scary"

A smile played on Galinda's lips, but she turned serious again. "I meant...aren't you afraid of f-falling"

Elphaba's eyebrows rose and she looked down at the ground a few stories down, as if just realizing where she was. She looked back at the small blonde and noticed her shivering a little.

"Are you cold?" Elphaba asked, tilting her head to the side.

"No," Galinda said as a shiver ran up her spine and she broke out in gooseflesh.

Elphaba didn't say anything, but beckoned the small blonde to come closer. Galinda hesitated. Elphaba sighed and scooted so her legs hung out the window, her nightdress flaring out with the wind.

"Elphie!" Galinda exclaimed in a loud whisper as she lunged at the window and grabbed hold of the green girls arm.

Elphaba couldn't help the chuckle that escaped her lips, "Honestly Blondie, I'm not going to jump," she said then grabbed hold of her wrist and pulled her closer so she wouldn't run away.

"Elphie..." The blonde whispered nervously, her free hand clutching the windowsil.

"I'm not going to do anything Glin," Elphaba said seriously, releasing the blonde's wrist and leaning forward a bit to look at the ground again.

Galinda grabbed hold of Elphaba's shoulders and pulled her back a little. "Stop doing that," the blonde scolded, resting her forehead on the back of Elphaba's head.

Elphaba closed her eyes and sighed. They stayed in this position for a few moments,neither saying anything. It was Galinda who broke the silence.

"Did you just call me Glin?" She asked softly, pulling away slightly so Elphaba could turn and look at her.

Elphaba looked pensive for a few moments, her eyes trained on the blue ones in front of her. "What, you're the only one who gets a nickname?" She asked, a small smile tugging at her lips.

Galinda smiled and leaned in to give a soft kiss on her thin lips then pulled back just slightly. "I like it," she whispered then kissed the side of Elphaba's mouth lightly.

Another silence ensued. Elphaba was leaning back against the blonde who still had her hands protectively on the green girl's shoulders.

After a few minutes, Elphaba felt Galinda shiver again. She pulled one of the hands from her shoulder and brought it to her lips, giving it a soft kiss that made Galinda sigh. Then she swung her legs over the sill and slid her feet to the floor.

"You're cold," Elphaba stated softly, then hesitated slightly before placing both her hands on the blonde's shoulders.

"Only a little," she said then cuddled up to the green girl's chest.Elphaba startled a little before she wrapped her arms around the blonde's shoulders.

"What were you thinking about?" Galinda asked, listening to the rhythmic beating of Elphaba's heart.

"Stuff," she replied.

"Must you always be so vague Elphie?" Galinda asked.

"I like being vague, adds to my character," Elphaba said with a smirk.Galinda sighed.

"That's your pergative"

"Prerogative," Elphaba corrected.

Galinda gave a soft giggle as she closed her eyes and leaned more heavily against her roommate.

The birds outside had just begun to come alive, creating a soothing atmosphere in the room. A cool draft continued to drift through the room, and Galinda snuggled closer to Elphaba to block the chill.

"What kind of Stuff were you thinking about?" The blonde tried again.

Elphaba shrugged, "Just...stuff. Anything and everything"

Galinda sighed and turned her head so she could press her lips to the hallow of Elphaba's throat. "Why wont you open up to me?" She whispered against her skin.

Elphaba closed her eyes,but didn't say anything.

"Lay with me again Elphie?" Galinda asked almost tearfully as she pulled away and tugged on Elphaba's arm lightly.

Once again Elphaba didn't respond but allowed herself to be pulled away from the window and over to her bed. She picked up the blanket that now lay on the floor, and waited for the blonde to establish her position on the bed before sitting next to her and pulling the woolly blanket over both of them.

Neither had bothered to close the window, and the room soon became much cooler. Galinda cuddled closer, pulling Elphaba down a little so she could rest her head on her shoulder comfortably.

