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(Talespin/SWAT Kat Crossover)

Chapter 1: The Bond

He hadn't been given much warning or a choice about accompanying Mayor Manx on a business trip to see the wealthiest Kat in the world. He didn't want to tell the Mayor that now was not a good time for him to travel without telling his honor more about his personal life than he wanted him to know. Sighing worriedly, he settled uncomfortably in his seat aboard the Mayor's private jet. This just wasn't a good idea.

Cape Suzette was a beautiful and impressive city protected by high walls and entered by a narrow slit. He privately wished Megakat City could be that sheltered. Towering high above the city was Khan Industries, their destination. The building was incredible, from the stone panthers out front to the soaring lobby inside. The most stunning sight, though, was Khan's office. There was just no describing it. As they both looked around in amazement, Shere Khan approached them, his paw out to greet them.

"Welcome to Cape Suzette, Mayor Manx. I hope you had a pleasant trip?" The tiger's deep melodic voice asked politely.

"Oh yess! It was a grand view from the air. I muust say that it iss a verry beautiful citiia." Mayor Manx enthused. "It is a distinct pleasure to maake yourr acquaintance Mr. Khaan. By the way, this is my Chiief Enforcer, Commander Ulysses Feral."

"A pleasure, Commander." Khan said holding Feral's paw a little longer than necessary while staring intently into his eyes.

Feral shivered and was shocked to find he was reacting way too sexually to Khan's scent. He quickly stepped back as soon as Khan let go of his paw. 'Oh god!' His condition was making it difficult to resist Khan's charisma. He felt an intense attraction and it scared him.

Mayor Manx proceeded to trade pleasantries with the tiger before beginning his proposal about exporting some of Khan's business to Megakat City. It would benefit both countries by expanding Khan Industries and helping to restore the depleted coffers of Megakat City's treasury. Khan politely listened to Manx's speech while never taking his eyes off the Chief Enforcer.

Feral was discomforted by that green-gold scrutiny. Feral had an uneasy feeling the handsome tiger was feeling some of the same attraction if the look in his eyes were any indication. He nervously wished there was somewhere else he could be right now.

'This dark tom tugs at my body in a way I've never felt before. It's disturbing and distracting. I must get him alone and satisfy my curiosity as to why his presence affects me this way.' Shere Khan mused. 'Must get this bumbling Mayor out the way for a while and I know just what will do it.' Casually, Khan pushed a button on his desk. Moments later his personal assistant appeared.

"Mayor Manx, I would like you to discuss this in more detail with my economic advisor, Ms Harmond. She has a penchant for playing golf which I, unfortunately, do not. Why don't you and she enjoy a round and tell her more about your proposal? She will let me know if this will be a viable option for my company. Meanwhile, I wish to discuss security programs with Commander Feral. Will this be amendable to you?" Shere smiled politely at the Mayor.

"Why of course, Mr. Khaan. I'd bee deeliighted to speak with your Ms. Harmond and, of course, checking out your galf course and I'm suure Commander Feral will be able to answer any security questions you may haave." Mayor Manx said pleased.

"Excellent! Mr. Sheridan please take his Honor to meet with Ms Harmond." Khan instructed his assistant. Sheridan nodded his head and indicated that Mayor Manx should precede him out. Mayor Manx smiled happily and followed the assistant pausing at the door to suggest they have lunch later. Khan nodded his agreement and Manx left.

Feral's heart leaped in his chest nervously as he found himself alone with the formidable and desirable tiger. Smiling inwardly, Khan could sense the tension in Feral. Moving toward the door, he indicated that Feral should follow him. The tiger asked some pertinent questions about the problems of protecting a city the size of Megakat, attempting to put the brown tom at ease.

Khan was gracious and polite as he listened to Feral's answers, all the while leading the unsuspecting Kat to his private quarters a floor above his office. As he kept Feral distracted, he was nonetheless pleased to note that despite his nervousness, the Commander's eyes were alert and taking note of everything around him.

Feral was wary when he realized Khan was taking him to a more posh floor that appeared to be private quarters. A shiver ran down his spine as his suspicions were confirmed when he was led to an ornate set of doors guarded by a pair of powerful panthers. As he was gestured in by his host, he stepped into a beautifully appointed reception room with doors and hallways leading deeper into the apartment. The bay of windows on the far wall were inviting and Feral moved toward them. They looked out over a spectacular view of the soaring city scape and the bay of Cape Suzette below. It was breathtaking. Khan went to the bar in the corner and poured a golden fluid into two crystal flutes. He padded silently to Feral's side and offered him the glass.

