"You're world… is not the only world."

There is a secret which very few people know...

Keitaro looked at the attractive woman with long flowing black hair, her kimono swaying on the wind, and sweeping the ground.

"Excuse me…?" he asked.

"This isn't your world… there is more than one world… more than one universe."

And one man... is about to discover… a view to the truth.

"You remember now, Mr. K2 Agent man!?" the goddess exclaimed as she threw him towards the metal wall, hard. His blood was coughed out of his mouth violently as he watched her approach him. "You killed my angel… and now, I will kill you."

"This world is different… your family isn't an agency handling supernatural creatures…nor are you an supernatural agent. In this world… you are Keitaro Urashima, ex-three time ronin, now a Tokyo University student that runs an all girl's dormitory."

"S… sister!" Motoko declared, seeing the woman Keitaro had brought along.

"My dear Motoko… its time to go home…"

"But… I… I can't!" Motoko declared. "I'm engaged with… with… Urashima!"

Keitaro could only blink as Motoko dove for his arm.

Now… a trained supernatural agent must face a world so familiar, yet so different, in a body which is not his, and shoved in a life he'd rather not have, while danger lurks after him.

"Mr. K2… I'm BAAAACCCKKK!!!" the goddess cackled madly.

But as he meets impossible odds… there is always someone, or something to help him along…

"Who are you?" Keitaro asked the floating woman in front of him.

"I am the Hina Blade… so, I'm guessing you're my new master now, eh?" she asked.

K2 Keitaro Urashima


A View of a Truth