Genre – General/Romance

Format – 3rd person personal

Couplings – Joey/Chandler

Warnings –slash

Summary – Chandler doesn't think before he speaks, and it produces unexpected results

To The Point

Chandler sometimes didn't think before he spoke, and this was a bad habit of his, because he could remember occasions when his mouth had got him into more trouble than a situation was worth. At times he even resented his quick wit and sophisticated phrasing because of his inability to just get to the point, like someone of fewer words, such as Joey, could.

Sometimes Chandler said things without thinking, and after that he usually spent his time rambling in an attempt to scrabble out of the proverbial hole he had dug, like a panicked, tortured madman. And the hole got deeper and deeper, and he eventually got to a point where he couldn't dig anymore so he stopped and with a feeling of resigned despair allowed a tidal wave of predominantly negative repercussions to cascade over him.

So when Chandler didn't think and the words "I love you" tumbled from his mouth whilst sitting on the couch and talking to Joey, the familiar feeling of frantic mortification overwhelmed him, and the words were followed by another hundred, or it could have been a million, but either way they didn't make much sense and they only served to expand his proverbial chasm, when suddenly Joey's lips were on his and his chest was pressed up against Chandler's lean frame, and there were explosions in Chandler's mind, ones which for once didn't involve words but colours and incomprehensible, unbelievable ecstasy.

So as Joey pushed him down into the couch, his mouth doing all the communicating that was needed, Chandler had to reason that Joey got to the point much better than he did.