"Here, Commander, I think you'll find this Carnard excellent. It's a specialty here and I think you will find it to your liking." Khan smiled warmly as he sipped his drink. Feral took a tiny sip of his drink and was immediately pleased with the taste and took a larger swallow. The liqueur eased him a little, but he continued to eye the tiger warily, uncertain as to why he was here. Khan directed Feral's attention to some of the more prominent sights of the city as he moved slowly closer to the tense Kat. He took a deep breath inhaling Feral's scent and nearly growled with need at the heady aroma that hardened him instantly. 'There it was! That tantalizing mixture of female and male musk. This incredible Kat was a hermaphrodite and in heat! What a prize!'

Unable to hold back any longer, the tiger casually placed his glass on a little table near him and closed the gap between him and the dark tom. With a quick movement he pinned his prize to the window, pressing the full length of his body against the object of his desire.

Feral gasped in surprise when the tiger moved suddenly and pressed him against the cool glass of the huge window. He still held his glass which the tiger gently plucked from his paw and placed with his nearby. The magnificent tiger rubbed his groin against the tail area of the tom. Feral groaned in excitement at the feel of the tiger's enlarged appendage pressing against him.

"Now I have you! Your scent is intoxicating and an invitation I can't refuse." Khan rumbled deep in his throat making Feral shiver and moan with lust. Spinning the slightly smaller tom around, Khan captured Feral's mouth in a passionate kiss. Feral groaned, his body on fire, his head reeling, he never felt the tiger's paws stripping his clothes off him or that they were moving until he regained a moment of awareness as he was tossed onto a big opulent bed in a richly appointed bedroom. But that awareness vanished when the handsome tiger covered him with his powerful body. He forgot everything as Khan began laying burning kisses down his chest. He felt he was flying as waves of pleasure shuddered through his body.

"I will have all of you! You will deny me nothing as I take your body to heights you have never experienced before my handsome Commander." Khan growled lustfully and proceeded to drive Feral out of his mind. He licked every accessible spot on the brown tom's body making Feral writhe and moan with need, his heat cycle flaring out of control. Khan's probing fingers found the soft folds of Feral's female heat. It was slick with his juices as Khan proceeded to gently tease the nub making Feral scream and buck his hips uncontrollably.

Never in his life had he ever felt such intense sensations. He begged the tiger to end the teasing. After a long moment more, the tiger finally obliged only because he was so hard he ached with the need to bury himself in the virginal sheath waiting for him. Groaning, he lined himself up, held Feral's penis and scrotum up out of the way and plunged into the fire. Feral screamed again and clutched at Khan desperately, clawing the broad back as he rode the intense waves of pleasure as the tiger started a hard driving rhythm. They rose together on a comet of fire and fell over the edge. Losing his female virginity was intensely overwhelming and he was begging for more as the tiger took him again and again for the next few hours.

When he could think again, he was limp and sated. Khan was rumbling his pleasure as he spooned the smaller Kat against his chest and lazily licked his lover's sweating face and neck, soothingly. To his surprise, Feral found himself succumbing to exhaustion to the sound of the tiger's purr.

He didn't know how much time had passed by the time he swam back to consciousness, pleasantly stiff and sore. He started to sit up only to have Khan pull him back down and press a searing kiss on his mouth. After a hot, intense moment, Khan pulled back and grinned at the stunned and blushing face staring at him.

"You are not leaving yet, Commander. Your Mayor has finished his golf game in good humor and is, even now, enjoying a leisurely lunch with my people." Khan paused and slowly caressed Feral's chest fur. "You've cast an enchantment on me and your scent captivates me like no other. I must have more of you!" He growled deep in his throat.

Grinning wickedly at Feral, Khan covered his new lover's body and thrust into Feral's willing heat once more. Feral gasped at the sudden invasion. Khan paused for a moment, placing his paws on Feral's hips to hold the brown tom down, when he had him firmly pinned, Khan pulled his cock out till only the head was in the warm sheath. Instead of beginning a deep thrusting rhythm he made little thrusts hitting the G-Spot over and over again.

Whimpering at first then wailing and pleading in the throes of mindless pleasure, Feral lost himself completely in the power of the tiger. Trembling, Khan continued his short, inflaming movements, some instinct driving him to bond with the Kat as they raced toward a fierce orgasm. As they reached the peak, Khan bit down on Feral's neck and held on. As their climax swept over them, he never noticed the presence of his personal assistant in the room.

