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1st Night: Something Different.

A light mist covered the hills of the emerald isle as the early morning light brought a golden hue to the atmosphere. The small clicking noise of boots hitting the cobblestone sounded rhythmically into the crisp air. His black coat trailed behind him like a shadow as he made his way deeper into the town. Kanda Yuu, had finally reached Dublin, Ireland.

As Kanda made his way towards an eerie looking building he glanced though the pamphlet that Komui had given to him. The records showed that a creature had been terrorizing Dublin for almost a month and now due to recent events it was captured. Turning the page he found something odd about this case. There were no reports of deaths or injuries he'd have to ask the mayor of the town about this. Looking up Kanda scanned the area before realizing he had over shot his destination, cursing himself lightly he turned around and marched over to the dark wood of the jail door he tucked the pamphlet under his arm and opened the door. He was greeted with the sight of the law enforcement and the mayor arguing.

"I say we kill that monster so the people of this town and of Ireland can rest peacefully at night!" yelled the mayor frantically slamming his fist onto the desk, the head officer was seated at the desk his glasses resting underneath his hand as he rubbed his temple obvious trying to rid of the headache the mayor was producing.

"Im telling you I wont do it, let it be man or beast or both, if they don't do anything wrong then I wont condemn them to a firing squad, I feel bad enough locking the poor creature up because he's just different…" A few officers nodded in agreement with their head office while a few shook their heads siding with the mayor.

"Different, DIFFERENT?! How can you say that as if it was human?!"

Before the argument could go any further Kanda cleared his throat loudly, everyone turned and faced him.

"who the hell are you?" spat the mayor. Kanda sent him a bone chilly glare before introducing himself in a monotone voice.

"Kanda Yuu of the Black Order."

"The black order…?"

By the way the mayor acted it surely wasn't him who had written the reports and given to the finder, and he didn't look intelligent enough to even right a grocery list. Kanda took notice of the head officer placing his glasses on and glancing at the rose cross on the front of Kanda's left shoulder. The Mayor seemed to catch this also for he turned around facing the head officer.

"Isn't that the Religious Organization you support Nicholas?"

"Of course Christopher, and I did give a finder of the order some reports in hope that someone would be able to help with the creature."

The mayor scoffed grabbing his coat he was ready to head out.

"If that monster is gone, it goes before the fire squad your word or not Nicholas."

He left slamming the door, the officers dispersed and Nicholas walked over to Kanda.

"Im sorry for the mayor's rudeness he's not usually like this but thank you for coming, I really think he'll be happy to get out of here."

Nicholas started to walk down the corridor with the cells and motioned Kanda to follow, he obliged and walked behind him ignoring the cellmates as the sometimes threw insults at the both of them.

"Officer, so it's true that no one had been killed or injured by this creature?"

"Its true, Im not counting the scratch the mayor received though he toughly deserved it for torturing the poor boy, some of my officers should be fired but the mayor would only rehire them to replace me."

They stopped at a sun filled cell and sleeping on a bed of stray with a think blanket covering it was the so called creature. The thing was the boy was facing away from them but by the looks of it he was only about 12 maybe 13. What was odd was how could anyone think that this child was a monster. He looked perfectly normal to Kanda. Nicholas opened the door the iron creaking, two big white cat ears appeared more visible then laying flat on snow white hair. One of them twitched at the noise. Kanda glanced at Nicholas who nodded letting him know it was fine if he went in.

"That's why they were calling him a creature? A monster…all because of his ears?"

"Well that's not all of it but yes because to them he's not human but some sort of chimera or something…really he is to kind, to innocent be treated harshly like everyone has been treating him."

Kanda sighed and walked towards the child, he noticed that the boys ears would twitch at the sound of his footsteps it was also when he noticed a furry tail just sticking out of the blanket. He placed a hand on the boys but he didn't stir, Kanda noticed that the boy was loosely holding something. That something happened to be a small golden golem that couldn't belong to no other than General Cross.

