AN: I think it's about time we find out who this mysterious nike bag carrier is, don't you?

Chapter Four: Black Bag

Jacob Black stood admiring a litter of Spaniel puppies. They nuzzled his outstretched hand, they seemed to understand that he was somehow like them. He sighed and a little girl glared at him from across the pen, jealous of the seemingly undeserved attention the bundles of fluff were giving him. There was a prickling on the back of his neck like there was someone watching him. He batted this feeling away and smoothed down the little strands of hair and the top of his neck absentmindedly. Suddenly there was a tugging on his arm and he looked down. There was Dracula, her little nose poking out of the zip, nudging it open. Jacob gave a start and dropped the bag, there was a squeal and the movement from inside stopped. Jacob hurriedly knelt down, pulling the zip open frantically. Dracula bounded out, resting her paws on his knee, her tale wagging, her tongue hanging limply out of her mouth. The spaniel puppies stared enviously out through the bars of the pen at the new object of the Werewolf's attention.

Jacob smiled, she was so cute and there was something familiar about her. The way her big brown eyes stared up at him in hope. He shook himself out of it and picked her up, examining her collar.

"Dracula." He read aloud. "Oh…so you're a vampire." The puppy licked happily at his hand. "Well…I won't let them take YOU away from me." Unfortunately at that very second there was a street of bronze and white and the puppy vanished. Edward ran at full tilt, holding the puppy at arms length in revulsion. Jacob looked around and then realized.

Edward had slowed down now by the time Jacob started sniffing at the air, and was concentrating on keeping the small dog away from him. Dracula seemed to smile at him and licked his hand affectionately. Edward let out a yell and crashed head long into the Labrador display. Black Labrador puppies scampered happily, free from their pen. Edward sat up quickly and looked down at his hands, Dracula's collar dangled forlornly from his index finger. The rest of the Cullens had heard the commotion and rushed to the scene, Bella in their wake who now stared down at the 20 or so puppies that rushed up to them in greeting. Bella frantically checked each one of them for a collar, staring into their eyes but it was no use, they all looked exactly the same and then suddenly the dogs seemed to sense something and they scampered of in the opposite direction towards a bewildered but slightly angry looking Jacob. He glared at Edward as the puppies leaped up at him. Bella had not even noticed him and ran after the dogs crying Dracula's name, Rosalie and Alice joined her. On spotting Bella Jacob dropped the bag that he was holding on the carpeted floor. She looked up at him, tears welling in her eyes. At that moment something miraculous happened. One of the puppies clambered happily into the bag that lay limp on the floor. Jacob laughed and picked it up. It stared up at him with soft hazel eyes and Bella watched as it struggled to lick his face. After a long silence Jacob held her out to Bella.

"This is Dracula." He said and Bella stared in wonderment at the puppy in his hands.

"How do you…" she started but he shook his head.

"Just take her." It ripped at his heart to do it but he handed her to Bella. Bella smiled happily down at her but the puppy struggled to escape, to be back in Jacob's arms.

Jacob stared at her. Dracula started to whine. Bella gave her back to Jacob.

"Here…you can have her." She said.

"Are you sure?" Jacob said and Bella could sense his concealed joy.

"Yeah, she belongs to you." Bella waved at Dracula who was curled happily against Jacob's warm skin and walked back to Edward, a tear escaped her eye.

Five minutes later the Cullens clambered into Edward's Volvo.

"Are you alright Bella?" Alice asked, breaking the silence.

"Yeah!" said Bella, quite brightly. "I'll miss her but she'll like living with Jacob.

"Unless he eats her." There was a mutter from the front seat.

"Edward!" they said in unison.

"I don't mind." Bella continued. "Anyway…"she grinned. "I'm thinking of getting a cat."


AN: Kind of a soppy ending but rather sweat in the end.