At the other end of the bed, Datura was making herself comfortable again, the soft purr returning as she kneaded the blanket.
They stayed in this position for what seemed like hours. The arm that the small blonde was laying on was starting to fall asleep, and Elphaba was getting restless. The more the outside world woke up, the more Elphaba did. When she couldn't take another agonizing minute, Elphaba made sure the blonde was sleeping soundly and slowly started to untangle herself from her. Much to her surprise, she felt the soft weight of Galinda's leg drape over her own and felt fingers curling into her nightdress.

"Where goin'?" Galinda asked sleepily, her eyes still closed. Elphaba hesitated.

"I...I just needed to stretch my legs," Elphaba whispered, once again trying to untangle their limbs. But Galinda held on tighter.

"No,stay," she said quietly,"please"

Elphaba sighed and reluctantly settled back into the bed, but in a more comfortable position, her hand now running through soft blonde curls. She felt Galinda sigh and snuggle a little closer.

"Don't leave me Elphie...don't leave," the blonde whispered, her voice trailing off near the end.
Elphaba felt her heart ache slightly and she closed her eyes tightly.

"I'll wait right here my sweet," she said, but was certain that the blonde hadn't heard her because her breathing had turned even again.


It was nearly noon. Galinda was packing some last minute things into one of her suitcases. Every now and then she'd stop what she was doing and stand by the window with Elphaba. They barely talked, neither knowing quite what to say. Even had they known, the quietness that passed between them was comforting, and should they speak a single syllable it might upset that balance between them. Neither of them wanted that.

Once in a while, Ama Clutch would hobble in, muttering to herself as she went around the room tidying up. She would say a few things to them, ask them if they wanted tea or some biscuits or if she could help with the packing. She seemed a little distracted and would often walk away in the middle of doing one thing and start an entirely different project.

The room had a somberness to it. The window that was still open allowed a pleasant draft to shift the air around the room. Elphaba was now sitting on her bed with a book opened. She could hear Galinda rifling through her side of the wardrobe again and she let a faint smile grace her lips, certain that the blonde's suitcase couldn't possibly hold anything else in it. She looked up when she herd a muffle voice.

"I can't hear you Blondie," she said, shifting her eyes back to her book. Galinda huffed and appeared from the wardrobe with a few dresses.

"This would be a whole lot easier if I knew how long I'd be staying," she said annoyingly. She placed her hands on her hips and looked at the two dresses she had just emerged from the wardrobe with. She chewed her bottom lip and ran her fingers over the hem of one of them.

Elphaba looked up as she heard a loud sigh. She watched the blonde push the two dresses aside and walk back over to the wardrobe.

"Galinda why don't you take a break, I'm sure you have enough clothing to last you a year in that suitcase," she said seriously. Galinda stopped moving dresses around in the wardrobe and stood still for a moment before she turned around, tears in her eyes.

"Yea," the blonde said quietly,"I'll stop for a moment." She sat down on the floor in front of the wardrobe, tears falling down her cheeks. Elphaba's eyebrows came together. She closed her book and stood from the bed then walked towards the blonde.

"Glin?" Elphaba asked as she crouched down in front of Galinda. Galinda closed her eyes tightly, more tears falling.

"Galinda whats wrong?" Elphaba asked, running her finger down the bridge of the blonde's nose. Galinda sniffed and opened her eyes, shifting them away from the sandy brown ones in front of her.

"It's nothing," she said quietly. Elphaba raised her eyebrows.

"Nothing doesn't cause tears my sweet"

Galinda sighed and pushed herself up off the floor. Elphaba stood with her.

"It's just...well...," she looked down at the pale pink dress she was wearing and gave a frustrated sigh, "look at me!"

Elphaba startled at the sudden change in octave and looked at her confused. "I am looking at you"

Galinda gave another loud sigh, fresh tears falling down her cheeks.

"No, I mean...Look at me!" She tried again, her hands motioning to her dress. "Look at what I'm wearing"

Elphaba's eyebrows knitted together, "Galinda I don't understand"

Galinda grabbed a handful of her dress and bunched it in her fist."This..I-I can't see her while wearing this...this or an-any of my clothes!" She went over to her bed and dumped out her suitcase. Dresses of all different shades falling onto the floor at her feet.