"Did this kid come with someone?"

"Not that I know of, he just showed up one day with a small flying creature with him, he ran away before I could talk to him"

Kanda saw some dried blood on the boy's neck and moved some hair away. A Shackle was acting as a collar and the links lead away before binding to the wall. Sighing he shook the boy gently. Blue gray eyes opened they were hazed with sleep, it took a few seconds before he realized Kanda kneeling next to him. The boy immediately sat up and backed away into the shadowed corner, he looked extremely frightened. His clothes were a little ragged, he was wearing an overly large dirtied white long sleeved shirt and black pants. The golem, Timcampi had fallen from his hands the flustered golem had flew over to the boy and landed between his ears. Kanda noticed the scar on the left eye and the curse just above it partly hidden by his white hair. Sighing Kanda ran a hand though his black hair, he never really knew how to deal with kids, but with this one it seemed to come so naturally. His features softened and he smiled a little.

"I wont hurt you"

The child glanced over at Nicholas he only smiled warmly and walked in.

"Sorry I keep forgetting, Kanda this is Allen, there's probably an infection in his throat so he cant talk."

"How would have it gotten infected? That shackle around his neck?"

Kanda felt his stomach knot when Nicholas nodded.

"Why did you let that happen?"

"I was called out, to investigate a murder in a different town…"

"And you didn't take it off when you got back."

"I couldn't the mayor wouldn't let me near the boy or the key to unlock it."

Kanda gave Nicholas a small glare before standing up.

"Where's the key?"


"Where's the key…Im taking Allen with me back to headquarters…along with the golf ball."

"The mayor has it on his person at all times around his belt…where are you going?"

Kanda didn't answer and left. Allen looked at Nicholas confused for a moment, the man just smiled and sat down.

"Don't worry Allen, you'll be out of this place soon."

Allen tilted his head to the right a bit the left ear flopping over a bit, Nicholas kept smiling he was finally escaping this cell and going somewhere else where people wouldn't criticize the boy for what he looked like. Soon Kanda reappeared the key in hand.

"that was quick," Nicholas said a bit surprised that Kanda could find the mayor so fast and get the key from him so quickly, but then again Kanda's glare would make anyone want to do anything to escape it.

"It was easy, here you unlock it, he knows you better."

Nicholas nodded and took the key he went over to Allen and moved some of the boy's long hair the shackle fell to the floor with a loud clang. Nicholas patted Allen lightly on the head making Timcampi flutter about.

"Kanda here is going to take you somewhere safe alright?"

Allen looked at Nicholas a sadly and took his hand with a finger he wrote something on Nicholas's palm.

"Don't worry about me…You'll see me again alright?"

Allen nodded and smiled hugging Nicholas before getting up and walking over to Kanda.

"Right well goodbye you two take care."

Allen nodded and smiled waving goodbye, Kanda just nodded and headed out the kitten boy right behind him.

It took awhile but now they were heading back to England first by train then by a ferry. Allen was resting his head on his arms looking out the window, Timcampi back in it's usual spot between his ears it had started to rain outside so small rivets were created on the window. The compartment door opened it was Kanda with a wet cloth and some bandages. Allen's tail twitched as Kanda cleaned off his neck, the boy's ears laid flat on his head in pain. Still it didn't take as long as Kanda thought to bandage the boys neck.

"There, your neck will feel better in awhile alright, but right now you should get some rest I'll get something for us to eat later."

He felt small hands take one of his and words being traced in his palm.

'Thank you.'

"It's not a problem Allen."

The boy smiled before curling up taking Timcampi off his head and placing the golem between his scared cheek and arm, his tail curled around his body twitching at the end. Kanda patted the boy placing a train blanket on the small body before sitting in the seat across from the boy. Kanda looked out the window, he'd seen a lot of weird and different things but this this was something different.

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