Lex Sheridan was familiar with Mr. Khan's trysts and was not shocked by the sights and smells occurring. Except this time something was different. For one thing, it was very unlike his boss to take a lover during negotiations with a visiting leader. For another, this mating looked unusually intense and he could never recall, Khan actually biting his lover with such fierceness before. He also noticed that there was the scent of a female in heat permeating the room even though there was none in sight. That suddenly clicked with him. A hermaphrodite! The prophecy!! Of course, now his boss's behavior made sense. He wisely realized interrupting this mating would be very dangerous. Mayor Manx would have to wait to find his Chief Enforcer. Sheridan stepped back against the wall and waited for the end.

It wasn't long in coming. Feral bucked upward and screamed writhing helplessly as waves of fire trembled through him. Khan released Feral's neck and roared as his mate's spasms sent him over the edge. Their bodies shuddered for several minutes before finally easing. Panting, Khan gently withdrew from his mate's warm body. Exhausted, he pulled them to their sides and lay cuddling close to the tom, languidly licking the bite and the sweating face of his new mate.

Feral was shaking with reaction. Never in his life had he experienced anything like this before. Nuzzling into the tiger's neck, he purred at the attention Khan was giving him, too weak to move.

Clearing his throat carefully, Sheridan called attention to his presence. Khan turned his head sharply baring his fangs threateningly and snarled at the intruder. Sheridan raised his paws placatingly.

"Your pardon sir. I didn't mean to intrude. I would like to congratulate you on finding and bonding with your new mate. The prophecy has been fulfilled! It is cause for celebration for the Khan family." Sheridan smiled and bowed his head in respect.

Khan stared at his assistant in shock then looked down at the exhausted brown tom in his protective embrace. No wonder he had such an intense attraction to this unusual Kat. It had been soo long since he'd even bothered thinking about the prophecy spoken at his birth. A prophecy that stated he was destined to bond with a powerful male who could provide him with cubs and be his lifemate. Such a thing was so rare that he'd all but given up on it and here was the miracle bonded to him forever. He was staggered!

Sheridan quietly caught his boss's attention again. "Sir, Mayor Manx is inquiring after Commander Feral's whereabouts and becoming rather agitated about it. What should I tell him?"

Shaking his head mentally, he forcibly brought his mind back to business. "Have Ms. Harmond meet me in my sitting room immediately to brief me on the Mayor's proposal. You take the Mayor to my office and inform him that Commander Feral is occupied and that I will be there shortly. Keep him company till I arrive." Shere said decisively. His assistant nodded and left swiftly to carry out his boss's orders.

Moving gently away from his mate who had fallen asleep again, he paused and leaned down to give him a brief kiss before covering the Kat with a sheet and getting up to shower and dress.

Upon leaving his quarters, Khan paused to give orders to his guards. "Have a servant remove Commander Feral's clothes. When he awakens, inform him that he is not to leave these quarters and that I will explain things to him later. See that he does not leave the suite and order him a meal if he so desires it. Do not harm my mate in any way or you will be severely punished. Understood?" He commanded. His guards nodded their obedience to his orders. Satisfied, Khan headed back down to his office and the impatiently waiting, Mayor Manx.

Arriving in his office, he immediately set about soothing Mayor Manx's ruffled fur. "My apologies, Mayor Manx. I have been regrettably busy. I trust you've had a very pleasant day." He asked politely.

"Yes. Your Ms. Harmond was a very pleasant galf partnerr and it was an excellent lunch but I'm a bit concerrrned about the whereabouts of Commaander Feral. Your Mr. Sheridan, here, tells me, Feral is occupied. Might I inquiire as to what he is occupiied doing?" Manx asked trying to stay polite even though he was rather vexed with Feral at the moment.

"Of course, Mayor Manx. Commander Feral was gracious enough to check my security forces to see if any changes were needed. I appreciate his expertise in these matters. I dare say we will be seeing him at dinner tonight. Now, shall we discuss some tentative plans to explore opening a corporate office in Megakat City?" Khan asked smoothly distracting the Mayor from his concern for his Chief Enforcer.

"Opening an office...?" Manx sputtered in shocked surprise. "Why of courrse, an excellent decision, Mr. Khan. One you wiill neverr regret." This was a much better outcome than he'd ever dreamed. He forgot completely about Feral.

Smiling, pleased by his little subterfuge, Khan began laying out his plans to an avid Mayor Manx.