"Why not?" Elphaba asked, still confused.

"B-because!" Galinda exasperated, bending down to pick up a few of them. "Look! They're all bright an-and frilly, and..and it's not proper!" She threw them back on the floor and kicked them to the side.

Elphaba continued to stare, unsure of what the blonde was talking about.

"I c-can't just walk into my house wearing bright clothes..not when...not when my mother" Galinda paused in her outburst for a moment, hot tears streaking down her cheeks. Elphaba felt torn, wanting to comfort her and wanting to let her get it off her chest. It was obviously something that needed getting out.

"She'll think that I'm all happy and..and..that I don't care that she's...I can't do that Elphie! I can't!" Galinda was shouting now. She picked up one of the bright dresses that was still on her bed and held it up. "Why can't I wear r-regular clothes..all I own is bright and-and pink! I-I can't let her think that I'm h-happy..that I think it's g-good that she's..she's dieing..." Galinda voice trailed off and she looked at the dress in her hands, her bottom lip trembling. Elphaba held her breath,eyes wide.

Galinda didn't say anything, but stared at the dress she was holding. It's bright pink trim matching the pinkness on her tear stained cheeks.

"Galinda?" Elphaba asked cautiously, afraid the blonde may start shouting again. It took a moment, but Galinda looked over at her roommate and gave a defeated sigh.

"She' OZ Elphie..she's d-dieing," the blonde said quietly, her voice barely above a whisper, "She's dieing and I'm worried about..about my wardrobe?" She dropped the dress and looked at the mess she'd made, more tears leaking from her eyes.

"What-what kind of d-daughter am I?" She asked tearfully, her voice tight as she looked back at Elphaba.
Elphaba was at a loss of words, and only just made it to the blonde in time to catch her before she fell. Gently, she eased them both to the floor.

Galinda buried her face in Elphaba's chest as sobs wracked her body, her arms wrapped tightly around the green girls waist. Elphaba shifted so the blonde was sitting, more or less, in her lap and pulled her closer as she cried. She ran her fingers through the blonde curls and closed her eyes as she gently rocked them both side to side.

After a few moments, Galinda's sobs turned into ragged breathing, eventually dieing down to sniffles. Elphaba kissed the top of the blonde's head and hugged her tighter.

"Your mother loves you Galinda, she loves you. Without ever meeting her I know this. She's not going to care if you show up wearing bright colors and flowers in your hair. She's going to want you to be your beautiful, bubbly,outgoing,loving sometimes stubborn self"
Galinda gave a weak giggle that turned into a quiet sob and she hugged Elphaba tighter.

"She's not going to love you any less for being who you are Galinda. I hope you know that," Elphaba added.

"Elphie..." she whispered after a moment, her fingers clutching the navy blue dress Elphaba was wearing.

"Yea?" Elphaba asked, as she closed her eyes.

"I'm sorry," the blonde said quietly, pulling away slightly and turning her head as if ashamed.

"Sorry? Sorry for what?" Elphaba asked, puzzled.

Galinda shrugged, more tears gathering in her eyes. Elphaba frowned and tired to catch the blonde's eyes.

"Glin, you don't have to apologize"

Galinda sighed shakily, "I's just"

"What?" Elphaba asked. Galinda finally looked up at her, her bottom lip quivering slightly.

"I'm s-scarred," she whispered, a single tear falling down her cheek. Elphaba sighed.

"Of what"

"This will be the first time that I'll be coming in contact with my papa since...since..." Galinda closed her eyes and licked her bottom lip. She swallowed thickly before opening her eyes again, "What if..." She paused and sighed shakily, looking straight at Elphaba and taking her hand in her own.

Elphaba waited for the blonde to continue. What if? What if what? She thought, a hundred different ways that sentence could be finished running through her head.

