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Syaoran Li sits behind his school desk. Pen tapping on the wooden desktop. His eyes avert through the classroom. Trying to keep himself from looking at a certain girl sitting at the window. He liked looking at Sakura. He liked the feeling of his heart beating and his body growing warm whenever she smiled at him. He liked her, a lot.

"Yes mister Hiiragizawa?"

He turned his head suddenly. Eriol had a question? He wouldn't have been surprised if it had been any other boy, but Eriol!? The boy had more brains then the entire class combined.

"Well, with all respect sir, I would like to request to change seats with someone somewhat closer up front." Syaoran his expression fell alike to the teachers. "And, why is that?" He didn't have to look to feel Eriol his well known smile. "Well, you see, I'm having somewhat trouble with reading your notes. This saddens me seeing as I was really looking forward to your class, if not to at least have a few pages of notes with me, thus you find my turmoil." His words were formed perfectly to wrap the teacher ever so gentle around his finger, at this moment he could make her do anything he wanted to. And this only angered Syaoran more.

"Well if you put it like that." She said, returning his smile ever so friendly. "Why don't you come sit here then?" She said, pointing at Sakura. This time his heart did skip a beat. What! Then Sakura would be sitting all the way at the back of class! It would be impossible to look at her without being noticed.

His eyes narrowed as he bit his lip trying to keep himself from snapping something highly unkind as Eriol and Sakura exchanged a smile before exchanging seats.

He waited for Sakura to pass his seat before glaring daggers at Eriol, wanting to show him just how angry he was with him. In reaction the bluenet stopped at his desk. His dark eyes meeting his, piercing through him like a hot knife through butter. But instead of the warmth one would expect, it left him cold, shivering to the bone almost, and he felt his gaze weaken. And he didn't know why, but he wanted to look away suddenly.

"Something wrong mister Hiiragizawa?" Eriol smiled looking over the little wolf. "Nothing at all." And he went to sit down on the seat he was assigned.

The moment their gaze broke Syaoran felt doubt filling his mind. Not understanding what that sudden cold had been, like the sun had forever left him and he had been locked away in a land of ice and cold.

He let his gaze drop to his desk. At least Sakura made him feel warm…

Later in the afternoon Syaoran found himself walking out on the school grounds, his eyes searching the small groups of girls for a glimpse of his lady of sunshine. The card captor herself. He was looking for Sakura.

And indeed not to long after walking onto the school grounds he found her, though nothing worth smiling about.

A familiar blue haired boy stood before the two girls. Smiling sweetly and seemingly deep in conversation. And he couldn't keep the small growl from escaping underneath his breath. He hated seeing them together as the sharp stab of jealousy reminded him.

A few more groups of girls passed him, and he couldn't help but catch part of their conversation. "Hiiragizawa and Kinomoto look so cute together!" And his heart fluttered in his chest painfully as he griped his hands into fists.

No! He would not lose his cool, that would be like losing to Eriol. Proving to him how hard it was for him to keep from punching the boy every time he saw him around her.

He took a few deep breaths, waiting for his pulse to calm down before daring to approach the three of them.

Tomoyo had been the first to notice him. Smiling and waving at him, though he paid her no mind. His eyes were set on Eriol and Sakura. Barely able to keep himself from glaring death at the both of them.

"Why hello Syaoran-kun." Eriol said, trademark smile displayed proudly, proving just how capable he was of driving him to the brink of anger.

Even Sakura was smiling broadly at him, wishing him a good morning in her usual cheerful voice. However Syaoran held his tongue as he held his glare on Eriol. Trying to kill him with his gaze, and he seemed to enjoy it too. Holding that smile as he returned his gaze with the same piercing one he had used in the classroom.

Suddenly a nervous feeling started to built in the pit of his stomach, he swallowed as a wave of discomfort seemed to envelop him. The feeling of ice covering his skin returned and he felt a shiver run down his spine. Maybe Eriol didn't notice, or perhaps it was because he did that his smile only grew wider, eyes still set upon him, happy lights dancing around those blue orbs.

And just as he felt like he would never be able to escape ever again, he spoke.

"You look pretty Syaoran."

It was all he said before turning away and walking away slowly, almost like he was mocking him for his weakness. But he was to cold to even think about that now. Gasping for air.

Silence was still set around the three of them. The girls both somewhat stunned as they just walked alongside him. And it had really started to bug him. He still didn't feel okay and the nervous feeling still hung around him some. The girls their prying eyes didn't help much.

"What!" He finally yelled as Sakura averted his gaze. "Hoe Syaoran-kun! Don't be so angry." The chocolate haired girl said in her ever so friendly voice. "I-I'm sorry." He said, wishing he hadn't said a thing. What had gotten into him all of a sudden? Was he truly this effected by Eriol? No! He dismissed the thought as quickly as it passed. He didn't want to think about that, he was probably just tired.

He hadn't said anything and Sakura just sighed. "It's okay Syaoran-kun." She said as she looked back at Tomoyo. He wanted to apologize again, but Sakura offered him a smile that made him weak to his knees. "I-I should leave." And he turned away, and neither of the girls tried to keep him.


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