The sun was just beginning to sink when a light breeze picked up and tossled his ebony hair. He looked around for a moment and saw nothing. His eyes narrowed behind his mask as he felt the wind softly touch his cheek with pale, icy fingers. He knew she was here.


His nickname for her was pronounced like the element she controlled.


His voice was nearly a whisper. The wind swirled around him like a whirlwind for a second and he closed his masked eyes. When he opened them again a girl materialized in front of him. He smiled at the beautiful figure.

She was dressed in a sleek light blue leotard with a beautiful silk attachment that made it look like she wore a shirt and a skirt with a silver claspe on the side. The sleeves were half length, and on her wrists she wore thick silver bracelets. Her hair was pulled back in a silver ring and a light blue scarf was tied in a knot around her head. The ends of the scarf blew lightly in the breeze. She was barefoot.


The voice was soft and there was a smile on her smooth pale face. She stepped forward to stand beside him. He brought her into his arms. As they stood together the wind swirled softly around them. He looked down at her face and reached out to to touch it softly.



(A/N:Okay Aertha is Aura's mother and she comes from another planet...She's a Titan.)