"What if he wont let me come b-back"

Elphaba stared at her, shock evident on her face. She hadn't thought of that possibility. The idea that she might not be able to see the small blonde after she left wasn't something Elphaba was prepared for. In all truth, the realization scarred her a little.

Galinda watched her roommate's face change from shock to worry and tears once again leapt to the brim of her eyes. She looked down at their entwined hands and admired the contrast. Elphaba opened her mouth as if she was going to speak, but closed it after a moment. She erased the worry from her face, not wanting the small blonde to worry. If she was going to be scared, then Elphaba had to be brave. They couldn't both fall apart at the same time.

They stayed in silence for a moment, both once again at a loss for words. Galinda's vision was becoming blurry from the unshead tears and she squeezed her eyes shut, letting them fall freely down her cheeks. She jumped suddenly when she felt Elphaba jerk their hands apart and she looked at the green girl, confusion etched on her face. When it dawned on her what had happened, she felt more tears gather in her eyes but refused to let them fall.

Elphaba gave a weak smile as the blonde took her hand to examine to small red mark on her skin.

"I'm sorry," Galinda whispered, running her thumb over the mark.

"It's didn't hurt really. Just startled me," Elphaba said quietly. Galinda brought the green girls hand to her lips and gave a soft kiss to the burn. She sniffled and brought her other hand up to wipe the tears that had slipped out of her eyes before they could inflict more damage.

Elphaba sighed and pulled the blonde into another hug, wishing she knew something to say to comfort the girl. But her mind was blank.

Galinda turned her face into the crook of Elphaba's neck and inhaled,almost instantly calming. "Elphie?" She asked, her lips moving lightly against the green skin. Elphaba shivered.


"Come with me?" Galinda asked, her voice tight. Elphaba sighed and closed her eyes.

"I can't"

Galinda inhaled deeply, "Why not"

Elphaba pulled away from the hug and placed both her hands on the blonde's shoulders.

"Because," she said softly, standing up and holding her hand out, "It would make things worse for you."

Galinda's bottom lip trembled as she took the offered hand in her own and allowed herself to be helped up. She shyly grabbed hold of Elphaba's hand and entwined their fingers.

"Please, Elphie..." She said shakily as she looked up at her friend, "I don't think I can do this alone"

Elphaba frowned and pulled the sleeve to her dress so it covered her hand and wiped away the fallen tears on the blonde's face."Now now, none of that Blondie," She said quietly, trying to lighten the mood. "You wont be alone, Ama will be their with you"

Galinda sighed and shook her head slowly, her eyes trained on their hands again.

"It wont be the same," she said, sniffling slightly. She let go of their hands and sat down on her bed with a defeated sigh.

Both girls looked up as they heard the door open, and watched as Ama Clutch hobbled into the room, dragging a suitcase behind her.Her red plaid dress clashing horribly with the bright pink scarf tied around her head. She looked from girl to girl and then to pile of clothes on the floor. She frowned and set her suitcase on the ground.

"Now dearies, it's nearly time to leave. Galinda dear you'll have to pack quickly...what in Lurline's name happened"
Elphaba and Galinda exchanged glances.

"Sorry Ama," Galinda said sadly, then got back down on her knees so she could pick up her spilled dresses and belongings. Elphaba followed suit and accompanied the blonde on the floor.

Ama Clutch shook her head and headed into the bathroom, nearly tripping over Datura as she scooted past her legs and into the room. The cat slowed down once she was clear of the old woman and trotted over to where the two girls were sitting. She nuzzled Galinda's arm and whisked her tail from side to side.

Galinda stopped folding her clothes and scooped the cat in her arms, giving her a long hug. Elphaba paused and watched the blonde. She looked at the bathroom door before scooting closer and laying her hand on Galinda's shoulder to get her attention.
The blonde opened her eyes and looked at Elphaba sadly.

"I'll go with you as far as the Shiz platform, okay?" She whispered. Galinda nodded and took a shaky breath before lunging her body at her friend and enveloping her in a tight hug, Datura squished between them.

