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th Night: Feverish Dreams

The train ride home was quiet for the most part, and went by quickly. It was when they returned to headquarters is when it go noisy. The Li siblings were happy to see Allen came back safely and bear hugged the boy until he was basically passed out from lack of oxygen. As for Lavi, he didn't get to far before Kanda went after him after all he was the only one out of the two that helped Allen sneak onto the boat to follow Kanda that said sword wielding exorcist could go after without punishment.

"Im sorry Yuu-chan! The kid just looked so determined to follow you!" Lavi said narrowly missing the tip of Mugen times over. It took awhile but the four well three since one was trying to regain his breath, calmed down and they went into Komui's sea of papers that was also known as his office.

"So, your mission was an interesting one…" Komui started off with before looking at Allen before looking at Kanda. "so tell us Kanda…"

They all waited patiently for Komui to continue, the man got up and walked over to the two sitting on the couch and without warning he embraced the kitten-kid.

"How cute was little Allen-chan's voice?"

Allen fidgeted uncontrollably he's not going to make him invocate his innocence was he? It really burned when he did.

"You'll just have to wait Komui," Kanda said lightly, Komui pouted and let go of Allen.

"That's not fair.." he said childlike but the his attitude changed in an instant, "but all that aside… this person that you ran into what did he look like?"

"Dark skin, black curly hair, crosses on his forehead, and almond gold eyes." Kanda answered trying to remember after all he was basically blown up. Kanda felt a tug on his sleeve and looked at Allen, he could tell he was worried about Kanda's injuries…or what remained of them. But still Kanda got it worse then he had. "I'm fine, really so stop worrying"

"No I think Allen has a point come on to the med-wing with you Kanda I'll check you injuries there." Komui said Kanda just stared for a few minutes before getting up. "Allen do you have any injuries I should look over?"

Allen shook his head in reply nothing his injuries were just some scraps Kanda just went overboard with the bandages on the train.

"Alright Allen go back to Kanda's room and get some rest alright?" Komui said smiling and petting the kitten lightly before standing straight. "Alright Kanda lets go take a look at those injuries!"

Kanda argued as he was being ushered out and without warning Lavi picked Allen up.

"alright you, lets get you something to eat and then off to bed!" Lavi said happily as Allen clinged to the back of his shirt not to comfortable being held. Lavi laughed but had no intention of putting the kitten down as he and Linali headed towards the cafeteria.

The pitter pat seemed to echo in the half empty mess hall. Lavi, Linali and Allen were all seated by the window to watch the gentle rain fall. Still the calm rain didn't sooth Linali and Lavi's worry over the kitten. Usually Allen ate a lot, but today…he only got a sandwich and nothing else.

"Allen are you feeling okay?" Lavi asked, his answer as usual was in hand signs. Lavi blinked at the answer "Tired? Well Finish up what you have and we'll get you to Kanda's room alright?"

Allen nodded tiredly and finished his sandwich absentmindedly. It wasn't long tell the three of them reached Kanda's room, Allen waved them off as they walked away and waving back before shutting the door. To be honest with himself he felt more then tired, he felt drained and ill but he didn't want to worry his friends over it so he thought maybe some rest might get rid of it. With that hope in the back of his mind he curled up on his little futon in the corner.

Darkness, that's all there was. There was no light no soft glow.

'not this…not again' Allen thought. His silent words echoing though out the hard blackness of the abyss.

"Don't worry Allen, I'll take care of you. I wont let them hurt you again." Came a familiar voice. Allen jumped a bit just like he did the time in his memory. The scenery came into view it was blurry with his tears an abandoned alleyway in who knows where. The sun setting giving the city a dull color and making shadows longer before they disappeared with the sun. The man hugging him lightly smelled of peppermint and something unique it was comforting still he didn't know why he was crying. Wait. Yes he does, he's crying because he had been hurt by those people that looked down upon him because he was different all because of those damned experiments. But this man, he wasn't hurting him.

'Now I remember…' Allen thought 'this was a few months after I escaped the institute…those people that where hired to experiment on young people make them into living soldiers so exorcists couldn't touch them…this is when I met Mana…'

The scenery changed so suddenly it was almost dizzying.

'what's going on?'

A tombstone, blood dripping from the left side of his face where the malediction had appeared but there was a comforting gloved hand on his shoulder.

"I'm sorry Allen." came the darker familiar voice. His memory self looked up into eyes of gold. "Come on…let's go home."

Allen's forehead burned with pain not from the malediction he had received but from something else as he was plunged into darkness a voice calling to him to wake up.

Allen bolted up right only to hit Kanda in the jaw both recoiled in pain for a few seconds before they looked at each other.

"Are you alright?" Kanda asked breaking the silence but Allen didn't reply a new pain was taking over. His forehead burned with fever and pain lurked underneath it ready to crack his skull in two if provoked. His hands were brushed away and cool to the touch hands replaced his own.

"I knew you weren't doing well after Lavi and Linali told me their concerns about you eating only a sandwich," Kanda said he didn't sound mad, or disappointed. Worry was what laced into his words as he picked up Allen carefully. "Come on lets go see Komui."

