(A/N: I have decided that I am going to write some drabbles about the Teen Titans of the future. These can be about anythign from new recruits to kids to even grandkids and beyond. My one rule is that there is more than 100 words in each one.

This first one is about Beast Boy's grandson, the third Beast Boy. I'll leave it up to you to guess who's stalking him...will be revealed in later chapters)


Future Titans

Silent Ravencroft



The boy sat cross-legged on the rooftop, his eyes closed and his mouth moving. He uttered no sound. His relaxed muscles showed through his uniform. His clothing was a tight one-piece long-sleeved spandex uniform with a single broad purple strip running down the center with the rest of it black. He wore black steel-toed boots with paw prints on the bottom, which were visible as he sat before the setting sun.

Suddenly there was a noise behind him and his violet eyes snapped open. In one short moment he was over the edge of the building and into the air. He was falling, downward, downward. A few feet from his death his arms changed to wings, his feet to talons, and his abdomen to a feathery breast. The green hawk then soared away leaving the single figure on the rooftop, cursing.

It was still a fact that no one living could catch Anthony Logan.