Elphaba nearly fell backwards from the sheer force of it, but quickly caught her balance and hugged the blonde just as tight. "I'm going to miss you," Galinda said, tears wetting her face again.Elphaba squeezed her eyes shut and hugged the blonde a little tighter.

Datura, having endured being squished for long enough, finally started to wiggle in the blonde's arms. The girls broke from the hug, giving the white cat some room to breathe. Not wanting a repeat performance, Datura wiggled out of Galinda's arms and walked a safe distance away from them. Galinda giggled softly, fresh tears spilling from her eyes.

"Come now," Elphaba said, reaching over and squeezing Galinda's hand, "this is not going to be the last time we see each other."

Galinda looked at Elphaba sadly, doubt etched into her features.

"Hey," Elphaba said, "you will be coming back. Even if I have to fly over their on a broom and bring you back," she joked, poking the blonde in the arm. Galinda couldn't help the smile that graced her lips, but it was gone in an instant.

"But what if..."

"There is no what if Blondie," Elphaba interrupted, "So just erase that from your mind. All you need to focus on is your mother...she could still pull through this"

Galinda inhaled and exhaled deeply, but nodded her head.

"I couldn't even handle winter break without seeing you...I don't even know how long I'll be gone or if..." She started, but stopped mid sentence at the look on Elphaba's face.

Elphaba looked down at her hands then back up at the blonde.

" have that picture of us right?" she asked quietly.

"Of coarse I do," Galinda said, "I never go anywhere without it." A faint blush crept up her neck and she shyly looked at Elphaba. After a moment of intense staring, Elphaba cleared her throat.

"Well there you go. You can look at me as much as you want whenever you want," She said, her own cheeks darkening when she realized what she had just said. " know what...what I m-meant," She stuttered, a little embarassed.

Not being able to help herself, Galinda leaned forward and placed a soft lingering kiss on Elphaba's lips. She pulled back slowly, just enough so she could speak.

"Elphie..." Galinda said, her breath tickling Elphaba's lips. Her heart was pounding and it was getting harder and harder to breath normally. "I...I think...I'm in love with you," she whispered.

Elphaba's mind started whirling with thoughts. The definition of the word Love swimming in her head. She didn't know what to say, or if she should say anything at all. She scrambled for words, syllables, vowel sounds, anything to break the silence. The last thing she wanted the blonde to think was that she didn't return those feelings. But she couldn't seem to grasp the concept and put it into her own words. She didn't even know if she was ready to admit it much less think it. She also didn't want the blonde to think that she was saying it for something to say in responce.

Galinda's voice broke her train of thought, and she inhaled deeply.

" don't have to say anything Elphie," the blonde said quietly. Her cheeks had taken on a rosy color, and she forced herself to keep eyecontact.

Elphaba exhaled slowly and quietly. Relieved that the blonde had saved her from drowning in her own thoughts again.

Galinda leaned forward slowly and cautiously initiated another kiss, this one a little more passionate than the last. Elphaba wrapped her arms around the blonde's waist for more leverage and too keep herself from falling backwards. Galinda was leaning most of her body weight against her, and as small as she was, the position was hard to handle when your mind was elsewhere.

Galinda broke the kiss slowly, her breath a little labored as she pulled Elphaba into a hug.

"I just wanted you to know," the blonde whispered and hugged her tighter.

Elphaba returned the hug, feeling awkward and thinking that she should be the one comforting the blonde. Not the other way around.

Ama Clutch exited the bathroom and hobbled back into the room. She surveyed the scene in front of her and couldn't help but smile. The small pendulum clock on the desk gave off a soft chime.

"Oh come now dearies! We'll be late if we don't leave soon...pack quickly Galinda, there will be plenty of time to say goodbye at the platform!" She hobbled over to where they were sitting and started to pick up and fold the dresses on the floor.

Elphaba and Galinda shared a glance then started packing up the blonde's belongings.