Allen knew what caused the pain, but the fever was new. A warning maybe? He nuzzled into Kanda's coat hoping to hide the markings he knew that were slowly appearing. He was nudged a bit by Kanda.

"We're almost there…" Kanda said in a foreign voice but maybe it was a hallucination for after that Allen knew no more.

Kanda waited worriedly outside the medical ward and pacing back and forth. This just wasn't right… Allen looked fine before he got dragged off and when he found the kitten in his room whimpering in pain and in cold sweat it scared him.

'This isn't like me' Kanda thought he sighed questions ran though his mind. Not only about himself but about Allen and the dull mark that appeared on his forehead. It wasn't like his pentacle it was almost like a bruise…but it seemed to bring Allen so much pain though. 'something's going on…'

Kanda jumped when a hand rested on his shoulder, it was Komui his passive face told Kanda that it wasn't just a fever.

"Bring Allen back to your room and try to break his fever, give him liquids when he wakes up and change the bandages around his head when possible. Don't try to ask him questions until his fever had broken." Komui ordered before he left. Kanda didn't waste anytime to go inside the med. ward to get Allen and see how bad it was. Allen looked so much worse since Kanda had handed him over to Komui. He looked small, his skin paler then ever and his chest rising and falling unsteadily. When Kanda gently picked him up to bring him to his room the small body felt to light. Anxiety coursed though Kanda as he walked though the halls back to his room not stopping to answer any questions that people asked. He kicked open his door and gently placed Kanda on his bed since it seemed like the futon would be a bad spot to take care of someone when their ill. Allen curled up tightly under the blankets even with his fever the rest of his body was cold.

Kanda sighed and placed a cold washcloth on Allen's forehead the best he could without having to make Allen move into an uncomfortable position. A strained whimper came from the kitten, Kanda felt his heart ache. He knew he grown attached to the kid and knew that it'll become a threat and the enemy could use it to their advantage. Still as he ran long fingers though white hair and when he saw the darkened markings on showing though the ice white bandages he knew that it was already happening. He hugged the boy lightly thinking that Allen could shatter like defined crystal.

Days went by slowly for Kanda as he kept close to Allen's side helping him when need be and sometimes just there to comfort his sleeping form as he was entrapped in a nightmare that wouldn't let him wake. Sometime Kanda would have to get him up just to eat some soup to get his strength back, and as the days drawled on Kanda noticed the fading marks as he changed the bandages where almost like a cross symbol but it was different from the innocence cross that was embedded at the crook of his neck where the neck meet the torso.

"What's going on?" Kanda asked to the sleeping form of Allen this was all to confusing and he wish that things hadn't have gotten so bad. A knock on the door drew him out of his thoughts. When he opened the door he was greeted by Lavi and Bookman who seemed to have brought tea with them.

"Can I help you?" Kanda asked

"May we come in? We have something to tell you." Bookman said politely unlike what Lavi would usually do but it seemed that since his mentor was around Lavi wouldn't walk in the room unless invited. Kanda moved to let them in the two of them in. Kanda closed the door and returned to his seat next to Allen on the bed Lavi took the foot of the bed and Bookman took the desk chair.

"So what is it that you need to tell me." Kanda asked trying to be passive.

"Well Komui told us about the markings on Allen's forehead." Lavi started as Bookman poured them tea and a small cup for Allen as well if he woke up.

"We did some research on the markings" Bookman said before taking a sip and then continuing. "Sadly, those marks belong to the Noah Clan."

Kanda froze, his hands shaking as the information sunk in. So Allen is the enemy? But how…Allen bore the burden of being an accommodator he even fought against that man that was a Noah as well.

"So does Allen know?" Kanda asked his voice surprisingly calm. Lavi shook his head and answered.

"Not that I know of, but look what's happened to him now. Something must have triggered this chain of actions he might have lost his memories as a Noah but when he encountered one then the memories probably came flooding back." Lavi said in a stern voice. "If they did… then Allen might not be the same or the pain of a raging war between the innocence and his Noah blood may be to much for his body to endure."

"If Allen isn't the same and returns to the side of the Noahs it can spell the end of the war and the Earl will be victor. So keep a close eye on Allen so hopefully the worse wont have to come to pass." Bookman said getting up, Lavi did the same but not before he placed a comforting hand on Kanda's shoulder.

"He's strong, but we just have to let you know so your not surprised." Lavi said "Take care of yourself and Allen alright? See ya around"

With that both Bookman and Lavi went off leaving the tea behind. Kanda looked at the cup of tea in his hand some ripples being created from his shaking as the horrid truth that fate had Allen was suffering and he may be murdered by the organization he that welcomed him with open arms. Seeing the hourglass which entombed the lotus that held the strings of his life out of the corner of his eye Kanda couldn't help but think that he wouldn't be able to protect Allen from the Black Order or the clutches of the Noah, no…he wouldn't be able to protect Allen forever.

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