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A young red haired woman stood on the crest of a large hill. Her many braids framed her stubborn face, two thin halfway unraveled braids hung alongside both sides of her chubby cheeks. She had pale skin with a smattering of freckles across her long sunburnt face. She wore a pale blue dress with a silver sash across her waist, the wind circled around her plump figure like a friend. Under her dress, around her neck was her mage medallion on a thick velvet cord. She stood barefoot, the soft grass cradled her feet nicely. Her storm grey eyes were focused on a gathering group of storm clouds, her small mouth set in a look of concentration.

A small sling hung over her shoulder, inside the sling lay a small beautiful glass dragon. The musical melody coming from the dragon could only be taken as a contented purr.

"Trisana Chandler!" A voice coming from the near bottom of the hill startled Tris, causing her to jump and jar the glass dragon. Chime climbed out of the sling and flew into the air, raising a loud screech of displeasure.

Tris fetched her glasses from sash and mashed them on her face, her concentration was completely broken. She turned angrily and saw a tall figure coming up towards her. "What do you want now Eli?" She snapped.

Elias Stormcatcher huffed as he climbed the tall hill, he was a nineteen year old ambient mage capable of really powerful magic and yet he was reduced to being a messenger boy. Elias had short jet black hair and brilliant blue eyes. He had a power similar to Tris's, though no where near as powerful or controlled as she was. He was a brave soul to dare interrupt Tris during her meditation or any other magical working. He was the only person at Lightsbridge who interrupted Tris during reading and lived to do it again.

He was out of breath when he finally reached Tris and Chime, Chime let out a screech and landed on Eli's shoulder. Eli gave Tris an equally annoyed look, though he was no where as scary as she was. "Don't give me that tone Tris, I have been looking for you most of the morning." After a year of friendship, Eli knew not to be so afraid of Tris and her snappish attitude.

Tris set her hands on her hips and gave Eli a fierce scowl. "Well you found me, now what?"

Eli took a breath and pointed back towards Lightsbridge. "A man just arrived, he said it was urgent that he speak with you."

Tris didn't need to be told twice, she took off towards the university, she just had a bad feeling. Eli watched as she ran down the hill, amazed that she was able to run without falling even once. Eli looked at the dragon and sighed. "I'm way too tired to walk much less run." He knew it was against the rules, but he didn't care. He called a small rain cloud down to him, it slowly floated down to him, he used his power and solidified the cloud, allowing him to climb on and quickly float down the hill towards the university.

Tris opened the large burgundy doors that allowed her entrance to the main hall. Her face was red and her clothes were in slight disarray, a spectacle to come of the other students there, but she didn't care. She found Professor MoonWind's door and knocked. "Come on." Answered a calm soothing voice.

Tris opened the door and gasped, there, standing next to Professor MoonWind, was Niko!

Niko looked no older then he had when Tris had last seen him, which was about three years ago. He still looked clean and crisp, but his eyes were weary and his shoulders drooped. "Tris." His voice also sounded weary.

"Niko, what are you doing here?" Tris closed the door and sat in the chair offered to her, she couldn't but stare at her former principle teacher, though he had been more of a father then anything.

"Tris, how long has it been since you spoke to your sisters?"

Tris thought it was an odd question, but said nothing. She thought back, it had to have been at least four months since then. She spoke to Briar a couple weeks ago, but she was closer to Briar then Daja or Sandry. "A couple months ago at least, why do you ask?"

Niko leaned against the wall and sighed. "Daja and Sandry are seriously ill, they are both at the Duke's Citadel, but things don't look good for them."

Tris felt like she had just been rammed in the gut, how could she have not known. "What about Briar?"

"Briar has shown no signs of the illness, I came to make sure you did not as well."

"Did the healers figure out what the illness is?"

Niko shook his head. "They are baffled, none of us can figure it out." Tris was getting more scared as Niko continued. Daja and Sandry couldn't die. "Is there anything I can do Niko."

Niko smiled for the first time since he arrived there. "I was hoping you would ask that, I need you and Briar to come to the Duke's Citadel with me today."

Tris looked at Professor MoonWind who nodded at her. "I'll grab my things, but I'm not sure where Briar is."

Niko smiled again. "He is closer then you think."

Tris walked out of the room, unsure of what Niko meant. She headed back to her room to gather her things, the feeling that she could lose Daja and Sandry almost made her cry, but she couldn't allow it to show. She walked past Eli, who had finally reached the university. "Tris, what's wrong?"

Tris kept walking. "I can't talk right now Eli, I'll explain it all when I get back." With that she entered her room and shut the door.

"Wait get back? Where are you going?" When he didn't get an answer, he sighed and walked off, Chime jumped off his shoulder and flew around to Tris's open window. It seemed Chime wasn't the only one with that idea.

Tris finished packing her things when she heard someone come in her window. She ran her fingers through her hair slowly and formed a small lightening bolt, whoever had come in was in for a big shock.

She turned and gasped, her lightening bolt slamming into the wall, just missing the individual. "You nearly made me kill you, you bleater."