"All changes made for Red Sand, Settica,Wiccasand Turning, Wittica and Frottica at Dixxi House! All Changes at Dixxi House! Dixxi House next stop! Dixxi House"

Elphaba, Galinda and Ama Clutch were standing on the platform waiting for the final boarding call. A loud whistle blew, sending steam into the cool afternoon air. Ama Clutch set her suitcase down on the ground next to her feet and loosened the scarf around her neck.

"Alright Galinda dear, I'm going to go get our tickets checked then we can board," She said, taking the blonde's ticket from her hand and hobbling over to where the conductor was standing.

Galinda leaned against Elphaba and linked their arms together. Elphaba looked around a little nervously but didn't pull away. This was too important to the blonde.The platform was mostly empty anyways. Being the beginning of the school year, not a lot of people were going to and from Shiz. The small village allowed non scholars to come and go from this part of Gillikin. Elphaba watched these people bustle around the platform,wondering briefly what brought them all here. But the blonde's voice beside her turned her attention away from them.

"You know, there's probably still snow on the ground in the Pertha Hills," she said quietly, laying her head on Elphaba's shoulder.
Elphaba nodded, not knowing what to say.

"You'll take care of Datura wont you?" Galinda asked, clutching Elphaba's arm tighter.

"Yea, I'll get some food for her on my way back to Shiz," Elphaba responded. She felt Galinda nod her head and they fell silent again.
They stayed that way until Ama Clutch came back, her breath labored from the walk.

"Alright dearies, it's time to board," She said grabbing both her's and Galinda's suitcases.

"All aboard for Dixxi House! Dixxi House!" The conductor yelled as a loud whistle sounded. The few people that were on the platform started to board, and the trio walked quietly towards the train. Ama Clutch set one of the suitcases down and pulled Elphaba into a one armed hug.

"Don't worry about Galinda, she'll be fine. She's a strong girl," Ama Clutch said quietly so the blonde wouldn't hear.

"I know," Elphaba responded as they pulled apart. "Be good, and no more sneaking out late at night," She said with a wink then picked up the other suitcase again and stepped onto the train. Elphaba flushed a little but nodded, then turned to Galinda who flung herself into her arms again.

Elphaba hugged her back just as tightly and closed her eyes briefly. They pulled apart when some of the people around them started to stare. Galinda wiped the tears from her eyes and took a deep breath.

"I'll see you soon, okay?" Elphaba said. Galinda nodded and took a quick glance around before tiptoeing and placing a quick peck on her lips then pulled back. She gave Elphaba a weak smile and squeezed her hands then boarded the train.

Elphaba watched them find a compartment in the train and waved when the final whistle blue and the wheels started to move down the track. Galinda blew a kiss to Elphaba through the glass, tears welling in her eyes. Then they were gone.

Elphaba stayed in the same spot until the train was out of sight. She flushed a little when she realized that people were still staring at her. She turned and quickly made her way off the platform, her eyes trained on the ground.


Galinda sat in in the window seat, her blue eyes rimmed with unshead tears. Next to her Ama Clutch was busy getting her knitting needles out and making herself comfortable.

In an attempt to comfort herself, she opened her purse and looked around for the picture of her and Elphaba. Her heart skipped a beat when she couldn't find it. She emptied her purse on the seat, her vision going blurry with tears when she found it missing among her things. She frantically got up and took her suitcase from the compartment above and unzipped it, pushing aside her dresses and shoes. A silent sob escaped her lips when she couldn't find it there either, and found herself wrapped in Ama Clutches arms and wishing desprately that Elphaba was with them.


Elphaba walked back to her room in silence her mind unable to forget the look in the blonde's eyes as the train moved away from the platform. She opened the door and slipped in quietly. Datura was curled on Galinda's bed and lifted her head in greeting before falling back asleep. Elphaba smiled as she walked over to the bed.

"Looks like it's just you and me for a while," She said, but stopped walking when her eyes caught on a piece of white paper sticking out form under the blonde's bed. Her brows came together and she bent down to see what it was. Her heart dropped to her stomach when she realized what it was. She stood up and sat down next to the white cat, clutching the black and white picture to her chest.